Selling your house fast for cash is a lot like preparing a Thanks Giving dinner because:

  • It can be really stressful.
  • There’s plenty of “experts” and “trusted authorities” with free advice online.
  • When it goes well you feel like a hero!

Plus, just like cooking a turkey, selling a house fast for cash requires careful planning. 


Money, Advice, Stress, Success?

With so much money, advice, planning and stress to sell your house it can seem overwhelming. You may have many questions like:

  • What should I fix?
  • Who pays cash for houses? 
  • How fast can I sell?
  • Can I sell if I’m behind on payments or to a friend?

Today I will answer all these questions for you. Plus I will lean on my real estate friends and industry experts so that you have access to the best information. 

This complete guide is for homeowners that want to sell a house fast for cash while still getting good profit. It’s for the shrewd seller who wants to do less work for more profit.

If this sounds like you and your asking how do I sell my house fast for cash keep reading.

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Colorado Cash Buyers: Are you thinking about selling your house to a Colorado company that pays cash for houses?


Colorado Cash Buyers: 10 Best Home Buying Companies [Updated]

Independent review of 10 Colorado Cash Buyers. These are companies that will buy your house for cash in Colorado. 

Selling Your Home Fast for Cash


On this page you can do 2 things:

You can learn everything you want to know about how to sell your house fast for cash.


You can get a fast cash offer on your house by filling out a form online

So if you need to:

  • Learn the benefits of selling your house for cash
  • Sell a house fast for cash
  • OR you have questions about how to do it

You are in the right place. 

Benefits of selling your home for cash include:

Flexible Closing
No Repairs
100% FREE
Sell your home fast
Sell AS-IS
No Cost to You

Sell your house fast for cash. It's faster and you get real money!

If you sell your house for quick cash you are going to come across real estate investors. Because of this today I will teach you about the mysterious world of real estate investors. 

I will dive deep into companies that pay cash for houses because then you can decide if selling your house for cash is the right choice for you. 


How do I know the inside secrets?

I know everything about cash home buyers because THAT’S WHAT I DO!!!

I am cash home buyer with years of experience. AND today I will share everything I have learnt. 


I will start by answering questions about the following topics which I am frequently  asked about on the phone: 

  • What is the cash for houses industry? 
  • Who pays cash for houses?
  • How do I come up with cash offers?
  • PROS and CONS of selling a house for cash

I am going to share all of the real estate secrets I have learned. I will hold nothing back. 

The information you read here is 100% FACTS. 

I will be 100% transparent too. 


By the end of this article, you may feel overwhelmed because I am giving you SO MUCH INFORMATION! 

That’s ok. Take your time to read this. And be kind to yourself because there is a lot to learn.


Remember I have been doing this for years! I am an industry expert. Trust me, if you have been in the real estate business for several decades you would know all this too!

So are you ready to:

  • Learn all about the benefits of selling a house for cash 
  • Decide if a fast cash sale works for you 
  • Place a request for an offer to sell your house fast for cash.

Let’s do this!


Sell us you house, we'll pay you cash, close fast and then remodel it.

At any point you can get a no-obligation cash offer by filling out one of our simple forms.  

Sell My House Fast Denver, CO

Do you want to eliminate inspections and time-consuming showings? Does selling your house without making repairs or dealing with banks sound like a great idea? Do you need to sell your Denver house fast?

If you answered yes then you can find the best answer to sell your house fast in Denver, Colorado, right here AND to get started all you have to do is fill out this simple online form to get a team of real estate experts working on your no obligation cash offer today.

What are you waiting for?

sell my house fast for cash should I do it

Should I sell my house fast for cash?


To sell, or not to sell a house for quick cash, that is the question!

If you sell a house for cash you will experience many benefits. The many benefits of a cash sale include:

  • You don’t have to prep your house to sell it on the MLS
  • NO deep cleaning and decluttering
  • NO finding a realtor
  • NO Showings
  • NO Commissions
  • NO Inspections giving the buyer yet another chance to walk away from the deal!
  • NO Bank delays or financing problems that will prevent the sale
  • Selling for cash is faster than listing it


Do you like the sound of selling without all the stress, hassles and anxiety?


