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Real Estate Wholesale Contract You Can Download For Free

Are you a wholesaler looking for a free assignable contract you can download?

FREE free printable real estate wholesale contract downloadable PDF and Word DOC for you to use are below (every state).

PLUS: Killer Interview with Real Estate Attorney about wholesaling(avoid common mistakes and more gems – ALSO FREE!)

Wholesalers, newbies, and seasoned: Take a listen. Money-back guarantees that you’ll learn something. Avoid a costly mistake, how to fill it out—stuff like that. 


Beginners Guide The Real Estate Wholesaling: Info For Homeowners

Are you a Colorado homeowner looking to sell your house for cash? Would you like information on wholesale real estate contracts like:

  • What is a wholesale real estate contract?
  • The ins and outs of a wholesale contract
  • Is wholesaling legal in Colorado?
  • Is a wholesale real estate contract right for you?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, I will invite you to jump to this article that explains it all and more. 

The information was put together by a team of highly experienced experts, and I trust you will find it most informative. 

Real Estate Wholesale Contract Template PDF

The contracts are below (about a 1/2 page scroll away) but please please read this.

!!!  >>> AVOID COSTLY MISTAKES  <<<  !!!

Super quick disclaimer: 🙁 My attorney made me include this 🙁

Wholesaling real estate is pretty straightforward. However, there are some nuances to ensure you don’t break the law. If you break the law a grand slam deal can go sideways really fast! 

Because of this I have to say: Talk to an attorney. 

Please don’t listen to some random chump on Facebook. “Because they said so” doesn’t cut it when you are standing before a judge. Trust me. I know!


I interviewed a real estate attorney, and recorded it with his permission. He also owns a large title company in Colorado. Therefore the information can be trusted. I’m giving it to you for free! 

Just play it in the background. You’re guaranteed to pick up a nugget or two.

But again, to be sure you’re wholesaling correctly, spend a few hundred bucks,  and sit down with an attorney. 

Have the same conversation I did. You will sleep better knowing the wholesale deal you just signed is protected by a contract and process you trust.

Clicking the picture of the player will take you to the actual player at the bottom of the page.

Wholesale Real Estate Contract PDF Free Template

I’m serious when I say you can get an assignable wholesaling contract for free from me without strings. This is because if you’re looking for a wholesale contract to use, you must mean you got a legit deal on the hook. 

That’s awesome! I am super pumped for you. Now you have to land the deal!

This part is easy. Download my contract. Fill it out. Get your all-cash offer in front of the seller. Ask them to sign it. 

What are you waiting for? All the contracts are free. You can use them as examples and make changes. Changes or not, email them over for the seller to sign today! 

Wholesale Real Estate Contract Download

I have used this contract 1000’s of times. I have presented this assignable purchase agreement to homeowners in many different states. I have also purchased properties in many states.  Because of this, I know this contract works. 

But the contract isn’t what gets the deal. The real estate purchase agreement seals the deal. 

Once you have a wholesale real estate contract signed, you can go cash it in.  Are you worried you aren’t be able to sell the house fast enough? Let me tell you this.

If you have a signed real estate wholesale contract and its a legit deal you will be able to sell it fast. The main reason wholesalers can’t assign the contract is that the deal is not a deal. 

When Is A Deal A Deal?

Have you ever heard the phrase, how long is a piece of string? A string can be any length. I say this because it’s not unlike real estate investment deals. A deal for one real estate investor might not be a deal for another. 

So, when is the deal a real deal?

Unfortunately, this is a very hard question. You need to know a ton of information to confidently say you have a signed exclusive contract you want to assign.

In my opinion, the most challenging information is the cost of repairs. These days I can estimate a rehab very quickly. But I have been buying, renovating, holding, and flipping for over 20 years. 

I can give you access to my spreadsheet. You can download my repair estimator right here. But again, it works for me because I have been investing for so long!

Of course, to understand if the real estate wholesale contract you have in hand is worth more than the paper it is printed on you can use some standard rules of thumb. 

