A complete guide on what not to fix when selling a house. 


What Not To Fix When Selling a House

It’s important to know what not to fix when selling a house, right? Some real concerns include:

  • Will I get my money back?
  • Will I recoup my costs?!? 

These are 2  EXTREMELY valid questions when getting your house ready to sell. Let’s paint the picture (or maybe your house…?) You are going to sell your house. You want to sell it for more. Because of this, you are going to fix a number of things and skyrocket your profit, right?

Hmmm, I only wish it were that easy!

If you want to know what not to fix when selling a house – keep reading. Because if you keep reading this you will:

  • Avoid expensive mistakes when prepping your house for sale
  • Save a lot of time AND DO YOU WANT TO KNOW THE BEST PART???
  • You will sell your house for more money and more profit even with no repairs

Does that sound like a good thing?



Why You Shouldn't Fix Certain Things

If you’re like me, you’re afraid the repairs will cost way more than the money you recoup. Does this sound familiar?

If you answered yes, you are not alone!

Research shows 7/10 homeowners worry they will fix the wrong things because they’re afraid they’ll spend more than it’s worth. 

Just imagine making all those expensive upgrades and not getting your money back. 

What Not to Fix When Selling a House.

This is a complete guide on what not to fix when selling a house in 2022.  

Some of the benefits that you will get from this are:

  • Avoid costly mistakes other sellers commonly make 
  • Expert tips from seasoned real estate gurus
  • Practical advice that is easy for any homeowner to do

So if you are looking to:

Sell your house or get cash for houses

Sell your house as-is for more money and skyrocket your profit

AND avoid spending cash fixing the wrong things

You will love the actionable techniques in this guide that is 100% FREE and UPDATED for the Real Estate Market of 2022.

Let’s get started!

Oh, I forgot to mention.

We include one ACTION ITEM you can, and must fix, every time. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY even the most beginner handy person can do it!

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Table of Contents

PLUS: One proven high cash return action item any home-owner can take on for the cheap!

skyrocket profits when getting house ready to sell

This article is all about not spending money fixing the wrong things when selling your house. Because if you spend all that time and money you need to be sure you get your money back!

However, I really wanted to end it on a positive note because I don’t want you to lose hope. There are things you can do to add value when selling your home.  Simple drywall fixes are one of them.

Jump to drywall OR Continue learning what not to repair if you want your profit margin to increase when you sell. 

BUT, I thought it important to give

What Should I Fix?

Less prep, get it done fast, perfect outcome. 

Isn’t that what you want when your family comes over for Thanks Giving?

The same can be said when getting your house ready to sell. 

AND that’s why it’s SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT you know what not to fix when getting a house ready to sell. Because when you fix the wrong things in your house it will cost you:

  1. Lots of time
  2. Even more money
  3. AND you won’t recoup any of it!!!

Selling My House was a Daunting Task.

I was incredibly anxious. The stress levels going through the roof! My parents even said I looked terrified

So much of the stress came from not knowing what to repair because if I spent all that cash, I wanted to see a good profit.

And, of course, I dreaded losing money!

I came to realize I was not alone. Homeowners across the globe were unsure if certain repairs would add value to their houses.

Maybe you are one of those people also asking what repairs I should avoid when getting my house ready for sale.

Avoid Costly Mistakes With This Expert Advice

We will cover homeowners’ biggest mistakes when prepping their homes for sale. Because then you too will avoid the same costly errors and make more money when you sell.

Sound good?

Fixing a house is just like cooking dinner.

Prepping your house to sell is like “fixing” a thanksgiving dinner for your family.

  • It is an incredibly stressful task when you are the host. (for me anyway!)
  • There are lots of steps and decisions to make.
  • And if you “fix” the bird with the wrong herbs and spices or overcook it, it can be costly.

Picture of bird…

And that’s why they are the same.

What are your intentions when fixing up your house? To lose money?


Most of us make repairs before selling to increase the value, right? Sell faster and for more cash?!!?

And that’s why it’s important to know what not to fix when getting your home ready for sale. Because if you know what you shouldn’t correct, you will:

  1. Focus on the stuff that makes money
  2. Recoup all the dollars you spend on repairs PLUS MORE
  3. With the proper repairs, your house will sell fast AND
  4. The profit you make will be higher.

Shall we begin?

Major Repairs to Avoid

If you want to sell your house quickly and you want more money, you must avoid a significant renovation at all costs!