AND That’ s why you should think about selling for cash.  You can skip all the crazy stress that most people experience when they sell their house. 


Research shows 87% of Americans are terrified of the stress they will experience when they sell. Most say it’s because of the money!


With reputable companies like, a cash sale is a legitimate option.  AND if you want a cash offer you can get one now

Of course, if you need to know more I invite you to keep reading.

NEXT UP: Cash offers in a flash: How do home buying companies come up with offers so fast?

FOLLOWED BY: How to know the offer is fair? I will show you EXACTLY what your house is worth in cash. 

Cash offers in a flash

A cash offer on your house TODAY might sound too good to be true, right? 

I mean, how is it possible that you can just enter your address and get an offer.  Doesn’t selling a property take months and months? 

It does if you list it on the MLS. 

But innovative and savvy real estate companies, like ours, specialize in buying houses fast. We know the fastest way to get the deal done is by paying cash. Therefore when you submit your address, our tech-savvy, i-buyer mentality takes over. This is what happens next. 

BIG DATA enables cash home buyers make offers fast

The internet gives everybody access to loads of data. As real estate investors, we look at the data about homes, houses, and what they are selling for. We take the information, process it, and in an instant, can work out the current cash value, of any house, in any condition, anywhere in the country.

That’s how we can give you an offer so quickly!

Simply give us your address. We compare it to sold homes in your area in a flash. Instantly we know the current market value of your home.

After we know what your house is worth we give your offer to you. It truly is that fast! 

AND for you, getting a FREE CASH OFFER ON YOUR HOUSE simply is that easy!

Sell to a legit cash house buyer for the fastest sale

Times have changed! The real estate industry has advanced dramatically. Loads of people can run comps. Many companies can call themselves cash buyers. 

But how to tell if they are legit?

There are several ways to tell if a home buyer is a legitimate company. 

Firstly, in our experience, legitimate home buyers have nothing to hide. Everything they tell you will be simple. They will not use jargon and the offer will make sense. 

On top of this, reputable companies that pay cash for houses will:

  • Let you pick the closing date
  • Buy your house as-is
  • Give you REAL guarantees that they will buy your house [like earnest money]

For example, when you accept an offer on your house, be sure that it includes real earnest money. Earnest money is a cash guarantee that the buyer truly intends to purchase your property. If they walk away the CASH IS YOURS!

Close on your timeline, to a repuatble cash buyer, for a fast & stress free sale. will close when you need it. We have been buying and selling property for a long time and have built a reputation as honest, caring, and trustworthy. We buy houses fast, we ALWAYS pay cash and our mission is for you to feel good about selling your house to us. 


Barry and Val here. Your friendly home buying service provider. We have verified funds ready to buy your house quick. Simply fill out a form to get started today.

We respect your time and would relish the opportunity to give you our highest and best cash offer with the ultimate goal of buying your house. 

Thank you for you time. 


your solution to sell your house fast for cash 1

Sell Your House Fast for Cash
[Get the Best Cash Offer Quickly]

Needing to sell your house fast for cash is one thing. But how do you determine the offer is fair? How do you know the cash offer is the best?

A couple things you can do here. 

  1. Be sure to shop around. Talk to a few different buyers. Learn about how their process works. Is it fast? do they pay cash? Does it work for you?
  2. The second thing you can do is verify the cash offer online. To do this you must run comps. 

Step by Step: How to determine the cash offer is fair.

To determine our cash offer is fair you must run comps. Despite what agents tell you, you can run comps on your own. IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! In fact, it’s very simple to run comps these days. 

Here is a step-by-step method to run comps by yourself.

PRO TIP: When running comps you should pay attention to what your property zoning is because that can add real cash value too!

STEP 1: Find nearby homes that recently sold

Get online and find houses that recently sold. If you plan to sell as-is then find SOLD properties that were also not renovated. 

STEP 2: Work out the average sales price

Once you have found 3 similar properties that sold near you add up the sales prices. Divide that number by 3. 


You now know the current market value of your home. That is how you run comps!

 Easy right?

How to Work Out the Cash Value of Your House

To determine the cash value you must take out the real estate agent commissions and closing costs.

DID YOU KNOW: When a house is sold in Denver the seller will pay almost $70,000 in closing costs! A large portion of this is the agent commissions. 

