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Sell Your House Fast In Denver, CO

No Repairs, Sell for Cash, 100% Free to You

We Buy Houses in Denver! As expert home buyers we’re your solution to sell any house FAST!

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We Buy Houses Denver, CO

We Buy Houses Denver. We buy houses in Denver for cash. Our cash buying process is 100% designed with you in mind. You need to sell your house fast and we listened. will close as fast as you need. We are your solution to sell your house lightning fast!

How to sell my house fast in Denver?

“If I need to sell my house in a hurry what should I do? Should I sell my house fast for cash?”


The fastest way to sell your house in Denver is sell for fast cash. Make sure you get a fair price guarantee AND get it from a reputable buyer like us. 

We buy houses in Denver super fast. Sell your house to us as-is. No costly repairs to make when we buy it. 

We eliminate the real estate agents so there is zero cost to you. No real estate commissions and no hidden fees.

Because we specialize in the Denver real estate market we can give you a quick cash home offer today! So what are you waiting for? 



We Buy Houses Reviews and Testimonials

Real people who needed to sell their house fast in Denver. 

  • “When my mom passed away we inherited her home”
  • “Emotionally attached, so worried, Mom had lived there 40 years!”
  • “Didn’t want to do renovations, spend money or time.”
  • “Shaun and his team made it happen really fast.”
  • “He bought Moms’ house as-is.”
  • “So helpful in a situation that wasn’t easy for me.”

How We Buy Houses in Denver.

We Buy Houses Denver. We buy houses in Denver for cash. Our cash buying process is 100% designed with you in mind. You need to sell your house fast and we listened. will close as fast as you need. We are your solution to sell your house lightning fast!

Local Denver Buyers You Can trust

As local home buyers, we are 100% dedicated to the Mile High City! You have found the best solution to sell your house for quick cash. With us, you can sell your home faster. You can sell without making repairs. 

We pay you cash, and you pay nothing out of pocket. That’s right…It’s 100% FREE when you sell your house to us. Get your NO-OBLIGATION cash offer from the MOST TRUSTED  home buyer in the Mile High City TODAY! 

Simply fill out the form and let the best home buyer in Denver get to work for you


If you’re in a hurry to sell your house in Denver we are your solution. We can buy your house lightning-fast because:

  • We will buy your home as-is
  • No realtors or repairs causing delays
  • We pay cash for houses meaning  NO banks, hidden fees or red tape to cut through.

Here’s the “A” team of We Buy Houses in Denver: The Proven Cash Home Buyers!

Front is Shaun and Jenn with Barry and Val in the back!

Sell Your House to Denver's #1 Cash Home Buyer Experts'

We buy Denver houses for cash. We are expert home buyers that care about Denver neighborhoods. 

Sell your house to us in any condition because we buy houses as-is. Then after we have bought your property we will tastefully remodel it. 

AND because of these reasons the people of Denver call us the #1 cash home buyer in the Mile High City.

Sell your Denver house in any condition

We buy houses and renovate them as you can see in the pictures. You can trust we will take care of the property we buy from you. 

Our team of professionals creates functional designs that will transform any home. Get a cash offer today!


Trust us. We know how to buy houses

In the decades we have been buying Denver real estate we have seen houses in every condition and have always closed the deal. We buy homes no matter what they look like or the situation from:

  • Old ugly homes
  • Inherited houses
  • We buy mother-in-laws or father in-laws homes
  • We buy inherited houses and have probate specialists

And we always pay cash for houses and we always close when you need!


We Buy Homes Denver!

Want To Sell Your House The Easy Way? Find Out How Our Home Buying Process Works & Get A Cash Offer For Your House!


We buy houses Denver! That’s what we do. AND we want to buy your house too. is a serious home buyer that makes it easy to get a cash offer and sell your house fast

SELL MY HOUSE FAST DENVER: Did you know that you can now sell you house faster, without having to fix anything, and all the while still selling for a great price?

If you’re looking to get the MOST CASH when you are in the right place. We are local cash home buyers who can purchase your Denver property no matter what! 

Any house, any location and in any condition.  We even buy the ugly ones!

Our no-nonsense process makes selling your house fast and easy. As Denver’s premier home buyer we give you flexibility and the respect you deserve.  

Let’s talk about the best way to get your Front Range home sold today!


Selling My House Was So Easy!

"I was able to sell my house to these guys so easily! It's not like I have sold a lot of homes but I would have to say they are the best! They were really nice. Always very polite. After calling they gave me a cash offer the same day. They showed up on time every time. AND most important closed when I needed them too. I would highly recommend them if you need to sell your house too!"

