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If you need to sell your house in Colorado and want to skip all the hassles, stress and delays you can. Get an online quote for an instant offer to sell your Colorado home for cash right here!

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Online Quote For Instant Offer To Sell Your House Colorado

Would you like a FREE, NO-obligation cash offer? Get your online quote to sell your house. Our instant offer comes with an all cash guarantee!

Selling Your House Starts With An Online Quote For Instant Offer Colorado!

Our instant offers are 100% free, and there is no obligation to sell your home to us. 

However, we are the premier instant buyer, and our online quote includes many benefits, including:

  • Sell your house without making repairs.
  • NO realtors and NO commissions.
  • NO Fees and NO closing costs.

These Home-Owners Got Online Quotes and Instant All Cash Offers From Us!

Online Quote for Fast, Fair, Free Way to Sell Colorado Home

“I need to sell my house fast for cash and I don’t want to spend any money.” 

Only legitimate Colorado house buyers buy as-is which is exactly what our instant home offer includes.

Because our quick home offer states no repairs selling your CO house to us is so basic. Our all-cash offers can allow you to close in as little as 7 DAYS! 

Instant Online Quote to Sell Your Colorado Property

If you need the best house buyer in Denver, the “Mile High” City and Centennial State you can count on us to close the deal.

Instant Quote To Sell Your House

Start your all-cash offer by calling us or filling out the form below to get your instant quote from the comfort of your home. It is that easy!


Immediate All CASH OFFER NOW

Get your immediate ALL CASH OFFER to sell your Centennial State home. All cash offers lead to extremely quick, same day offers to sell your house for fair market value. No Lowball offers from us!

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Instant Offer to Sell Your House The Easy Way

Selling your house to a cash buyer is a great option because:

  1. NO MORTGAGE (cash sale)


Because we get rid of these elements, you get MORE BENEFITS like:

  1. NO paying contractors
  2. NO delays 
  3. NO fees or commissions

And this all adds up to selling your house incredibly fast. PLUS you walk away with more cash in your wallet!

Sell Your House Fast Starts With Our Online Quote and Instant Offer

Sell fast for cash anywhere in Colorado to Colorado’s best cash-for-houses company by getting your offer online. If you do sell your house online you can get an instant quote from us simply by completing our form.

No Obligation Online Quote For Free To Get Rid Of Any House In Colorado

As the leading Colorado cash buyer, we can buy your house fast, anywhere in the Centennial State. 

We buy houses on the Front Range of Colorado.

We buy in the Colorado Rockies at ski resorts like Keystone, Breckenridge and Ski Towns like Silverthorne, Frisco, and Dillon.

We also buy houses for cash on the Western Slope of Colorado. You can sell your home to us in Fruita, Grand Junction, Carbondale, Rifle, or Glenwood Springs. 

Get Your All Cash Offer to Sell Your House in Colorado Instantly

Did you know a big part of the stress of selling a house is how much money you have to spend! Who knew selling your home had to cost so much! AND that’s why cash for houses is such a popular choice in todays real estate market.

And it doesn’t matter where you are selling! 

I want to take a look at how much it will cost to sell your house online to us versus selling your house on the MLS with an agent. 

SPOILER ALERT: Selling your house to us is 100% FREE!!!

We Buy Any Houses
In Any Situation
Even Ugly Houses
6% *
Who Pays the Closing Costs?
NONE – We pay costs to buy
Agent makes you pay them
Bank Fees
NONE – We pay cash for houses
Seller may be charged bank fees
Red Tape (Bank and Government Rules)
Property subject to bank approval (sale delayed)
Repairs Required
NONE – We buy houes as-is
Banks require long list of items to be fixed **
Showings and Open Houses
Random times of the day or week
Closing Date
You choose the closing day
Undetermined 30 days+ 60+ 90+ ???
$0.00 – 100% Free with us
7-10% of sales price ***

* The average price agents are charging to sell your house is almost $40,000! Sell to us and get instant savings of that PLUS MORE!

**A bank will require you to fix the roof, water heater, furnace, and other expensive items before you can sell it. The list goes on! Our home buying company, We Buy Houses In Denver, purchases homes in as-is condition. You just take what you need and leave the rest to us.

***The real estate market has risen to meteoric levels! Prices have gone through the roof literally. This means the amount of money real estate agents, banks and other people are taking is gone sky high too! Sell your house online to us and you don’t have to pay a cent!

Selling your house for cash to a reputable home buyer is much different than selling with a real estate agent, right? It’s like light and day!