The typical closing costs incurred when you sell a house on the MLS include fees from:

  • Realtors,
  • Banks,
  • Inspectors
  • Title Company and various other recording and legal fees.

Talk to any agent or those large I-buyers (agents in disguise), and you will find that when you add up all the costs, charges, and hidden fees you will be paying, out of your profits, 8-10% of the sales price!

Plus you avoid all the headaches of selling on the MLS!

Did you know that selling your house costs that much money? Hard to believe but those are the facts!

AND I didn’t even get started on the fact that when you need to sell your house fast with an agent you have to:

  1. Clean up and hide all your junk
  2. Find an agent you can trust or learn how to sell FSBO
  3. Set a price that will sell it quick
  4. Make repairs (the honest truth is you should avoid most repairs at all costs!)
  5. Spruce up the curb appeal and stage your home
  6. Get professional pictures taken
  7. List on the MLS with the correct description
  8. Time your sale right (Many agents will tell you to wait until the summer! Not sure how that works if you’re in a hurry to sell, and it’s October
  9. Show your house to potential buyers
  10. Wait for offers to come in
  11. Navigate the inspection period
  12. Finally, sit down at the closing table and get paid.

BUT, imagine if you went through all of this stress and hassle only to have the buyer walk away because they couldn’t get money from the bank! Recent research suggests that up to 5% of contracts fall through because the buyer didn’t have the funds to close!

Get your best cash offer right now and sell your house quickly.

If you are ready to receive the fastest no-obligation cash offer on your house you can get one right here, right now.

Our offer will be based on current market value. We will pay you cash for your house. We will buy your house incredibly fast! 

As you read right at the start. We are your solution to sell any house fast and for cash. All you have to do to sell your house fast for cash is fill out one of OUR forms.

Selling My House for Cash:
What are the Main Benefits?

There are many benefits when you sell your home for quick cash. Let’s see if they will be of help to you.

No realtor required

Selling for cash means you can eliminate the realtor. You can go directly to the buyer and pocket all the extra cash! No agent also means a much faster sale! This is because you can skip all the traditional steps and get an instant cash offer online.

No MLS listing

Experienced cash home buyers will give you an offer to buy your house without even seeing it. This means you skip all the preparations and go straight to receiving a cash offer. Tell us you need to sell and it can be as soon as today!

Sell without making repairs

NO REPAIRS ARE NECESSARY WITH A CASH SALE! When you sell your house to a company that pays cash for houses, not only will you sell faster, but you can sell it without having to fix anything! That simplifies the process significantly. PLUS Selling AS-IS is the fastest way to get your home sold. Sounds like a WIN WIN WIN situation.

No costly remodel or renovations

When we buy houses for cash the first thing we do is fix them up tastefully. We take care of all the upgrades, repairs, and renovations. It doesn’t matter how ugly your house is. We will buy it fast for cash. This is another reason you pay nothing out of pocket. 

No cleaning necessary

No agents, no showings, no open houses, no potential buyers demanding to view your home means no cleaning needed. This is another huge benefit of a quick cash sale. 


No staging needed

Legit buyers, like us, don’t need you to stage the house. After a quick phone call, we know exactly what you’re selling.

AND that’s why you’ll get a fast cash offer and ultimately sell your house even faster when you work with us. 

Showings. What showings? NO SHOWINGS WHEN YOU SELL FOR CASH!

If you choose to sell a house for cash you skip the showings and go straight to the good bit. AND what is that? 

The good bit is getting an instant cash offer, right? 

No waiting for an offer will give you a cash offer on any Lakewood propertyDenver home, or Front Range House quickly. How fast can I get a cash offer, you ask?

You can get your cash offer online today! AND believe it or not, we can close in as little as 7 days!

No banks delays or offers falling through

We pay cash for houses. This means NO BANKS are involved. AND therefore no risk of the home not closing. 

As professional home buyers, we buy houses in any situation. We have seen it all. 

Therefore we understand the importance of making sure the sale of your property happens, AS FAST AS YOU NEED!

Fastest way to sell your house

Do you need to sell your house fast? Do you want the easiest way to sell too?

