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Sell My House Fast Denver CO

Sell your house fast in Denver, CO. No realtors, no repairs, no commissions, no delays. We can buy house fast for cash. Fill out our form to get your legitimate cash offer. Don’t miss out!

We Buy Houses Fast For Cash Colorado

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Sell My House Fast In Denver

If you have a property in Denver, CO, and need to sell your home as fast as possible, don’t waste another minute. We want to buy it. Selling to us starts with our no-obligation cash offer. We can give you an all-cash offer today. No hassles. 

Sell your house fast to us!

we pay cash

No Repairs Needed

we pay closing costs

All Closing Costs Covered

Sell My House Fast Denver CO

You can pack up, move out, and close on the deal in a few days by selling any Denver real estate to the fastest home-buying company – We Buy Houses In Denver. No Stress.

You can sell your house fast because you don’t have to fix anything, no agents, no showings, and you don’t even have to clean.  Life’s busy enough without dealing with all those hassles. Because of these reasons selling to us is hassle free and easy! 

Is that how you want to sell? Stress-free, hassle free home sale!

We buy houses for Cash Denver

Sell As-Is


No Costly Repairs

Need to Sell Your House Fast in Denver? 

You can sell your house fast – because we’ll buy it!

All cash and none of the hassles of a traditional sale.

We Buy Houses

No Realtor Commissions

fastest home buyer denver

No Hidden Fees

Local Home Buyers Trusted With More Than 1000 Real Estate Deals


Barry and Shaun are Denver’s best home-buying company. We can buy your house very quickly – In a matter of days! So many people in Colorado have trusted us. Learn more about us here.


Aren’t you curious about how much we will pay for your home?

Get your ALL-CASH OFFER started now!

We are expert home buyers with so many deals closed and over 20 years of experience. But don’t just trust us.

Here is more evidence of our expertise from happy customers. 

Sell My House Fast Denver Colorado

Want to Sell Your Home Without Spending Any Money? 

We buy it as-is, and cover all closing costs. 

Sell your house fast to us and you’ll save a small fortune! This is why…

Selling to our company means no repairs and no renovations – no matter how ugly your house is. You’ll save even more because you sell direct. Selling direct eliminates real estate agents, home staging, and realtor commissions. 

Saving money during the sale is great, but I need to sell my house fast. Another HUGE BENEFIT to not fixing stuff is you save oodles of time. Now selling your house is extra fast. 

sell-my-house-fast-ColoradoWe Pay Typical Closing Costs

we-buy-houses-ColoradoNo Realtor Or Estate Agent Commissions

Colorado-cash-buyer-company-near-meNo Home Repairs

We buy houses for cash near me

FREE No Obligation Offer

Cash Home Buyer

Zero Cost To You

PLUS, because we pay cash for houses, there are no bank fees, mortgage costs, or loan fees. Finally, we will pay closing costs too.  

As professional home buyers, we know saving money counts. Therefore if you want to sell your home without spending money you need to sell to us! 

We will buy your house INCREDIBLY fast in 3 quick steps. You can check out how right here.


Home Buyer Denver

Best Cash Offer

Cash Buyer Denver

Fair Price Guarantee

Sell Your Denver House Fast: The Proof

We Buy Houses In Denver is 100% the best solution to sell your house fast no matter what. As a home-buying company, we take care of all the hassles and junk. Selling your house to us is guaranteed the quickest way to sell any Colorado property. Our reviews prove we’re legit.

Reviews of Our Company


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Watch the video testimonial just below.

Selling your house to We Buy Houses In Denver, AKA The Home Buying Company is your fast and best solution. We pay cash at closing for all places in Denver, all over the Front Range, and anywhere in Colorado. A legit house buyer like us can close in less than a week! 

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what other people in Denver have to say about us.

Video Testimonial

Genuine person who needed to sell her house fast in Denver. Below is a summary of the video. 

