We Buy Houses in Denver vs Seth Buys Houses

WE BUY HOUSES REVIEW SERIES: This is Article 7 of 10 in the quest to find the best Colorado Cash Buyers.

We Buy Houses In Denver – AKA The Home Buying Company – goes up against Seth Buys Houses in a 3rd party independent review. 

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Let’s say you’re thinking – I want to sell my house fast Denver with no closing costs. The only problem is you’re torn between going the real estate route versus letting a house-buying company purchase your home.

If your property is in bad shape, and you have the budget to carry out all the necessary renovations and repairs to get it ready for the open market, then go ahead and do that. 

Remember that you’ll also need to factor in the realtor’s commissions, closing costs, and all other expenses involved in the sale and title transfer.

On the flip side, if your house is not in the best shape and you don’t have the time, energy, or budget to get it up to par for a proper listing, then you’re better off selling it to a buying company or cash house buying companies in Colorado.

Doing this is a better option since they purchase properties as-is. You don’t need to concern yourself with costly repairs or junk. They deal with the messy bits of the process, so you don’t have to.

We Buy Houses in Denver vs Seth Buys Houses: Which of the two home-buying companies should you sell your house to? Here’s everything you need to know.

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What They Offer

Seth Buys Houses

Seth Buys Houses is a Colorado-based home-buying company that has been operating for several years. It focuses on buying burdensome properties from distressed sellers and flipping them for a profit.

The team at Seth Buys Houses is always on the lookout for probate properties, rental units with troublesome tenants, houses in foreclosure, and other problematic homes that owners want to offload. They buy them as-is and don’t require sellers to fix or upgrade them.

We Buy Houses in Denver

We Buy Houses has emerged as one of the premier home-buying companies as Colorado Cash Buyers in Denver. The firm purchases houses from individuals looking to sell their properties fast.

The family-run business has bought hundreds of properties to “flip” or convert into rental units.

We Buy Houses purchases properties for cash, regardless of how old, ugly, and neglected they look. Sellers don’t have to haul away their junk or fix their properties to sell them.

The home-buying company will give them a fair price offer for their house and take care of the end-to-end process at no cost to the seller.

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Home Buying Process

Seth Buys Houses

Here’s how the home buying process at Seth Buys Houses works if you’re thinking of selling your house to them:

  1. Visit the company website and fill in the form with your property address, phone number, and email.
  2. Schedule a meeting with a company agent for a walkthrough of your property and to discuss the nuances surrounding your situation.
  3. They will then come up with a suitable offer and present it to you within 24 hours. If you like it, you can close as soon as you’re ready and offload your house for cash.

We Buy Houses Denver

At this point, you’re thinking: I need to sell my house fast Denver. The thing is, you’re not quite sure where to start. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Go to the official We Buy Houses in Denver website and fill out the form provided with your phone number, property address, and email. Alternatively, you can use the phone number displayed on the site to speak directly to an agent.
  2. Once they have your information, they’ll use it to structure an offer based on your specific situation and property details.
  3. They will call you back within 24 hours with the offer so you can review the terms as soon as they’re done. If you like it, you’ll need to provide them with a suitable closing date.


It is worth noting that the closing date you pick is entirely up to you. It all comes down to how quickly you want to sell your house.

Waiting Period

Seth Buys Houses

Once you submit your property address and contact details using the form on the website and a company agent visits your house for a walkthrough, you’ll receive a cash offer within 24 hours. If you like it, you can close in as little as seven days, depending on how fast you want to offload your property.

We Buy Houses in Denver

If the only thing on your mind is – I need to sell my house fast Denver, as one of the best home buying companies, We Buy Houses can get you a solid offer on your home within 30 minutes of your initial inquiry. However, in most cases, an agent will be in touch with you with an offer within 24 hours.

You can negotiate a better deal if you’re unhappy with it. If you are, you can proceed by providing a suitable closing date. You can close in as little as seven days or extend it to 90 days if you need to move into a new home. We Buy Houses in Denver is a cash home buyer, is flexible, and works within the timelines you provide.

