How To Write And Fill Out A Wholesale Real Estate Assignable Purchase Contract

Below is my interview I recorded with my real estate attorney. It is all about filling out a real estate contract for wholesaling. We go through an entire 19 page purchase agreement contract step by step. 

BY THE END OF THE INTERVIEW you will know exactly how to wholesale real estate legally. Plus you will know how to stay out of trouble with the law!

How To Fill Out A Wholesale Real Etsate Contract

My lawyer wants wholesalers to use a entire 19 page contract to buy and sell real estate. He explains why in the interview. 

But a multi-page contract for wholesaling is a tough sell in my humble opinion because people that sell their home to me want an easy sale. 

The boiler plate language in the traditional purchase agreement isn’t easy  understand. 

In-fact, for those not familiar, the contract is downright scary!

One page templates are much better…but riskier? 


A one page wholesale agreement is riskier because it doesn’t include all the language to protect you. 

The language is there because of legal battles that have occurred in the past. 

That all said, there are some great questions and answers in the interview. By the end, you will be way more confident in:

  1. How to write a wholesale real estate contract.
  2. How to fill out a wholesale real estate contract.
  3. How to get a real estate contract that is assignable.


How To Fill Out A Wholesale Real Estate Contract


Listen in on a meeting I had with Greg Parham. Greg is a highly accomplished real estate attorney. He is also co-founder and Manager of First Alliance Title, LLC. Greg was very generous with his knowledge. I had to pay for his time, of course. But 

I had a copy of a real estate contract in front of me. We went through every single line. He explained it all. How to fill it out, assign a wholesale deal, and, VERY IMPORTANTLY: How to ensure you are not brokering a deal. Wholesalers are not allowed to broker deals. 

Listen in for the subtle nuances and details. ENJOY!


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