  • “When my mom passed away, we inherited her Denver home.”
  • “I wanted a fast and easy way to sell my mom’s house.”
  • “Emotionally attached, so worried; Mom had lived there 40 years!”
  • “Didn’t want to do renovations, spend any money or time.”
  • “Shaun and his team made it happen really fast.”
  • “He bought Moms’ house as-is.”
  • “So helpful in a situation that wasn’t easy for me.”

How To Sell My House Fast In Denver

3 simple steps to get your house sold.

As Denver’s fastest cash home buyer, we can help you escape any personal, financial, business, or other real estate jam. We have closed on over 1000 houses in Colorado and have many reviews to prove it.

Our streamlined buying process lets you sell your Denver property fast. We are Colorado’s proven cash buyer. 


Shaun here, and I love the Mile High City! I thought about Denver’s fun things: the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Denver Art Museum, and the Denver Zoo. No wonder people buy real estate here! Is that driving up house prices?

Need To Sell My House Fast Denver

NEED TO SELL MY HOUSE FAST IN DENVER: I’m Shaun, a real estate investor, fixer-upper, and Colorado home buyer. I aim to purchase your property quickly and without causing stress or headaches. 

My mission is to make selling your house an enjoyable and satisfying experience. As one of those “Colorado Cash Buyers,” I will always give you my best!

Sell My House Fast For Cash Denver

I need to sell my house fast!

Our company is ready to talk to you about the house you want to sell. Afterward, we’ll give you a no-obligation cash offer based on current market value.

Still, have questions about how it works

Please complete the form below if you are ready to talk with one of our friendly team members. We won’t share your information with anybody. 

Sell My House Fast In Denver CO: Any Situation

Sell your house extremely fast because we buy Denver houses in any situation. Can I sell my house fast in probate? Can I sell my house fast if I inherited it? What if I need a fast sale to stop foreclosure? will buy your house fast. We can buy faster than anyone because we eliminate the fuss of selling your home in all situations. 

You can sell your house fast in probate, sell inherited properties, or if you’re behind on payments. We can even buy your house immediately to stop foreclosure proceedings in Denver. 

These situations require expert buyers to make sure the deal closes. Together, we can come up with a solution for any reason you need to sell a house in Denver. 

sell my house fast probate Colorado

Sell House Fast In Probate


Sell Your Ugly Home in Denver

sell inherited house fast

Sell Your Inherited Home Fast

sell my house fast stop foreclosure

Sell Fast To Stop Foreclosure

Sell My Denver House For Cash Fast

I need to sell my DenverI want to sell my house fast, but do you work with homeowners needing to sell a home in probate or that inherited property?

Sell My Inherited House Fast Denver

What if I need to sell my inherited house fast in Denver? No Problem! can buy it fast for cash. Can I get rid of my house fast because of financial difficulty because I’m behind on the mortgage?

No matter your reason for needing to sell your house fast, we will buy your house starting with a quick cash offer today.

Sell My Probate House Fast Denver

We Buy Houses In Denver will buy your probate house fast for cash too! 

We Buy Houses Fast in Denver: Any Situation







We Buy Houses




Cash Home buyer in Denver CO


fastest home buyer denver




Sell any real estate fast in Denver, including single-family houses, condos, townhomes, and apartments, and we buy multifamily properties, duplexes, and land. Any property. Any real estate. Sell it fast. If you need to sell your house quickly, our experts will give you a FAST AND FAIR CASH OFFER. PLUS, you choose when to sell.  


We are ready to buy your house in Denver in any condition in any of these situations: 

My name is Jenny. My father was not well in Seattle so I decided to move home. It was all rather quick. I didn't want to sell my house from afar. Barry and Val are really nice people. They helped me with more than just my house to be honest. That said selling my house to them was really easy. I would definitely recommend them if you need to sell a house fast in Colorado.
Jenny Talbot
Jenny Talbot
Denver Resident - Moved to Seattle

Need To Sell My House Fast In Denver Colorado

We can buy your house fast no matter what. That is a fact. No matter your real estate troubles we can come up with a solution to get your house sold. Bad tenants, ugly inherited houses, probate properties, or bad investments. If you need to sell your house fast in Denver, Colorado we will buy it fast for cash. 