While a major renovation is tempting to get a huge profit, you could be shocked at just how much cash you will get back. 

In the table below, you will see the updated information from across the real estate industry, highlighting the cost to repair versus the estimated amount of money you will recoup. 

Cost of some major renovations

If you spend $28,000 upgrading your kitchen the value of your home will increase $19,040. 

Therefore a kitchen remodel is something you do not want to fix when selling your house.

Renovation Type
Cost to Renovate
Cash Value Increase
Return on Investment
Kitchen Remodel
Bathroom Renovation
Opening Up Wall to Improve Flow
Add a Bathroom
Starts at $30,000

A major bathroom renovation is another example where you will spend more cash than you make. 

Therefore we can conclude that if you want to make money when you sell your house you should not do a major renovation. 

Example of kitchen renovation that cost more than it's worth!

The owner decided to fix the kitchen before selling. They spent almost $50,000 upgrading the cabinets and replacing the countertops. They bought all new stainless steel appliances and even re-textured the ceiling. 


After the remodel was completed the property was appraised. 

Can you guess how much the value went up?


The kitchen turned out super cute. Don’t you agree?

But they did not recoup all the cash that they spent fixing it up.

In fact, after spending $50,000 the value of the house only increased by $36,000.

Can you imagine spending all that time and money for that return?

I know I would be extremely disappointed, to say the least!

IN SUMMARRY: If you want to make more cash when you sell your house it is a bad idea to undergo a major renovation.

For the average homeowner, you will loose money every time.

avoid renovations and make more when you sell

Don't Make Repairs to Save Face

Also, known as vanity repairs, these are the repairs that you have either:

  • Been meaning to fix it for years (honey-do list)
  • You want to fix it so buyers don’t think you live in a squalor
  • You believe making certain repairs will ultimately hide some really big flaws in the house you are selling.

Let’s dig in a little deeper to determine if these are items you should fix to get your house sold for more profit. 

It makes sense to do because I've been meaning to fix it for ages

Every homeowner has a list of upgrades and things that need to be fixed in their house. I’m talking about repairs and home improvements like:

  1. A dripping bathroom faucet
  2. Maybe you want to upgrade your stair rail
  3. Possibly you want to switch from a gas furnace to a ductless mini-split. 

While it may seem like a great idea to knock these out when preparing your house to sell you have to ask yourself…

If I fix these things will it add real value when I list them? Will my house really sell for more?

“The problem with making any repairs in preparation for selling your house is that you can open up a can of worms,” said Patricia Stanborough, a professional home buyer in Washington DC. 

“You start with the intentions of simply replacing the faucet, and the next thing you know, you are neck-deep in a full-blown rehab! Trust me, I have seen AND been there!”


I don't want buyers to see my home in this poor state

There isn’t a higher-level vanity fix than doing it simply because you don’t want potential buyers to judge you. 

It is understandable that you want to fix certain things to look good in the eyes of people. Trust me. I get it because I have been there too. 

But I need you to read the following statement and agree with it EMPHATICALLY!


Selling your house for a profit IS NOT a personal popularity contest.

Instead, it’s about doing the smallest amount of work, for the biggest amount of cash. 

Therefore, you need to put your pride, and tool belt away. Ignore all those little things you thing you should fix because guess what…

If you fix those things you will not recoup your cash. Thats a fact!

Trying to hide major flaws by fixing the small stuff

Some properties have issues that can’t be fixed. These flaws will guarantee it sells for less than other homes in the neighborhood. Some examples of items you just can’t fix include;

  1. The house you are selling is underneath powerlines
  2. You back up to a railway line that runs 24/7
  3. A major freeway is nearby and you can hear it at all times. 

Examples of property flaws you can't even begin to think about fixing

unfixable home flaws do not attempt to hide and repair

Some other issues a property may exhibit include:

  1. A tiny backyard
  2. No off-street parking 
  3. The house you’re selling is in a flood zone
  4. You share a driveway with your neighbor

People selling their homes, which has a major issue, will commonly believe they can get top dollar by fixing every other little detail. The mentality is, “If I fix everything and make my home perfect they will ignore the proverbial elephant in the room”

“Do not fall into this costly trap” said Steve K, a seasoned home real estate investor in New Orleans. “Some things just can’t be addressed and trying to hide them will only cost you cash that you will absolutely not get back. In situations like this, you have to price your house right, accept the best offer you can get, and move on. Besides, didn’t you get a great price when you bought it?”

