Can You Sell A House Without A Stove?


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Can you sell your house without a stove? 

Of course you can! You can sell your house without a working stove, fridge or microwave. But it does mean making some concessions.

Want to know what they are?

Let's talk more about selling without a stove that works

You can sell without a working stove, sell without a working furnace, or even sell with a leaky roof! You can sell any house in any condition. But the biggest concession you will have to make is you will have to adjust the price. 

Plus, when selling a house that needs lots of repairs you will be limiting the pool of potential buyers. 

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Important Points to Remember and Key Takeaways: 

  1. You can sell your house without a stove! It’s not a rule that you have to include appliances when selling a house.
  2. Not having a stove might make it harder to find buyers who are interested in your house, so think about that before making a decision.
  3. If your stove is already working fine, you don’t have to spend money to upgrade it just to sell the house.
  4. Selling a house without a stove could attract real estate investors or people who want to fix up the house themselves.
  5. Think about the local housing market and whether other repairs are needed when deciding if you should sell the house as-is or install a stove.
  6. When buying a stove to sell your house, consider factors like size, durability, color, and power options.
  7. If you want to sell your house quickly and without hassle, you can contact for a cash offer.

Now, ask yourself: Do you want to sell your house without a stove? Think about your goals and who might be interested in buying your house before making a decision.


Do you want to sell your house without a stove? Is it because you want to save money or is it because of some other reason? If you are like me you are probably want to sell your home without a stove because you are trying to sell without spending any money

This all said: You can sell your house without a stove in Colorado. In-fact, you can sell a house without a stove anywhere in America!

Often when you sell a house, the appliances are included in the sale. But they don’t have to be. In-fact a stove is not a fixture (more on this later). So legally, it’s only included if the contract says it is. This goes for most appliances. 

So you can sell without a stove but there are some things you need to think about. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Are you ready?

Can I Sell My House Without a Stove: Experts Weigh In!

Can I Sell My House Without a Stove

I reached out to some real estate authorities, lenders, and housing specialists to get their expert advice and opinions on if a house needs a stove to list it, let alone sell it. I learned some great stuff. For example:

Did you know: The stove is not included in the sale of a house unless it is specifically specified in the purchase agreement? 

More on this shortly. 

Shall we find out if you can sell a house without a stove?


This seller added a new stove to sell the house – Was it necessary?

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Can you sell a house without a stove?

Yes, you can sell your house without a stove. Of course, most traditional home buyers would expect a house to have a stove when they buy it. 

When selling on the MLS, buyers expect the stove because a stove is a common and valuable appliance in a home. But a stove is not legally required to be included in a home sale.

However, it’s important to consider that not having a stove may impact the sale. Without a stove it may be harder to attract buyers.  If you do not plan on including a stove in the sale of your home, it’s essential to make this clear to potential buyers upfront so they can make an informed decision.

Picture this: Average Jane Doe Home buyer walks into a house thinking she will buy it and live in it. She walks into the kitchen, and there is no stove. Will this make her want to buy your house?

How would you feel about buying a new house and it didn’t have a stove or oven to cook on?


Can you sell a house without an oven?

You can sell a house without an oven also. Oven and stoves are the same thing. They are the same appliance with two different names. When you sell your house you don’t have to include a stove or any appliances. As a matter of fact appliances are not part of the sale unless the contract specifically asks that they be left in the house. This is because appliances are not fixtures.

are all fixtures included sales

What are fixtures?

Fixtures are something that is permanently attached to the property. To make it very obvious, a house would be a fixture. If we go inside a house, a light inside the House would be a fixture. One simple rule to determine if something is a fixture is to ask yourself, is it screwed into the house?

Are all fixtures included in the sale of a house?

If an item is attached to the House with screws or glues and then it is most likely a fixture. Now let’s take a look at a stove. Most stoves are not screwed into the property. Most typical stoves. In ovens are described as slides in. As these are not screwed into the House, they are not a fixture. Therefore. They would not be included in the sale unless named. The same goes for the refrigerator. Washer and dryer and even the dishwasher. One exception to this, is maybe a wall of and as that is permanently screwed into the cabinetry.

Is a stove a fixture?

No, a stove is not a fixture.

Why sell a house without a stove?


Having spoken to my associates in the real estate industry. The most common reason people sell a home without a stove is they want to sell the home as is. They don’t want to spend any money making repairs. If the stove is broken, they don’t want to replace it. If there is no stove, they don’t want to buy a new one. Of course, if you sell a house without a stove, you will be limiting the number of buyers that will be interested. The buyer that would most likely be interested would be a real estate investor, flipper, or a specialized cash home buyer.

Who would buy a house without a stove?


The person or company who would buy a house without a stove would be a real estate investor, a we buy houses company, or an extremely competent handyman willing to put in a lot of sweat equity. If the House has no stove. Then there are probably a number of other things that need to be repaired also. This level of home improvement requires a high level of expertise and experience within the real estate industry.

The real estate investor who performs the rehab on the home is going to have to coordinate electricians, plumbers, builders, and even permitting with the city. I myself have done a few flips and the cost adds up a lot more than you would like to believe. It requires full-time attention if you want to be successful. Unless you have access. Two well-priced materials and good Tradespeople. The renovations or repairs you try to make will most likely cost more than the value you add when you sell your house.


Should I upgrade the stove before I sell my house?

When you were preparing your house to sell. You must consider. If spending money will actually be worth it. Ask yourself if I do this, will I recoup my cash?

If you have a working stove in a house then I would suggest you do not upgrade it. It might look odd if you upgrade the stove and none of the other appliances.

If the stove is not working then you might consider replacing it. Of course, if there are lots of other things needing to be repaired instead of replacing the stove you might consider selling your house as-is.