We buy ugly homes, in any situation, in any condition, as-is, fast for cash. 

need to sell my house fast

Behind On Payments

need to sell my rental house fast

Sell Rental or Investment Fast

need to sell my multifamily fast

Sell Multifamily Property Fast

want to sell my house fast

Sell My Denver House Fast

Sell Your House Fast And Easy In Denver

Imagine needing to get rid of your house fast but dealing with showings, inspections, and pesky loan officers. What if the buyer pulls out or demands you make costly repairs? 

We make selling your Denver house straightforward. Straightforward means a hassle-free and stress-free sale. It also means you can sell your house fast and easily. How fast? Selling to us is lightning fast. 

Because of all these benefits, you can move out quickly and move on with life. As a fast cash buyer our company, We Buy Houses In Denver, is the best-proven solution for a quick and easy sale.

How To Sell My House Fast In Denver?

How to sell your house fast in Denver is to find a local home-buying company with a proven process. We are a local company involved in over 1000 house sales in Colorado. 

Is that really how to sell my house fast?

There is no doubt that selling fast to us is easy. Combine the reviews from other sellers in Denver with our lightning-fast buying process, and it’s undeniable. We handle all the paperwork and transfer the deed to your home. Once the closing is finalized, you’ll walk away with a lump-sum cash payment! It’s that easy! 

Are you ready to sell your Denver house fast?

How do I sell my Denver house fast?

We make selling your house fast in Denver incredibly easy. When selling to us, there are only 3 quick and easy steps.

To sell your Denver home fast, contact our team. Fill out our online form or call us. We will get started on your cash offer immediately. Our cash offers are risk-free, and there is no obligation. 

To come up with our cash offer, we will assess the value of your property. We calculate how much it will cost to get it ready to sell. We analyze what is the Denver housing market doing.

Fast and simple process leads to fair cash offer

We purchase houses using a fast and straightforward process that always leads to a fair cash offer. Every cash offer we make is based on the cost of repairs, market conditions, and the speed you need to sell. These help us determine our highest and best cash offer.

Once you accept our offer, we’ll let you pick a closing day. How fast do you need to sell your Denver home?

As home buyers specializing in buying Denver houses, we can close as fast as you need to sell. One day, one week, or one month? We close on your home as quickly as you need. 

Do you want a no-obligation, guaranteed cash offer? Not only a guaranteed cash offer but one that is also fair? 

Are you wholesalers and will you assign the real estate contract?

We are not wholesalers. We are real estate investors. We typically do not assign the contract as wholesalers always do. Sometimes homeowners want to partner with us and do joint ventures.

Alternatively other real estate investors, industry experts and lenders contact us for opportunities also. This is because we have grown a comprehensive network of industry leaders and experts in real estate over more than 20 years. 

Our purchase agreement could be confused for a real estate wholesale contract because the language allows it to be assignable. This is so we can partner up with you!

Opportunity For A Fast Cash Offer To Sell Your Denver Home Right Here!

Is selling your house quick and easy your priority? You can get a guaranteed fast cash offer today. We are the #1 trusted cash buyer in Denver. We have the money ready to buy now. This means as soon as you accept our offer, we can proceed to close. To get a fair cash offer, fill out the form below. 

Contact our team today to get your risk-free, no-obligation, best cash offer started. 

Fastest Way To Sell My House Denver CO

The fastest way to sell your house in Denver is by removing unnecessary steps and going directly to a proven home buyer. Selling to a legitimate Colorado cash buyer means:

  • No agents
  • Flexible closing time
  • No home repairs
  • A fast and fair cash offer 
  • Simple and stress-free sale.

Let’s dive into these added benefits of selling your house quickly to us. 