Real Estate Wholesale Contract Free

DISCLAIMER: This is not what I do. And when wholesalers call me and tell me this is how they came up with a fair price for me to pay, I know that a cute puppy just missed out on its angel wings. Sad, right?

Many real estate investors and wholesalers use the 70% rule. The calculation is straightforward

ARV X 0.7 + Assingement Fee = Great Deal For Me.

Does this sound right to you? Is it ok to impart some of my wisdom earned over more than 20 years of investing in real estate? I’m not being a [email protected]! I’m trying to be funny. Much of my so-called wisdom is on the back of some serious mistake. 

Call me, and I will tell you about the flip I lost $36,000 on. Yeah – that sucked! (If you want to talk sometime, just fill out our online form here which is so quick and easy. Instead of an address put that you want to talk about real estate. If you’re sincere I’d be happy to chat!)

Let’s run the numbers together using a case study-type scenario. 

Real Estate Wholesale Contract Template

Free Downloads of Assignable Wholesale Contracts and Real Estate Purchase Agreements right below. These free printable real estate wholesale contracts are in WORD DOC and PDF.

The first 3 example wholesale contracts are WORD DOC format. The are closely followed by 3 templates in PDF format. 

Real Estate Wholesale Contract: Word Document

Wholesale Real Estate Contract PDF

Free Printable Real Estate Wholesale Contract

All of the wholesale contracts on this page can be printed. To print them just download them and send them to your printer. Works for PC and MAC. 

All of them include language allowing the contract to be assigned.

All of the downloads are free. 

Wholesale Real Estate Assignment Contract

What else have I got for you? I know this page is all about getting a free contract for wholesaling. But I have something even better! Another gem that is also 100% free!

Remember I told you about the recorded interview? You can push play right below. 

How To Fill Out A Wholesale Real Estate Contract?

Below is a 1-hour interview I recorded with my real estate attorney. It is all about filling out a real estate contract for wholesaling. We go through an entire 20+ contract step by step. 

He wants wholesalers to use a entire 19 page contract to buy and sell real estate. He explains why in the interview. 

But a multi-page contract for wholesaling is a tough sell in my humble opinion. Sellers that I deal with want an easy sale. The boiler plate language in the traditional purchase agreement isn’t easy to understand. In-fact, for those not familiar, the contract is downright scary!

One page templates are much better…but riskier? 

Consult your attorney – right?

You must keep the contract simple, so the homeowner isn’t scared off. 

That all said, there are some great Questions and answers in the interview. By the end, you will be way more confident in:

  1. How to write a contract
  2. How to fill one out
  3. How to get a real estate contract



Listen in on a meeting I had with Greg Parham. Greg is a highly accomplished real estate attorney. He is also co-founder and Manager of First Alliance Title, LLC. Greg was very generous with his knowledge. I had to pay for his time, of course. But 

I had a copy of a real estate contract in front of me. We went through every single line. He explained it all. How to fill it out, assign a wholesale deal, and, VERY IMPORTANTLY: How to ensure you are not brokering a deal. Wholesalers are not allowed to broker deals. 

Listen in for the subtle nuances and details. ENJOY!

Better Than A Wholesale Real Estate Contract PDF Free Template Download

I hope this free pdf download is helpful. But I have something even better than a free template. I can point you in a new direction. 

Do you want to get the best wholesale deals? Are you tired of sending out postcards or letters? Perhaps you send out thousands of text messages. And what are the responses you get?

I’ve done it all, so I heard it all. Vulture was an excellent term I was often called. 

But truth be told, I was sincere in my outbound marketing attempts. I wanted to help people stop foreclosure, sell a house in probate, or get rid of inherited property. If a homeowner needed the best way to sell fast in Denver or anywhere in Colorado, I was ready to buy their house. 

A Variety Of Landing Pages To Inspire You

I believe there are 4 main versions. Each of them has further subtle changes beyond the location. Take a look around. If you want killer wholesale leads and deals, SEO is the way to go. Just copy these pages. Switch them up a bit. I don’t mind.