If you sell your house to us we will pay cash for your home and close faster than any other way of selling any kind of real estate. you can take that all the way to the bank (with the cash we paid you for your house, right? 🙂

“I really want to sell my house for cash now, what should I do?” is your solution to selling your house, because as Denver’s number 1 cash home buyer we will buy any house in any condition so if you want a cash offer on your property simply give us a call or fill out an online form and our team of experts will get to work, quick smart, to help you get your house SOLD! 

Frequently asked questions about:
How to sell a house fast for cash.

Because we buy houses for cash we get asked many questions about how it works. 

Therefore, here are the top 10 questions homeowners most often ask us about selling their homes to us

This is what you must-do if you want to sell a house fast for cash. Trust me, getting it sold this way is so easy! 

All you have to do is enter your address to get a cash offer on your home today

After you give us your address, we can then determine our best cash offer. Then we talk to you about what you need from the sale and help you come up with a solid solution.

This selling solution will be a perfect personalized plan to get your home sold quickly for money that is paid straight to you.

You’ll get your cash on the day you choose to close. That’s right. You pick the closing date. 

So to sell your house fast for cash all you need to do is let us know you’re in the market to sell.

We will do the rest!


Here are 10 ways to find companies that pay cash for houses near you.

  1. Talk to an agent that has connections to the real estate investor world. It’s real estate investors who typically buy homes for cash. PLUS, because they are professional buyers they don’t mess around. If they tell you they want to buy your house, they will absolutely close the deal. 
  2. Find cash buyers by searching public records. Look for houses that were bought and then resold in a short space of time. If the resale price was significantly higher you are looking at the work of a fix and flip company AKA  a “we buy houses” business AKA  CASH HOME BUYER!
  3. A sure-fire way to get a cash offer on your home is to simply get online and search for businesses that specialize in buying homes, renovating them, reselling them, or renting them out. This is what “PRO” homebuyers do.  The kinds of things you want to look for are like:
    1. Cash home buyers near me
    2. Companies that pay cash for houses AND
    3. Who will buy my house for fast cash
  4. Go to foreclosure auctions. Here you will find a number of people who purchase homes for cash. When someone gets behind on mortgage payments the bank may foreclose on their home. While it is possible to stop a foreclosure before the auction, once it hits the block it is too late. As stated, the people buying property at auction are investors. To be eligible to buy, they must have funds ready to close. AND they must be able to prove they have the cash too!
  5. Check out social media for real estate investors, look for wholesalers, and any other home-buying groups. Here you will find a myriad of companies that pay cash in your city. AND THAT’S NOT EVEN THE BEST PART! Not only will you find a bunch of cash home buyers but there’s a good chance you will pick up some tips and tricks, and various valuable insider secrets to help you choose the fastest way to sell your home.
  6.  Did you know people try to sell their homes, by themselves, on craigslist? For sale by owner (FSBO) is not uncommon. AND therefore this can be another route you can take to find someone to buy your house.  All you have to do is let buyers know you are ready to sell by posting an FSBO listing. 
  7. If your still not finding what you’re looking for you can get back online and search for more real estate investor terms like:
    1. sell my house quickly
    2. sell house fast for cash 
    3. sell my home fast for cash (sometimes switching “house” for “home” can garnish different results) OR 
    4. sell home fast for cash
  8. Drive for dollars. Driving for dollars is something all companies who will buy your house for cash have done at some point or another. It’s almost like a right of passage. So if you really want to sell your house, you need to sell in a hurry and it just makes sense to sell for cash, you must get in your car and drive around. What you are looking for are dumpsters in driveways.  A roll-off dumpster, parked in the driveway, of an ugly property or sad-looking home,  is the signature of a professional rehabber. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THESE GUYS DO? They buy houses fast for cash!!! AND How do I know this? Because that’s what we do too! So once you found a dumpster, park up, and go knock on the door. Explain you’re looking to get a cash offer on your property and are in a real hurry to sell. AND be willing to leave your name, address, and contact details.  Trust me you will get a callback! Any legit home buyer will be bonkers not to reach out. AND If the investor has a problem that you approached their crew then they are looking a gift horse in the mouth. Move on. Don’t fret. You can easily get a cash offer. IT WILL HAPPEN!
  9. Ask your friends, family, and associates if they have any connections in the real estate world. These days, it doesn’t take long to find someone, who knows someone, who flips, invests, or pays cash for houses. Be sure to ask if the buyer is a newbie or has a history of successfully buying homes. If you work with an experienced cash buyer, like us, you will find that getting your home sold fast is no problem. 
  10. Or you can sell even easier. AND THIS IS HOW. To go the simple route, fill out a form online on, and hit submit to request a cash offer. As soon as you request a cash offer for your house, we’ll get to work. OUR MISSION is to present you with our best cash offer immediately. 