Sell your home without an agent or listing it

Eliminating a realtor makes selling your property lightning fast. Selling your home without a real estate agent means you don’t have to prepare your house to sell. This saves thousands of dollars and lots of time. 

This is incredibly beneficial if you are behind on the mortgage, need to stop foreclosure, have a probate property with bills, or have a rundown ugly inherited house you need to get rid of. 


Sell Your House Fast: Local Home Buyer Versus Realtor

Did you know a big part of the stress of selling a house is how much money you have to spend? Who knew selling your home had to cost so much?

And it doesn’t matter where you are selling! Denver, Lakewood, Pueblo, Golden, or other Front Range City.

I want to look at how much it will cost to sell your house fast online to us versus selling your place on the MLS with an agent. 

SPOILER ALERT: Selling your house to us is 100% FREE!!!

We Buy Any Houses
In Any Situation
Even Ugly Houses
6% *
Who Pays the Closing Costs?
NONE – We pay costs to buy
Agent makes you pay them
Bank Fees
NONE – We pay cash for houses
Seller may be charged bank fees
Red Tape (Bank and Government Rules)
Property subject to bank approval (sale delayed)
Repairs Required
NONE – We buy houes as-is
Banks require long list of items to be fixed **
Showings and Open Houses
Random times of the day or week
Closing Date
You choose the closing day
Undetermined 30 days+ 60+ 90+ ???
$0.00 – 100% Free with us
7-10% of sales price ***

* The average price agents charge for selling your house in Pueblo is almost $40,000! Sell to us and get instant savings of that PLUS MORE!

**A bank will require you to fix the roof, water heater, furnace, and other expensive items before you can sell it. The list goes on! purchases homes in as-is condition. You take what you need and leave the rest to us.

***The real estate market has risen to meteoric levels! Prices have gone through the roof, literally. This means the amount of money real estate agents, banks, and others are taking is sky-high too! Sell your house fast and online to us, and you don’t have to pay a cent!

Selling your house for quick cash to a reputable home buyer is much different than dealing with a real estate agent, right? It’s like light and day!

A flexible closing means selling as fast as you need

It wouldn’t be the fastest way to sell your house if you didn’t get to pick the sale date. As experts home buyers, specializing in Denver, we recognize the need for a fast and flexible closing. 

Maybe you are relocating for a new job. Perhaps you’re a landlord selling a rental. Do you own a multifamily property or real estate investment and want to 1031 exchange into a different real estate opportunity?

Not many Colorado cash buyers have the experience we do. Not all Colorado cash buyers have performed a 1031 exchange as we have. I doubt any Colorado cash buyers appreciate the need to time the sale of real estate as we do. 

This is because we have been in the real estate business for over 20 years. We have been involved in over 1000 real estate transactions. We have done deals all over Colorado with sellers needing to sell for every reason you can think of. 

More Reasons You Can Sell Your House Fast To Us

You need to sell your house fast in Denver, right? We have the solution. With decades of experience and over 1000 homes purchased, we have honed our buying steps to be the best. You get to cash out most efficiently because you profit from our experience. You can bank on our expertise and professionalism to buy your house extremely fast. 

From selling as-is to same-day cash offers. Let’s work together and get your Denver house sold. 


We know buying a house fast is all about simplifying the sale. Getting rid of the unnecessary red tape and eliminating the middleman. You can’t trouble yourself with time-consuming repairs when you need to sell your house fast. When you’re strapped for cash, you can’t pay money to contractors.  

As a company that buys houses, we know this. Our experience has helped us understand that selling as-is is fast. We pay cash for houses because it lets you sell on schedule. 

Sell Your Denver House In A Hurry

legitimate we buy houses

No Home Repairs

sell my property cash

Fast Closing

sell your home Denver

Sell Fast For Cash

Trusted Cash buyer

Trusted Home Buyer

sell house for cash

No Realtors Cost Or Agent Fees

we buy houses cash Denver (1)

Simple Buying Process

Denvers best cash home buyer

Fair Offer Guarantee

sell real estate fast Denver CO

Real Estate Experts

how to sell my property for cash

Flexible Closing Time

Sell My House Fast For Cash Denver Colorado

Get your fast and fair cash offer right here. Fill out our form to get started now.