What Not to Fix When Selling a House: Q and A

What home repairs is a seller required to make?

I thought it prudent to touch on what a seller is required to fix when selling a piece of real estate. 

Because there is a lot of bad information out there. 

I recently read an article that said a seller must make any repairs that include:

  1. Mold
  2. Leaky roofs 
  3. Radon mitigation
  4. Structural issues AND
  5. If there is a rodent problem!

But this is 100% not true. In fact, the only things a home-owner is required to fix and repair when they sell their home, are the things they agree to fix.

SO, do you know what this means?

It means that if you don’t want to fix anything you don’t have to!

And selling your house in this manner is called selling as-is.

Now don’t misunderstand me please. 

These are all serious concerns that must be addressed in some manner. AND they absolutely should be in the purchase agreement and through the home inspection period.  

The key is: How will they be addressed and who will make the repairs. This is something that can be negotiated. 

You must disclose known problems. It's the law!

Even though you aren’t legally obligated to fix anything when you sell your house (unless of course, you sign a contract that says you will make certain repairs) you absolutely ARE LEGALLY BOUND to tell potential buyers of any issues with your property.

This is part of real estate disclosures. 

“Real estate disclosures vary from state to state, but the short of it is that, as a seller, you must let people know about any problems with the house”, said Keith of Kind Home Buyers, a Tacoma, WA based home buyer. 

If you aren’t sure if you should disclose the issue then consult with a real estate professional.

If you are choosing to sell your house on your own (FSBO) then a good rule of thumb is this:

If you are wondering if you should disclose it then disclose it. because if you are found out to be hiding a known problem you could get a nasty fine!

AND that’s another way to reduce your net profit when you sell your house, right?

Is fixing anything in my house really worth it?


And if getting more cash when you sell is your goal, then do not lose hope, my friend. because there are many repairs, you can make and upgrades for your house that will catapult your cash profits.

The tricky thing is knowing which ones are worth it!?!

Once you know what you should not fix if you want to maximize your profits when you sell your home, I highly suggest you read this incredibly informative guide on what you should fix when selling a house if you want to pay less and profit more

“It’s true that selling a house can be a really stressful time, and it’s important to make smart decisions about which repairs to make. While it’s tempting to try to fix everything up yourself, there are some jobs that are best left to the professionals. Especially when it comes to removing bulky items, it’s important to hire a reputable company that can safely and efficiently remove unwanted items from your property.” Said Avraham Badush from EZ Cleanup, a junk removal company in Philadelphia, PA. “This will not only save you time and hassle, but it can also help you avoid potential injuries. In addition, a professional junk removal company will be able to properly dispose of all of the debris, ensuring it is recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.”

Top 10 Tips: What Not to Fix If You Want to Recoup Your Cash

We have already covered the return on investment (ROI) with large-scale construction projects and home improvements of the  “Glamor Rooms.” We’re talking about the kitchen and the bathrooms.

And we all agree you must not make significant repairs on those. If you take on those, you will be flushing your hard-earned cash down the toilet! 

Now we bring in the real estate gurus for some more intricate details. 

We will discuss smaller projects within those rooms. For example:

  • Can I replace the kitchen faucet and get my money back?
  • Is it worth replacing the vanity or painting the living room?
  • Will I recover my money if I upgrade the tile or replace the carpet?

Here you will find 10 excellent tips on the finer points of preparing your house for sale AND what not to fix when getting it ready for market. 

Shall we continue?

Renovating your kitchen will sink your profits but...

What if I just replace the faucet. Will I get my money back then? 

OR even better, will the price of my house increase?

Making minor repairs or small upgrades on the kitchen will more often than not cost more time and money than it is really worth. 

Let’s talk about repalcing your kitchen faucet.

Dont upgrade the kitchen faucet

A nice kitchen faucet could cost you $100 or more! Next, you need to install it or pay someone to do it for you!

“I have seen many clients and home owners put in a fancy new faucet only to be disappointed with the returns,” said Aaron of Money Team Properties, a trusted home buyer in Detroit, MI.

“Right from the get-go, you are introducing a brand new item into an older style of property. The aesthetics can be quite displeasing. AND not only will the value not increase but the disjointed nature of the “UPGRADE” may leave potential buyers with a bad taste in their mouths. 