Can I Sell My House Without A Stove in Denver?

The Denver, CO real estate market is certainly unique. Therefore we must ensure we get expert local advice on the Mile HIgh Market. 

I spoke to 3 different real estate professionals in Denver and they all agreed that you can sell a house in Denver without a stove. 

They also agree that if you are selling a house with an agent and through the MLS that they all felt having a stove in the house will make selling the house easier.

If you want to sell your house without a stove then you should find a top reputable best home buyer in Denver that specializes in buying homes for cash in Denver and is near you. Selling a house for cash to a cash home buyer in Denver will be a breeze.

Do I need to have a stove for the appraisal?

Do I need to have a stove for the appraisal

When selling your house you do not need a stove for the appraisal. This is because an oven or stove is not a fixture. Instead, it is considered personal property just as your bike or tv is.

If I’m selling my house do I need a stove to pass inspection?

A stove does not need to be present when you are selling your home to pass an inspection. However, if a stove is present and is to be included in the sale of the property then the inspector will check to see that it works. If it does not work they will let the buyer know. Then it will become a matter of negotiation. The buyer may ask you to replace the stove or ask for a discount as they thought the stove was working.


Will I get a higher price if my house has a stove?

If you are selling your house the traditional way on the MLS then you will most likely get a higher price if you have a working stove in the house. This is because most home buyers are looking for a house they can live in. For them to live in it they would like to have a working stove.

If the stove is not working or there is not a stove then the home buyer is much more likely to be a cash home buyer AKA real estate investor. There are some huge benefits to selling your house for cash that you can see in this guide all about selling your house fast for cash in Denver, CO. Of course, if you want a cash offer to sell your house follow this link. 


To Sell As Is or Install a Stove?

When determining whether to sell the house as is or install a stove, consider the demand for houses in your area, your target audience, and if you have a budget to buy and install a stove before the home sale.

The most ideal option would be to install the stove. It enables you to sell the house at fair market value without having a potential buyer negotiate for a lower price to meet the cost of installing the stove themselves.

The average cost of stove installation is $750-$2000, yet you may have potential buyers negotiate a much higher discount on your listing price. Besides, some lenders may decline to finance a house if it does not have a stove.

If it is standard for listed homes in your neighborhood to have a stove, it is best to install it to be able to compete in the market, especially if many houses are on sale. Conversely, if it is a seller’s market, the lack of a stove will have a negligible effect on the ability of the house to sell.

If you sell your house fast and as is, you should disclose that it does not have a stove to avoid confusion by a potential buyer. Some buyers don’t care if the house has a stove or not, as they are set to renovate the house anyway. These may be individual cash buyers, investment companies, or flippers.

stove installed on kitchen shelf

How to Buy a Stove for Your House Pre-listing

When buying a stove for personal use, choose one that suits your needs and cooking style. However, when buying one to install for a home sale, you cannot fully anticipate the buyer’s needs. However, there are certain considerations to keep in mind, including:

Space Available for Installation

It will determine the size and type of stove to buy. For instance, should you go for a stovetop or range appliance? If you have room for a standalone range or a countertop stove? Also, consider the number of burners. One to three burners are suitable for smaller houses, while three burners and above are suitable for bigger houses.


Durability can help to position your house in the market. For instance, installing a premium-quality stove can boost your home’s appraised and perceived value if you have new appliances or have made major renovations.

The durability of a stove mainly depends on the primary material used to make it. The most common types of stoves, according to the material used to make them are brass and aluminum.

Brass stovetops are more modern and have better durability as they are corrosion resistant but are pricier. On the other hand, aluminum is more economical but less durable.

Color and Design

Stoves come in a variety of finishes and colors. Some are entirely glass, while others have metallic parts. The most common finish options are black and silver though some have a floral design. Choose a design that complements the kitchen and overall home decor.

Power/Fuel Option

They range from electric to gas to dual. Gas cooktops require the house has a gas supply.  You may also want to consider a home warranty after replacing all old appliances.

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You can sell a house without a stove. In-fact the stove is not included with a house sale unless it is named in the contract to include it. This is because a stove is not a fixture. 

Therefore, in order to close on the sale of a house you do  not have to have a stove.  That said, sometime your lender or mortgage company may require a stove to give the buyer financing. In this case you would need to add a stove for the sale to go through. 

The most common reason for selling a house without a stove is because the seller doesn’t want to spend any cash fixing up the house. They want to sell as-is.

The person that would buy a house without a stove is most often a cash home buyer.

If you decide to list your house without a stove it may deter some buyers. 

You probably wont recoup your cost if you upgrade the oven before selling your house. If you have a working oven most experts recommend leaving it as-is. 

Finally, typically a house with a stove sells for more than a house without a stove. However, many homes without a stove are in a serious state of disrepair. Owners needing to sell a beaten-down house are prepared to sell for a lower price. Often they sell to cash buyers or real estate investors. 



For people selling their house on the MLS, all fixed up, it is better to sell a home with appliances. This is because people want a move-in ready home. 

However, be flexible during the negotiations. Some buyers may not want the appliances. In this case, you could sell them to make a little more money.

An example of when it is better to sell a house without appliances is:

  • The place is run down
  • You don’t want to fix stuff
  • There are no appliances, to begin with.

In this case, there is no reason to sell a home with appliances. Adding them will not increase your profit. Often selling a house in ugly condition will result in selling to a cash buyer. 

Cash buyers don’t expect appliances and will give you a cash offer based on the house without them. 

No, a stove is not a fixture. Therefore it is not automatically included in the sale of the house. If the buyer wants the stove included in the sale, they must name it in the contract.