OR CALL NOW ON (720)-738-6020 

Our friendly team is ready to help!

We Buy Houses Fast In Denver is your solution to selling fast for instant cash. If you want someone to buy your house fast, look no further. Centrally located, we can get to your property today.

Want To Sell Your House Fast, The Easy Way? 

Find Out How Our Home Buying Process Works


Sell Your House Fast Starting With A Cash Offer Here!

Where We Buy Houses Fast CO

Sell your house fast in Denver, all over the front range, and anywhere in Colorado! We’re locally based in Denver, CO, and positioned positively as Colorado Cash Buyers. This position adds to our expertise.

Here are a few of Colorado’s Cities where we pay cash for homes in Colorado. The list is not exhaustive. The entire state of Colorado is fabulous. You can sell your house fast to us anywhere in Colorado, including:

Are you ready for a fast, best, and fair cash offer? We are prepared to give you one in an instant! is a business that buys houses in all of Colorado places. Boulder, Lafayette, Parker, and Canon City are other cities people have sold properties to us in. 

Steps to Sell Your House Fast In Denver Colorado

If you need to sell your house fast in Denver, we have a no-nonsense approach to buying it. Our 3 step process is all it takes to sell your property. It’s quick and easy to cash out any Colorado house with

Step 1: Contact us


After you quickly fill out our form or call us, our friendly real estate experts will give you a 100% free, no-obligation consultation.

Together we talk about why you need to sell. Is the house inherited, and do you need to sell it as-is? In probate and need us to buy out your ownership? 

We talk about when you need to sell too. How fast do you need to sell? 

Let us know about any other issues you are facing with the house so we can tailor our offer to your needs. 

Step 2: Get a cash offer


Get an offer on your Denver house as soon as TODAY! 

As a Denver cash house buyer, we know time can be short. How fast do you need to sell? You may need to sell your house in less than a week!

This is not a problem! 

We’ll crunch the numbers and run comps quickly. All our offers are based on current housing market conditions. This means our offers are fair. We do this very quickly. Then we can present our genuine cash offer the same day!

Step 3: Get paid cash at closing


Accept our off and pick a closing day. We will buy your Denver home on your schedule. 

Selling your house in Denver has never been so quick and easy!

Learn More About How Selling To Us Works.

Are you ready to sell your Denver house fast?


Your fair offer is just a click away Denver!

The Solution to Sell My House Fast In Denver Is Here!

Selling My House Fast For Cash in Denver Was So Easy!

“I was able to sell my house fast for cash to these guys! I sold my house to them, and they are simply the best! Really nice and always very polite. They gave me a great cash offer the same day. They closed when I needed them too. I would highly recommend them if you need to sell your house fast too!”

Theresa C – Denver, CO

Sell Your House Denver Colorado

Now there’s a better way to sell. Get a fast cash offer from today!

Detailed Benefits Of Selling Your House Fast To Us

We Give Fair Cash Offers


Our cash offers are based on current market value. If values go up, so do property taxes. Sell to us for free before you have to shell out more cash! 

Pick the Closing Date And Close On Your Schedule


If you need to close fast we’ll close on your schedule. Behind on the mortgage or in foreclosure. We can close as fast as you need. Our cash is ready to buy your house!

Honest and Transparent Home Buyer


We buy Houses in Denver is the best cash home-buying company because we’re honest and transparent. 

No Commissions Or Hidden Fees!


Save thousands of dollars and pocket more cash!

Professional Home Buyers With Legit Real Estate Experience


With 20 years of experience buying houses in the Denver real estate market, we’re cash buyers with detailed knowledge. We have seen it all and bought houses in every situation you can imagine. For example, we have bought houses in Colorado with squatters. Can you believe it!