Commissions and Fees

Seth Buys Houses

Seth Buys Houses like other Colorado cash home buyer, does not charge any commission or realtor fees. It also covers the costs associated with the sale and closing. The offer amount you get is what you can expect to receive in full once you offload your house.

We Buy Houses Denver

One of the major benefits of selling your unwanted property to We Buy Houses in Denver, a Colorado home buyer is that you won’t pay a dime in realtor commissions, title fees, or hidden charges. The company even caters to the closing costs in full.

The proposed amount in the offer you get is what will reflect in your bank balance. The cash offer is calculated to match the fair market value of your property.

WeBuyHousesInDenver.org is your solution to selling your house with no closing costs, because as a Colorado house buyer and Denver’s number 1 cash home buyer we will buy any house in any condition, and we are the best cash house buying companies in Colorado so if you want a cash offer on your property simply give us a call or fill out an online form and our team of experts will get to work, quick smart, to help you get your house SOLD!

Eligible Listings

Seth Buys Houses

Seth buys houses in their as-is state. It means you don’t need to be concerned with clean-up or repairs. They’ll pay cash for your property regardless of its location or rugged appearance. No house is off-limits.

We Buy Houses in Denver

We Buy Houses in Denver specializes in buying distressed properties, burdensome houses, and those that might be considered “fixer-uppers.” 

We’re talking probate and estate properties, homes in foreclosure, properties that require significant repairs and renovations, and houses that form part of divorce settlements.

All these properties are right up their alley, and Cash buying Companies in Colorado, they are more than willing to take them off your hands. 

Likewise, if you’re a landlord and are tired of dealing with troublesome tenants, you can sell your burdensome rental property to Buy Houses in Denver and get cash for your property.

What Past Sellers Have to Say

Seth Buys Houses Reviews

Here is what past sellers had to say about their sale experience with Seth Buys Houses:

  • Everything went smoothly, making the transition easy.
  • The agent was quick, responsive, and worked hard to get the best deal possible, even with the tough situation at the time.
  • The selling process was quick and painless.

We Buy Houses Reviews

Below are a few testimonials from happy sellers recounting their experience with We Buy Houses in Denver.

  • When I was looking to sell my house fast Denver, the We Buy Houses team got me a fair price for it, especially given how old the house was.
  • They purchased the house in its existing condition without requiring us to fix or clean it.
  • The team is friendly and professional and makes you feel like you’re part of the family making it one of the best home buyers in Colorado.

Pros and Cons

Seth Buys Houses


  • They buy properties in any condition
  • No fees or commissions
  • No obligation on offers
  • The quick, fast, and easy buying process
  • Trustworthy and reputable


  • The offers don’t leave much wiggle room for negotiation

We Buy Houses in Denver


  • 100% fair price guarantee
  • Free, same-day cash offers
  • Purchases houses as-is
  • Quick, easy, and transparent processes
  • Zero realtor commissions, fees, and hidden charges


  • The company only operates in Denver, CO, and Indianapolis, IN

The Verdict

Although both companies are hot contenders for the top spot, We Buy Houses in Denver is miles ahead of the competition as the best home buying company.

Its tailored approach to getting sellers the best possible price for their homes, the quick closing turnaround times, and the high level of integrity displayed by the individuals that work in this family-run business makes it the best house-buying company in Denver.

Seth Buys Houses and other home buyers in Colorado follows closely behind and is an equally great option.

Get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation offer on your home.


Your Solution to Selling Your House in Denver, CO On Your Terms

WeBuyHousesinDenver.org is a cash for houses company and we are experts at buying houses in Denver and all of Colorado. Our mission is to give the people of the Mile High city the best solution to sell any house.  When you sell your house to us there are:

  • NO Fees and we cover all the normal closing costs. 
  • NO Stress because you know what is happening at all times – you are in control!
  • Sell your house fast and for easy cash. 
There are even more benefits when you sell a house to  WeBuyHousesInDenver.org including:
  • Sell your house as-is (no repairs)
  • Pay nothing out of pocket
  • Sell fast – you pick the closing date
  • Sell for cash – no bank fees or financing delays
  • 100% Free – no cost and NO STRESS!

This is how selling a house in Denver should be!

Fill out the form to get your no-obligation cash offer today. 

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