The fastest way to sell your house in today’s vibrant real estate market is to sell for cash.  AND THIS IS WHY.

When you choose to sell your house for quick money you:

  • Don’t have to choose a strategy. You already have one. All you have to do is fill out a form. You can get an offer on your house today if you really want it! It’s that easy!
  • Eliminate realtors. NO realtors means no spending time making needless repairs. You don’t have to deal with showings. AND NO inspectors or the long list of repairs that first-time home buyers, NO first-time home buyers, NO Banks, NO Inspectors).
  • When you sell for cash you don’t have to de-clutter or add curb appeal. More times savings!
  • 9 out of 10 sellers think they left money on the table when they sell. When you sell a property for cash you can verify you are receiving a legitimate offer by running your own comps! Not only do you get paid fast money but you can sleep at night knowing you made out like a bandit! 
  • As cash sale means selling without making any repairs. Fixing thins on a house takes a long time. DID YOU KNOW that every $2000 – 5000 you spend will take a contract at least a weak? Therefore a $6000 repair could take 3 weeks! 
  • Selling a house for cash means, typically means you sell to a real estate investor or some other experienced industry expert. When you explain the importance of needing a quick sale they will tailor your offer to suit your needs! AND
  • Legitimate home buyers have a team dedicated to closing the deal on your timeline. Our team of specialists does everything for you. This ensures the deal closes on your timeline. We will even literally do all the heavy lifting if that helps get you out the door!

If you need to sell your house in a hurry the fastest way to get it sold is to sell for cash. Hands down, a cash sale is a winner, every time!

For a further comparison of timelines, fees, closing costs, and various other charges you would get when you sell using the traditional method feel free to check this out.  It’s a deep dive that compares a traditional sale on the MLS versus selling your home to a cash buyer. 

Should you sell your house for cash? Is a cash sale the right choice for me? 


Is the whole “we pay cash for houses” thing a scam? Surely selling can’t be that easy, right?

Let me answer your questions by asking you a few in return.

  1. Do you need to sell your property quickly?
  2. Are you wanting to get rid of it without making repairs?
  3. Do you like the sound of not having to deal with realtors and not having to pay them tens of thousands just for listing your house?
  4. What about showings? Do you like the idea of not having random buyers and nosey neighbors wandering through the house you need to sell?
  5. Do you want to sell your house quickly so that you can move on to your next home?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions then, in my humble opinion, you should sell your house for cash. You will sell fast, easier and you wont to have to do any of the heavy lifting… LITERALLY!!!

Heck, when you sell to us, you don’t even have to clean!!!

Simply fill out our form to get your no-obligation cash offer today!

We buy houses and we always pay cash. Therefore, to answer your question:

YES! We will buy your house for cash.

In fact, we will buy your house or any other property that you know needs to be sold! ANY house, any location, and any condition.

As professional buyers, we are the one-stop-shop for any homeowners needing to sell fast for cash. 

All you gotta do for a cash offer is fill out our form. Seriously, it is that easy! 

There are closing costs on a cash sale. The simple fact is no matter how you sell your house there will always be costs to make the deal happen. 


Who pays closing costs in a cash sale? 

AND a great follow-up question  is:

How do you calculate closing costs on a cash sale?

Simply put, when you sell your house to a reputable home buyer you will pay NOTHING OUT OF POCKET! 

Compared to when you sell the traditional route you will pay 10% of the sales price just for getting it SOLD!

And don’t get me started on the cost to fix it up before you list and the inspection repairs you will have to make!

When you sell to us it is 100% FREE! It’s free because there are NO repairs, NO commissions, and NO hidden fees. 

Our offers are fair, 100% transparent. What you see is what you get.