Sell Fast For Cash in Denver


Cash is king if you need to sell your house fast and that’s why we give you the opportunity to sell your house fast for cash in Denver. Even If there are structural problems. 

No Money Out of Pocket


Selling your house for cash means no money out of pocket, whether out of state or relocating. 

As Denver’s #1 cash home buyer, we can help make your house sale fast! As a home-buying company, we’ve got you!

Sell My House Fast FAQ’s

The best website to sell your house is a personal preference! There are 2 or 3 big real estate companies have entered the “Sell My House Fast” space. Recently 2 (Zillow and Redfin) of them dropped out because they couldn’t make cash offers that worked. 

There are also tons of local real estate investors. is a local cash buyer. specializes in buying property quickly and for cash in Denver and Colorado. 

You fill out a form when you visit a website to sell your home. Next, you will receive a cash offer. Cash offers can vary and depend heavily on current market conditions. When you fill out our form, you can trust the case offer will be fair. If you have questions, ask because we are 100% transparent. 

SELL MY HOUSE FAST: You can sell your house in 30 days to a cash buyer. If you call today, we can quickly deposit the cash into your account in 30 days. We can buy your house in 30 days because we don’t need any of the following:

  • A mortgage
  • Lender
  • Financing

Eliminate the bank, and you get rid of pesky hold-ups. Lender-required repairs are out the window too. You can sell without fixing anything. This equals considerable savings in time and money.

Property buyers like us buy direct from the seller—no middle person. Because the is no real estate agent, there are no open houses and showings, no hassles, and no constant cleaning. 

Need to sell your home in 30 days or less? Follow this link for a “sell my house fast” solution and move on to your next challenge. We can buy homes in less than 7 days! Fill out our form (we only need the property address and email) to get your cash offer today. 

When you read about people selling a home in one day you have to know this:

  1. They are talking about getting an offer in one day after listing (not actually selling).
  2. They listed the house on the MLS.
  3. Before listing they spent a lot of money de-cluttering, fixing stuff, renovating, and cleaning the house.
  4. A real estate agent is involved.

Literally selling your house in one day in Denver, CO, is almost impossible because typical home sales take anywhere from 30 to 90 days with a real estate agent. It takes this long because of:

  1. Home inspections.
  2. Appraisals.
  3. Mortgage and lender requirements.


To name just a few. 

The fastest way to sell your house is with a cash buyer like us! can close in as short as 7 days! We have even closed in 48 hours. It comes down to the title company.  The title company needs time to create the necessary real estate documents, run a title search, get a notary, and organize all parties to sign the documents. 

As soon as the deed is signed and ownership transferred, will send cash direct to you. 

The fastest way to get a cash offer to sell your house is to fill out this online form. Once the form is completed, we can give you a cash offer in a matter of minutes. 

Our team of real estate experts will quickly research the house you are selling. Next, a friendly rep will call you to talk about your property. After the call, we can give you a cash offer!

This can all happen in less than an hour!

If you need to get rid of your house fast, we can close on the cash deal in less than a week!

Filling out our online form, found here, is the fastest way for you to get a cash offer to sell your house. 

A cash home buyer is a company that will buy your house for cash. This means there are no banks or loans used to buy your house. 

Selling for cash unleashes some incredible benefits. Most notably, when you sell your house for cash, it is incredibly fast. This can be particularly useful if you are behind on payments and the bank is threatening to sell your house at auction. 

You can avoid the auction and save your equity with a cash sale. is a cash home buyer. We buy your house fast for cash. If you want to learn more or get a no-obligation cash offer, simply click on this link to be taken to an online form.

If you need to sell your house fast for cash we can work together. Let’s get your house sold!

Yes, you can sell your house without spending any money. You can sell your house for free. 

To sell your house for free, you are going to need to find a buyer that will buy your house as-is. Selling as-is means, you don’t have to make repairs. If you have to fix stuff selling your house won’t be free. 