Selling your house for cash is a good idea because:

  1. You don’t have to make any repairs.
  2. NO Realtors or real estate agents
  3. NO agents mean NO commissions, which will save you thousands or tens of thousands in realtor commissions!
  4. You pick the closing date!
  5. Cash buyers often cover closing costs.
  6. A cash sale means the home buyer isn’t getting a mortgage.
  7. NO Mortgage means no bank fees, no lender requirements.
  8. Selling for cash is the fastest way to sell. 

Selling you house for cash gives you all of those benefits. The benefits of a cash offer and cash sale are possibly more beneficial if you need to sell because:

  1. You are behind on mortgage payments
  2. The bank has foreclosed on your house
  3. The foreclosure is coming up, and your house will be auctioned off.
  4. Selling inherited property and you don’t want to pay any more property taxes.
  5. An inheritance that needs a lot of repairs and you don’t want to spend the cash.
  6. Inherited house in probate, and you need money to cover expenses. 

Whatever your reason for needing to sell your home, selling for cash is often the best option – particularly if you need to sell your house fast. 

Of course, selling for cash isn’t for everyone. However, let us know if you want a fast, free, fair cash offer. We buy houses for cash. We buy houses in any condition, and in any situation too. We are ready to talk to you about the place you need to sell. 

A cash buyer for a house is a person or company that will buy a property for cash. A cash buyer will not need to get a mortgage or any type of loan to purchase your property. 

If you are unsure if the home buyer has the cash you could ask that they verify the money is in a bank account, available now.

We are the leading cash buyer in Denver, Co. We buy houses for cash. We buy as-is, and we close when you need to. 

What do cash buyers typically offer? 

Cash buyers will give you a cash offer based on current market values. However, they will also factor in the cost of repairing the property. 

Many professional home buyers will use a modified version of the “70% rule”. The 70% rule is a real estate investor’s way of determining how much their cash offer would be. This is how it works.

ARV x 0.70 – repairs = cash offer. 

ARV is the value of the house after it has been fixed up beautifully. 

0.70 = 70% AND

‘REPAIRS” is the amount of money the home-buying company will spend renovating the house. Let’s use a real example of a property that we recently bought. 

Let’s imagine a house that would resell for $560,000 after completely renovating. The renovation will cost $57,000. What would a cash buyer pay if they used the 70% rule? The home buyer would pay:

$560,000 x 0.7 = $392,000

Now we must take out the cost to repair it.

$392,000 – $=57,000 = $335,000.

Simply in this example, the cash home buyer would pay $335,000 to buy your house for cash. 

Do you want to know how this compares when selling the same house on the MLS with a realtor?

Cash Sale vs. Selling with Realtor 

Let’s take a close look at how much money you would walk away with if you sell your house for cash VS selling with a Real Estate Agent.

If you didn’t see you should check out how cash buyers come up with a cash offer. It is based on the 70% rule. This is not exactly how we come up with offers, but it gives you a small look into the Cash Home Buyers industry (see FAQ: Do cash buyers offer less?)

We will use a house with an ARV of $500,000. Other numbers we will use to  work out how much cash you would pocket include:

  • Buyer agent commission – 3% (pretty standard)
  • Seller agent commission – Also 3%
  • Rehab cost:
    • $57,000 for us
    • $102,600 for the seller (homeowners pay roughly 80% more for rehab than a professional home buyer would pay for the same repairs).
  • ARV: $500,000
  • Closing costs: 1-3%

Jump to the table for an overview of realtor vs. cash home buyer.

Here are the results. 

This is how much cash you would get if you sold your $500,000 house with a realtor. 

$352,400.00. This accounts for commissions, closing costs, and repairs. 

If you sold to a cash home buyer that used the 70% rule, you would get paid $293,000.

PLUS, when you sell to us, you don’t have to deal with any headaches, realtors, stress, mortgage companies, or even have to clean. We make selling your house fast, easy and profitable. 

We Buy Houses Online With All Cash Offers

We buy houses with all cash offers. We buy houses as-is. Our mission is to make it fast and easy to sell your home. Don’t delay. 

Is selling my house for cash a good idea?

Do you want to make repairs?

Do you want to deal with agents and showings and pay thousands in commissions?

If you answered no, then selling your house for cash is a great idea!


We buy houses for cash which results in even more benefits for you:

  • You choose the closing day
  • No closing costs
  • Sell House Lightning Fast!

What else do you want when you sell your house?

Get Your Cash Offer Today

We are cash buyers. As PRO cash home buyers, we are ready to buy your house now. We have money in the bank ready to deploy. Fill out the form and get your cash offer to sell your house now. DON’T MISS OUT!