Replacing your kitchen faucet is not a good investment at all when you are getting your home ready to sell. 

Should I reface my kitchen cabinets?

Lets’ talk about refacing cabinets at the same time as talking about repainting them

Is there money to be made by making these fixes?

What is refacing cabinets versus repainting?

Refacing kitchen cabinets typically refers to replacing all of the doors. Giving them a new face. Think of it as plastic surgery for your kitchen cabinets.

Repainting them is a little more obvious. But a whole lot more work. And the work gets more complicated the older the cabinets are because the older the cabinets, the greater the build-up of grease and grime. 

What does the expert say about repainting kitchen cabinets? Is it worth it?

We talked to an expert home buyer in San Diego, Tim Gordon, who stated, “I choose not to repaint old kitchen cabinets. It’s extremely difficult to get them to come out looking professional. Often the result doesn’t add any value at all. From my experience, it costs way more than it is worth. It is not a good return on your investment at all!”

He continued, “Typically, if the kitchen cabinets need to be upgraded we will tear them out completely. However, this is a major undertaking. It can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars. And if you do the upgrade wrong, like putting the wrong color, or damage the cabinets when installing, you can lose a lot of money!”

Jessica Holmes of Mile High Interior Designs had this to say about replacing your cabinet doors.

“While it can look fabulous, the return on investment is pretty much a wash. Maybe the value of your home will go up by 1 or 2 thousand dollars, but it will cost you at least that much to make the upgrades. If you are looking to fix things that you can profit from, then do not simply replace your cabinet doors.”

Partial Room Remodels

Here’s a good idea. Why don’t I put a fancy new vanity in my bathroom? That way I can list my house with a remodeled bathroom. Surely that will make the price go up!?! 

Will a minor renovation allow me to sell my house for more money?

While a minor renovation may seem like a good idea I think we need to consult the experts before spending some of your hard-earned money. 

Because otherwise, it’s just like gambling. 

In fact, as we already discussed most major renovations return roughly 50-60 cents on the dollar. Las Vegas pays out way more than that! 


Will I increase the value of my house if i replace the vanity in my bathroom? 

The experts call these types of repairs “PARTIAL ROOM REMODELS” or halfway repairs. And we are going to talk about the PROS and CONS of them now. 

PROS of minor renovations when getting house ready to sell

There are some obvious benefits to performing a minor renovation over a major one. BUT before we reveal what you should not fix I have to remind you…


By this I mean, what are you hoping to achieve by fixing things before you sell?

For most of us, we are fixing it up to add value, sweat equity, get higher offers, faster, and sell for top dollar, right?

Because of this, you must read these benefits with a grain of salt. For example, a minor renovation is much faster than a major renovation. 

BUT who cares if you still don’t get your money back, right?

Here are some more benefits to doing a minor remodel when getting your house to sell compared to a large one.

  1. A minor renovation can be completed much faster
  2. Home improvements that are smaller cost a lot less money
  3. Fewer contractors are involved so there will be fewer delays



CONS of minor renovations when prepping a house for sale

  • The result can be non-cohesive and confusing. For example, if you put new black stainless steel appliances in an old kitchen it can look out of place. This can potentially net you less cash when you sell because buyers think it looks funky! “I had a client that insisted on modern light fixtures in the dining room She thought it was an easy fix that would elevate the property, in design and value. This was not the case. When potential buyers walked the house they often made the comment that the light fixtures were out of place”, said Tom Watts of Watts Home Improvement. 
  • Many minor fixes cost more than you profit from them. Using the example from above. The new light fixtures cost the homeowner almost $1500! Did she get to sell her house faster? Did she sell it above the list price? NO, SHE DID NOT. 
  • Even minor remodels cost time and money. Will you get it back? Most minor renovations do not get the return homeowners are expecting. 
The simple truth is if you choose to do a partial room remodel you risk losing money. I would highly recommend you consult a real estate professional like a:
  • Interior designer
  • Home improvement expert
  • Realtor or real estate investor

Spending a few minutes asking questions about what not to fix when getting a house ready to sell could help you avoid some huge, AND COSTLY, mistakes!

What to Fix When Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Step by step video to help you repair drywall, sell your house & recoup all the cash!

skyrocket profits when getting house ready to sell

One repair you can make that will absolutely pay back great dividends

With a COMPLETE Step by Step video below!

There is one item that any homeowner can and should fix any time they are getting a house ready to sell.