What about closing costs? 

Closing costs are another item you must consider. If you want to sell your house without spending money, you need to find a buyer that will pay your closing costs. buy houses as-is, AND we pay all typical closing costs. Because of this, if you want to sell your house for free, just let us know. 

You can let us know by filling out this form or calling us. Our phone number is (720)-738-6020 

The fastest way to sell your house in Colorado is to sell your house to a cash buyer AKA i-buyer. 

A cash home buyer can give you an offer very quickly. can give you a cash offer the same day!

If you want the fastest way to sell your house anywhere in Colorado, all you need to do is to let us know. After you let us know, our real estate experts will whip up a cash offer incredibly fast. 

If you accept our cash offer, we can close in just a few days. Are you ready to sell?

If you are ready, click this link to get started on the fastest way to sell your house in Denver, the Front Range, or anywhere in Colorado. 

We will buy your house fast for cash in Denver, CO. specializes in buying Denver real estate lightning-fast. You can sell to us incredibly quickly because of the following:

  1. We pay cash for houses (no bank delays).
  2. No inspections or repairs to slow down the sale.
  3. We’re Denver locals. We can come to you as soon as today.

Selling to us also means you get to pick the closing date! This can be incredibly useful if facing foreclosure. OR maybe the house is in probate, and you need money to pay some bills.

We buy out probate houses, inherited houses, or any Denver real estate incredibly fast. We purchase all Denver houses using our simple buying process you can learn about right here. 

Buying probate and inherited properties are just the tip of the iceberg. We are ready to buy any house, in any situation, as fast as you need to sell. 

Don’t miss out. Contact us to talk with a friendly expert. The We Buy Houses In Denver team is ready to buy your house fast for cash right now!

You can sell your house in one day in Denver, CO. But there is a catch. You need to find a buyer that has money in the bank ready to purchase it. Also to sell in a day, you must sell to a home buyer with a proven track record of closing real estate deals. 

Many so-called homebuyers have no intention of buying your home. Instead, they plan to wholesale it to another investor. 

We Buy Houses In Denver is a local home buyer with an impeccable record of buying houses fast. Our friendly experts with local knowledge are waiting to talk to you. 

After discussing the home, you need to sell, we can give you a fair offer on the same day!

Are you ready to talk to a local company that wants to buy your house in Denver? If you are, click this link to be taken to our online form. Fill it out; we guarantee you will sell your Denver home lightning fast!

When selling your house to a cash buyer in Denver, there are several important questions you should ask to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Here are some questions you might consider asking:

  1. How much are you offering for the house?
  2. What is the source of your funds?
  3. Can you provide proof of funds or a letter of pre-approval from a lender?
  4. What is your timeline for closing the sale?
  5. Are there any fees or commissions associated with the sale?
  6. Do you have any contingencies or conditions for the sale?
  7. Are you familiar with the local real estate market in Denver?
  8. Have you purchased similar properties in the past?
  9. Can you provide references or reviews from previous clients?
  10. Are there any repairs or improvements needed before the sale can be finalized?

By asking these questions, you can ensure that you are working with a reputable and experienced cash buyer who is offering a fair price and can complete the transaction smoothly and efficiently.

Most houses take more than 60 days to sell. It takes this long when selling your house the traditional way. A conventional sale is using a realtor and listing on the MLS. 

Think about it.

Selling a house traditionally involves:

  • Prepping the house for sale
    • Fixing stuff
    • Cleaning
    • Finding a realtor
    • Staging
    • Taking photos
  • Open houses
  • Showings
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Inspections
  • More Negotiations
  • Inspection repairs
  • Mortgage and Financing 
  • Title Work
  • Finally the closing

With so many moving pieces and “experts” involved, it’s a wonder that selling a home doesn’t take years! 

Because of all these steps, fuss, and stress, more people are turning to us for fast cash offers. You eliminate all of the above. 3 Steps are all it takes. You can close in less than 7 days!

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