Can You Sell a House Without a Refrigerator?

kitchen without refrigerator

You can sell your house without a refrigerator. But, like anything, there are PROS and CONS to selling your home without a fridge. 

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Placing your house on the market means deciding which appliances you want to include in the sale. Typically, as part of the listing process, your real estate agent will ask you if there are certain items you wish to exclude or include in your home’s marketing materials.


According to the Colorado Seller’s Property Disclosure, you, as the seller, are to include the appliances and any other equipment you want to sell your house for cash.

Every seller in Colorado is required by law to complete this section as it helps to answer any questions prospective cash buyers might have. Nevertheless, it isn’t necessary to come to a final resolution concerning your appliances until you and the cash home buying process have an agreement of sale.


Can I still sell my house fast for cash without a refrigerator? You aren’t mandated to include a fridge when selling your house, so it is possible to sell your house fast for cash without this appliance. However, there are advantages to leaving certain kitchen appliances in your home.

For instance, Colorado law requires that fixtures are left in the home. An institution is simply something that has been physically built into the house. This can mean dishwashers, ovens, water dispensers, and microwaves – affixed to a wall or mounted underneath a cabinet.

Other household appliances such as a dryer, refrigerator, and washing machine are generally not included in the sale and real estate contract unless these appliances are included explicitly by you, the seller, or requested by the potential buyer.

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Reasons to Include a Refrigerator in Your Listing


If your property is in a neighborhood with a glut of homes, then having a refrigerator might help make the deal much more attractive to a potential buyer. Typically, buyers prefer negotiating on homes with certain kitchen appliances, or at least homes with negotiable appliances on the listing sheet. This allows buyers to take the initiative when they are shown the house.

If Your Refrigerator Is Custom-Built

If the refrigerator is custom built or built in to match the wood paneling on the kitchen cabinets or is placed under the counter, buyers are more likely to be drawn to your home. Including a refrigerator and other appliances in the listing can generate goodwill, especially if the prospective buyer is a first-time buyer.

The result can also be quite efficient for you as a seller since you don’t have to worry about taking an item that will only take up space in your new home.

stainless steel fridge in a white wall kitchen

Why You Wouldn’t Want to Include a Refrigerator in Your Listing


Sentimental Value

Sometimes, certain appliances mean much more to an owner and aren’t included in a purchase agreement. It could be that your refrigerator was a gift handed down by relatives or even a wedding or birthday gift. 

This refrigerator could have sentimental value to you, causing you not to want to part with it. If this is the case, you must bring this item to your agent’s attention before placing your property on the market. 

When you do this, your agent can ensure prospective buyers know that your refrigerator and any other items or household appliances that might hold sentimental value to you are off limits and excluded from the sale. 

This is the most effective way to exclude an item typically associated with a house while avoiding conflicts in the purchasing process.

The key to ensuring a home sale is carried out smoothly is ensuring a clear line of communication between the seller, buyers, and agent – this is why We Buy Houses In Denver is one of the best choices for those looking to list their property. Discover how the process works.

Financial Concerns

Another reason you may not include a fridge when you sell your Colorado home is financial constraints. This is quite common. As a home professional home buyer, I have bought 100’s of houses, over several decades, and have seen this occur many times. I have seen properties sold without a fridge, without a stove, and even without a roof. 

There are so many reasons that can cause money problems such as:

  • Job loss.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Your pet is unwell.

And these can lead to a variety of secondary issues like:

What Classifies as a Fixture?

In a typical sales contract, a fixture is defined as the following:

All presently existing heating, electrical, plumbing, and central air conditioning systems and other attached or permanent fixtures, including shutters, wall-to-wall carpeting, awnings, radiator covers, shelves, exhaust fans, plumbing fixtures, lighting, landscaping, and cabinets.

A general rule that real estate agents and most homeowners go by is that if the only way to remove an item is by using a screwdriver or if the property would become damaged by an item’s removal, it is classified as a fixture.

Judging by the definition, a refrigerator cannot intrinsically be termed as a fixture since it isn’t mounted (mounted or installed refrigerators may be classified as a fixture), and neither does removing it damage the property.

The Confusion Surrounding Fixtures

Some sellers are quite surprised when they find out certain items are component parts in certain states. Some people believe that any item they personally install in their home is not a fixture and can go with them once they sell; however, that is not the case – especially in Colorado

For this to happen, the seller must disclose these items early in the buying process. Thinking about selling your house with everything in it?

If a new homeowner doesn’t see the appeal of a ceiling fan installed by the builder, they can choose to purchase an ultra-modern quiet fan with a finish that matches their furniture. In this instance, the homeowner will believe the fan belongs to them and not the house, so there is no reason why they can’t take it with them when they sell.

The only way this will be possible without legal or ethical problems is to first replace the ugly fan on the ceiling before listing the home. Doing otherwise classifies the ultra-modern fan as a fixture.


While most sellers customarily leave a stove or refrigerator in the kitchen when selling, this isn’t a requirement. While a refrigerator can be heavy, large, and hard to move, if it isn’t permanently fitted to the property, it cannot be termed a fixture, so you can move it.

A refrigerator can simply be unplugged and moved. This and any other items that aren’t affixed to a home, such as a stove or ice maker, can be simply unplugged and moved since they are deemed by the law to be personal property.


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