Theresa C - Denver, CO


Now there’s a better way to sell. Get a cash offer from us today!



we-buy-houses-mile-high-city-BBB-reviewsWe buy houses in any condition! No realtors, no fees, no repairs, no cleaning. Find Out How Much We Can Offer For Your House!

Sell Your House To Denvers #1 Rated Cash Home Buyer

We know that selling your house can be a long and stressful process if you do it the traditional way. That’s why we offer you an easy solution. Meet Barry and Val – aka We Buy Houses Denver. We offer you a faster, stress free solution to sell your house!

Our home buying solution focuses 100% on you, the person selling. OUR mission is to make selling your house to us quick, simple and STRESS FREE! 

We are ready to buy your home in Denver no matter what the situation is. Need to sell your house fast? We can close on your timeline! Thinking of selling your home without making repairs? We buy Denver property AS-IS! 


Sell your house to Denver’s best cash house buyer starting with your cash offer today!

Are we buy houses Denver legitimate?

We buy houses Denver ( is 100% legitimate. We are a small local company that prides itself on EMPATHY, INNOVATION, AND RESPECT.

EMPATHY: We feel that we understand and share common experiences with many other Denver residents. Therefore we can apply this understanding when we talk to you about purchasing your house. Our understanding helps us create a tailored solution for you NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION IS.

INNOVATION: We Buy Denver houses using our simple BUT EFFECTIVE process. Our process focuses 1005 on what you need to get your house sold! Need to sell in a hurry? Don’t want to use an agent? Is your house really ugly? 

Innovation has allowed us to become Denver’s TOP professional home buyer when measured by customer satisfaction. Sell your house to us and you will be happy that you did!

RESPECT: We respect that you may require discretion when you sell. We respect that you deserve to be given a fair deal. Finally, we respect that you are giving us the opportunity to work with you. Sell your house to us and you will be treated with the respect YOU DESERVE

Need To Sell Your House Fast In Denver?

Selling your house does not need to be difficult! What’s most important is that you find the right solution for you, and work with someone that is a credible buyer!

Want to learn more about our processes? We’re an open book!

Visit our company page to learn more about our team members & family.

If you’re ready to get started fill out our form to request a cash offer.

How can I sell my house for cash fast?

To sell your house for cash fast you need to find a legitimate home buyer near you. If your property is in Denver, CO then you don’t have to look any further. Why?

You don’t have to look further because we buy Denver houses, RIGHT? Not only that, but we buy houses quicker than anyone. We pay cash for houses AND the best part?!?

You don’t even have to take out the trash! 

We invite you to call to discuss options for selling your house. The we buy houses phone number is (720)-738-6020

Got Property Problems? We’ve Got A Solution!

Sell Your House To Us, & We’ll Take Care Of It

Has this house been causing you to worry or loose your peace? We understand the feeling! Most of the sellers we work with just want to finally be done with it. Here are some really common reasons why people want to sell your house fast:

We know how stressful these inconveniences can be for you, that’s why we’re ready to take on any of these issues when we buy your Denver home!

“I sent her a quick little email and within hours she responded. I sold this house with her help, within 2 weeks. I’m really excited. This is a person that you really, really need to call.”
– Jenny R

The Benefits When We Buy Your Home For Cash

Sell Your House To Us, & We’ll Take Care Of It

Has this house been causing you to worry or loose your peace? We understand the feeling! Most of the sellers we work with just want to finally be done with it. Here are some really common reasons why people want to sell your house fast:

No low ball offers here – get a fair cash offer every time

Pick your closing date, and we’ll work on your schedule.

We are no nonsense home buers. No Games. You get what you see

No agent fees and no commissions saving you tens of you thousands!

The best service from the first call until you get paid.

Skip the hassles of a traditional sale, cash gives you certainty.

You won’t have to lift a paintbrush or even a broom!

We pay ALL closing costs, you pay nothing.

A Helpful Home Buyer You Can Count On

When we buy houses in Denver, we recognize that each family is facing unique challenges. That’s why we offer a tailored solution to fit your needs.

We’re ready to go above and beyond to offer the best solution for you. We can also offer extra help like:


When the Martin Family says they buy houses as-is they truly buy houses as-is. We trashed out this place so the seller didn’t have to do any cleaning! They absolutely could count that our offer was legit

Ready For Your Cash Offer?

Request A Cash Offer Now!

Remember, It’s 100% FREE!