For an in-depth comparison of the costs associated with selling your house for cash versus using a realtor, I invite you to take a look at this 3rd party research. 

It directly compares all the fees and commissions you would pay when you sell on the MLS versus making a deal with a company that specializes in paying cash for houses. 

A number of factors go into how much a home buying business will pay to buy your home. These include:

  1. The location of the house you need to sell
  2. It’s size
  3. The age of the property
  4. What is the housing market doing? (are homes flying off the shelf for top dollar?)
  5. Nearby amenities, distance to supermarkets, access to light rail and public transportation
  6. What other houses recently sold for, near you,  that are comparable.

So just how much cash will we pay you for your house? 

We will give you an offer based on fair market value based 100% on real data and facts.


You can verify our cash offer is fair by checking out nearby sales yourself. It’s truly not hard to run comps on your own. Run comps to determine a fair cash price for your home and ULTIMATELY verify our offer is legit.

If you want us to get started on your cash offer now we are always available and 100% appreciate the opportunity to give it a shot.

The fastest way to sell a house for cash is to find a home buyer that will buy your house as-is. If you avoid having to fix the stuff you reduce the length of time to sell significantly!

DID YOU KNOW: On average it will take you 1 week to make repairs that cost $2000-$5000. 

Therefore when you eliminate repairs, you sell faster. Ultimately if you sell AS-IS to a cash home buyer you will be selling your home in the quickest way possible!

It is better to sell your house for cash for the following reasons:

  1. You don’t have to make any repairs i.e. sell as-is.
  2. No agents, no inspections and, no picky home buyers and all their complaints. This makes selling significantly less stressful
  3. Sell your house for cash and you will save thousands of dollars in closings costs. No commissions, no inspection repairs, no docs fees, credit checks, bank fees, and more!
  4. A cash sale is faster. No matter what situation you are in if you need to sell your house fast, selling for cash is proven to be the fastest solution. 

Selling your house for cash is a great option for many homeowners.

Of course, a cash sale is not for everyone. You must make a plan before you chose a method of selling your house. Part of planning should involve comparing the 3 main options:

  1. Sell with an agent.
  2. Sell your home own your own (For Sale By Owner AKA FSBO)
  3. Sell to a cash home buyer AKA real estate investor.

From this, you should be able to determine if selling your house for cash is indeed the best way for you to sell your house. 

We buy houses companies and We Buy Houses in Denver are legitimate home buyers that you can sell your house to.  

As home buyers, they have a proven track record of closing deals in a fast and fair manner. 

When you chose to sell your house to any real estate investment company, it is imperative, you research them thoroughly before requesting an offer. 

Of course, getting a fast cash offer is just the beginning. You must be sure to perform a comprehensive review of the terms and conditions before signing any contract to sell. 

For a more comprehensive answer be sure to check this out. This guide will enable you to determine if the home buyer you are dealing with truly is a legitimate solution to sell your house to. 

The best company that buys houses is a local home buyer that understands your market and knows how to keep seller costs to a minimum.

From the research, I have found online you should skip Orchard and Offerpad and use a legitimate, honest LOCAL home buyer. AND THIS IS WHY.

Big companies like Orchard and Offerpad are not very transparent when it comes to the cash offers they give you. While they promise you a large cash number, they then turn around and hit the seller with all sorts of costs and hidden fees. 

Upfront they tell you that selling to them means you will get the highest offer. AND maybe that’s true. But what do you really want?

Do you want to sell your house to the person who gives you the highest offer?

OR Is it better to sell to the buyer who will put the most cash in your bank account?

If you ask me, the best way is to get more cash. It’s pretty obvious, RIGHT?!?

Let’s dive in, CHECK OUT THE FACTS, and make some quick comparisons.

Cost to sell your house to Offerpad.

Offerpad will charge the seller up to 10% of their cash offer. As an example, if they offer you $400,000, they will charge you $40,000! Therefore, their offer is actually only $360,000! 

On top of this Offerpad will still expect you to pay agent fees and various other closing costs. 

PLUS Offerpad will perform an inspection. From this inspection, the seller will be given a list of items they must repairs. The cost to fix these could easily add up to thousands, OR, tens of thousands of dollars. 

When you sit down at the closing, the $400,000 “cash offer” may have been reduced to $320,000 or even less!