This is something any handyman or woman can do. This home improvement does take a little patience. However, the materials are cheap and the results are truly transformative.

Making this one repair can be a complete dive into a sellable property. 

Are you ready for the challenge?


Dry wall patching is cheap, easy, and will add real value to your house!


We have spent so much time on things you should repair if you want to make money on your house. I figure I should give you a GEM of a pro tip that you should do. 

Holes in drywall can be caused by a number of things. Most commonly they are caused by door handles hitting the drywall. 

OF course, prevention is ALWAYS, better than a cure. SO if you have any doors without doorstops, I highly recommend you fix that NOW by installing them.

Doorstops can be installed in a matter of seconds. The cost is next to nothing. It is an investment that is absolutely worth it because repairing drywall costs a lot more and takes longer.


You will absolutely recoup all the money you spend AND MORE!!!

To make this repair you will need:


  1. Something to cut the drywall (believe it or not an old serrated paring knife works really well! You don’t have to get some special saw – keeps the cost down even more!)
  2. Drill with Phillips head screwdriver in it.
  3. Utility Knife
  4. Tape measure (If you don’t have, this is one home improvement that doesn’t require exact measurements. You could simply use a piece of string for rough measurements).
  5. Drywall skimming knife. The pros use metal blades of various sizes. While they may say this next piece of advice is sacrilegious I will give it to you anyway. For the average homeowner, making minor repairs and home improvements, you can get away with the cheap plastic versions. You will still get a great result and ad true value to your home. 
  1. Small piece of wood to support the “patch”
  2. A new piece of drywall (you will cut this to the size of the hole and it becomes the “patch”)
  3. Drywall screws
  4. Drywall tape
  5. Joint compound – commonly referred to as mud (you’ll see why)

Other useful resources to prepare your house for sale

Here’s a few other great tips and resources on how to prepare your house to sell.

AND do you want to know the best part?

These are things anyone can do and they wont cost an arm and a leg. 

In-fact, EVEN BETTER< they will make your house worth more. You will absolutely re coup all your cost outlays. 

Can I sell my house without fixing it up?

You can sell your house without fixing it up. This is called selling your house as-is. Selling your house as-is can be a great option if:

  1. You need to sell your home fast
  2. You have no money to make repairs
  3. The list of repairs is too long to deal with
  4. Selling your house without dealing with a realtor, inspections and showings sound good.

There are many other benefits to selling your house in “AS-IS condition.

If you would like to talk to a company specializing in buying as-is, please contact us. We buy houses in any condition, we will close on your schedule and pay you cash. We pay cash for houses!

House cleaning checklist to sell

A super clean house, the result of a deep clean, will sell your house fast and it will sell for more. THAT’S A FACT!

Some real estate agents have been heard to say that a clean house will sell for $5000 more than the same house if it were a mess!

AND considering a professional deep clean can cost as little as $250 that is a return on investment you can not ignore!


Don't fix anything. A Faster More Profitable Wat to Sell Your House

Instead of trying to decide if you should fix your house, and potentially not get your money back, maybe you should consider selling it for cash to a home buyer like WeBuyHousesinDenver.org.

Of course, selling for cash is not for everyone because you might leave money on the table.


Wondering if you left money on the table OR


My Dad always used to say:

“Better a bird in the hand than 2 in the bush.” 

What not to fix when selling a house: FINAL WORD

This is how that saying applies to selling your house.

You have 2 options when selling:

  1. Fix it up nicely and maybe get a higher offer. This is the 2 birds in the bush scenario. You might sell your house for more but, of course, you might not!
  2. Sell your house fast for cash by requesting a cash offer here. You can take all the way to the bank today! This is the bird in the hand option! You have it. It’s yours. It is 100% ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED!

Of course, I can’t make the best choice for you. That’s up to you. You need to weigh up the pros and cons of a cash sale. You need to hash out what makes sense to fix or not. 

Let me finish with these 2 things.

  1. You can get a no-obligation cash house offer today from a legit home buyer (us) AND
  2. Make sure you know what not to fix when selling a house to avoid huge mistakes that could cost you a lot of cash. 


WeBuyHousesInDenver.org is your solution to selling your house, even if it doesn’t have a stove because as Denver’s number 1 cash home buyer we will buy any house in any condition so if you want a cash offer on your property simply give us a call or fill out an online form and our team of experts will get to work, quick smart, to help you get your house SOLD!


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