We Buy Houses Denver. Get A Cash Offer For Your House. You’ll Make No Repairs And Pay No Fees. Put More Money Back In Your Pocket Now!



"It was great. After filling out a form online you called me back within minutes. I talked to Val who was really kind and sympathetic to my needs. I had a cash offer for my house by the end of the day. And it was good too! Proof that you are Denver's best in my opinion anyway.
Una D
Denver Resident


When we buy houses Denver, WE BUY FAST.  And why is that?

Many homeowners call saying, “I need to sell my house fast” and we want to be the solution. Some reasons you can sell your home quickly to us are:

  1. We buy them exactly as-is, no matter the condition! That means you don’t need to lift a finger or spend a cent. We’re planning to fix it up anyway so leave behind whatever you don’t want.
  2. We eliminate realtors, inspectors, and first time home buyers. Getting rid of these paries speeds up the selling process incredibly. 
  3. We pay cash for houses. Selling for cash means NO BANKS. No banks means no hidden fees, NO red tape and NO delays.

No Repairs – No Junk Removal – No Cleaning

We mean it when we say we buy as-is. Sell your house to us and you don’t have to make any repairs. After we close we will tastefully remodel it and then rent it out or resell it. We will buy your house and take great care of it. TRUST US!


Often times, the most stressful part of moving is having to deal with all the stuff that you need to pack or get rid of. So we cut out all that headache and let you leave behind whatever you want. We’re serious, when we say that. Even hoarder houses aren’t a problem for us.

Where We Buy Houses

We Buy Houses Denver is based out of Denver., CO. Our primary goal is to buy homes in Denver. As this is our goal we specialize and focus 100% on purchasing Denver homes. Other “DENVER” home buyers purchase all over the place. They try and maximize profits instead of providing a quality service. 

We Buy Houses Denver


How could we not buy property in the Mile High City with a name like ours, right? 

Denver is a fantastic place to live. There are so many new people and companies flocking here. The outdoor opportunities abound. 

No wonder the real estate market is a difficult one. Homebuyers expect the best and sellers want more cash. 

That all said, as professional home buyers, we understand the market, and we can successfully navigate the purchase of any real estate in Denver. All you have to do is tell us you need to sell. We do the rest!

Sell Your Front Range House 

  • Need to get rid of an old rental in Curtis Park?
  • Want to sell a property in Rubyhill?
  • Have a duplex you are in a hurry to sell in Wash Park?

Lakewood, Golden, Westminster, Belmar, and Sloans Lake are just a few more of Denver’s neighborhoods you can unload a house to us in. 

We buy houses all across the greater Denver region and the entire Colorado Front Range.

If you need to sell your house in Denver you can do that successfully right here!


“I highly recommend Barry and Val for solving your house needs. I value integrity and honesty when dealing with people. They have the highest integrity, you need to give them both a shot!”
– Caroline G

We’re The Cash Buyer With The Most Positive Reviews

We promise you won’t find another home buying company in Denver with as positive as us. We have a track record of success and pride ourselves on being a reliable company that you can count on when we make a promise to buy your home.

Here’s a few more answers to help you sell your house in Denver 

Sell Your House Fast, As-Is and For Cash!

Sell your house as quick as you need! The quickest and easiest way to sell your home. Get in touch!

Once we buy your home, you can get your money to finally move on!


Get An Offer For Your Home 👇🏽


We buy houses in Denver is an organization committed to the Mile High City. We would be so grateful if you gave us the opportunity to buy your house. Please fill out the form below and let Denver’s premier house buyer go to work for you!

We Buy Houses Denver!

Shout it from the rooftops!!! We Buy Houses Denver!

AND we want to buy your home too! 

Finally, we have your solution to sell your house fast, for a great price, and conveniently. 

Thanks for trusting us. Let your friends and family know that we are Denver’s tried and true cash buyer of choice!

“I wanted to sell my house fast in Denver. My home was an older place in the Denver Metro area. I needed someone that would buy out me and my sister completely. Barry and Val took great care of us. They let us take what we wanted and leave the rest. They let us choose the closing date. We knew when our house would sell and for how much. It made selling relatively simple and stress-free. Thanks very much for your help”  Rhonda G – Denver, CO


More useful resources to help you sell your house

If you are ready to take the next step to sell your house and receive a no-obligation cash offer on your home simply fill out one of our forms.

However, maybe you have some more questions. 

As your one-stop solution, is has produced a number of in-depth resources and you can learn about: 

  • How We Buy Houses works


Let’s get your house sold together!