Cost to sell to Orchard.

Orchard charges a 6% service fee.  If we use the same SOLD price as above this would cost you $24,000. When you sell through Orchard you still have to pay the buyer’s agent fee. At 3% of the cash price, you are shelling out another $12,000 in cash.

PLUS you still have to pay for all of the closing costs. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN IS?

You still have to make all the same repairs that you would make if you sold your house to Offerpad!

You have to use a loan from them  Origination fees of up to 3%. 

Cost to sell your house for cash to

When you sell your house to us we will not require you to fix anything. We will buy your house as-is. Cost to you = $0.00

There are NO service fees, ZERO commissions, AND we cover all the closing costs. 

Let’s pretend your cash offer is $400,000 yet again to calculate how much it will cost you when you sell to us?

  • Repairs = $0.00
  • Real estate agent commissions = $0.00
  • Service fees = $0.00
  • Hidden charges = $0.00

If you want to sell your house for cash, AND you believe you deserve to get the most cash in your pocket, then you should sell your house to a local home buyer like us. 

FACTS are FACTS. It’s hard to argue against the real numbers.


The next step for a fast cash sale is to fill out this form

It truly is that simple! 

We will check out your house. Calculate our highest cash offer. Talk to you about it. AND ultimately we will buy your house. is your place to sell your home quick for cash!

What You Must Do to Sell You House for Cash

Are you now ready to sell your house for cash? 

If you are then this is what you must do. 

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Our Promise to You [When You Sell Your House to Us]

Many homeowners want to know what will happen if they sell their house to us. Here is what we do next. 

OUR PROMISE TO YOU: After we buy it, we will renovate it tastefully. This way the property can live on.  The house can become someone else’s new home. COOL, right?

You can trust that we will take great care of it.  Let’s take a look at some before and after photos. 

BEFORE we paid cash for this single family house

It looked like this (see below). Green walls and outdated. It was a well-cared-for property and we were elated to buy it! However, it needed to be updated.

Do you agree?

we will buy your house for cash

[DURING] After the quick sale we got stuck in

We agreed to buy the house as-is for cash. The owner pushed for a fast close and we got the deal done. Because that’s what we do! [We give homeowners the opportunity to sell a house for fast money]. 

AND then we got stuck in. First thing for any renovation is DEMO! This is where we take everything out. 


Sell My House Fast for Cash [Our Promise to You Continued...]

[DURING] Putting it back together, tastefully

Remember our promise to you?

Our promise is that you can sell your house to us. We will close quickly, pay you cash and then fix it up really nicely. In this property we went with a warm wood floor, white cabinets and counter, gold handles, and stainless steel appliances. The hope is for someone to come in, and transform this blank canvas, into their new forever home!


The final product [Sell your house to us for quick money]

Below is the finished product. I hope you like it. 

sell-my-house-online-kitchen-rehab-finished is your: 

Sell My Denver House Fast For Cash Online Solution.

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More Resources for You

Sell a House Fast for Cash [Best Home Buyers Near Me]

You need to get rid of your house quickly. You want to sell it without making repairs. Maybe you’re out of state and need a complete solution to get it sold. 

Therefore you have chosen to sell your house fast for cash. BUT now you need to find a home buyer that ticks all the boxes. 

Check out this valuable resource that includes insider tips from real estate investors that pay cash for houses. Never before have home buyers been so candid.  

Sell My House Fast for Cash [The best solution for any situation]

There are so many situations that lead a homeowner to look for a solution to sell a house quickly. Some of the more obvious reasons are:

  1. Behind on payments and facing foreclosure
  2. Too many things to fix: Therefore an owner chooses an “AS-IS” sale to avoid making repairs and the stress of dealing with inspections
  3. Inherited property and it makes sense to cash out

Some less obvious reasons you might want to get out from under your house in a hurry:

  1. Nosey neighbors intruding your space and in your face. 
  2. Noisy neighbors disturbing your peace
  3. Bad Tenants, sneaky renters, or you’re a landlord ready to take some money off the table.

This undeniably comprehensive resource covers everything you must know about how to sell your house quickly.  Topics that are covered include:

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This is just a taste. You are absolutely invited to take a look. 

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