We Buy Houses in Denver vs First Integrity Home Buyers

WE BUY HOUSES REVIEW SERIES: This is Article 2 of 10 in the quest to find the best Colorado Cash Buyers.

We Buy Houses In Denver – AKA The Home Buying Company – goes up against First Integrity Home Buyers in a 3rd party independent review. 

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Going through a home-buying company would be your best bet if you need to sell your house fast for cash without jumping through endless hurdles. You would get a near-instant offer on your house and close within your desired timeline.

You don’t have to worry about realtor commissions or hidden fees either. You can sell your house as-is and have the cash in your account when you close.

If you want to get a cash offer today, in this guide, or if you simply want to know which is the best home buying companies, We Buy Houses in Denver and First Integrity Home Buyers go head-to-head to help you decide which company to sell your house to.


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What They Offer

First Integrity Home Buyers

Since its establishment in 1999, First Integrity, as one of Colorado Cash Buyers,
has bought dozens of properties in the Denver Metro area. The firm offers sellers flexible closing dates within a 90-day window and purchases properties as-is.

They cover all the selling costs, and you don’t even need to haul junk away, clean up your house, or incur repair costs to fix your property. First Integrity Home Buyers takes care of it, so you don’t have to.

We Buy Houses in Denver

We Buy Houses in Denver, a Colorado cash home buyer boasts several years of experience purchasing homes as-is in Colorado State. The company pays cash for houses regardless of how messy or run-down they might be.

You don’t have to spend money on costly upgrades or renovations. You don’t even need to worry about a home inspection or appraisal. They’ll buy your home in its current condition and “flip” it or convert it into a rental home.

Once you get in touch with them, you will receive a same-day cash offer and close within your desired timeline. Whether you need the cash in seven days or three months as you get resituated, We Buy Houses will get you a fair price on your home.

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Home Buying Process

Colorado Cash Buyers buying process

First Integrity Home Buyers

The company’s home-buying process is relatively straightforward:

  1. Contact the team by completing the form on the First Integrity website.
  2. Wait to hear back from a company representative who will ask you for more details about your house.
  3. Schedule a home visit for the First Integrity team to assess your property.
  4. Wait to receive a cash offer on your home based on their evaluation.

We Buy Houses in Denver

One feature that makes We Buy Houses in Denver stand out from the competition is how fast the buying process is. As a Colorado home buyer, they understand that you need to sell your house quickly and move fast to ensure they’ve bought it by the closing date you provide. Here’s how their home-buying process works:

  1. Visit their official website and fill out the form provided with the requested details, including your property address, email, and phone number. You can also reach them on the number listed on the site if you need to schedule a home visit.
  2. Once they have your details, they will structure an offer based on your specific circumstances at no cost.
  3. As soon as they do, you will receive a same-day cash offer.

Their structured approach to getting you the best possible deal on the real estate market is something you don’t often come by with the competition.

Waiting Period


First Integrity Home Buyers

Once the First Integrity Home Buyers team sends you an offer for your house, you can sell it within 90 days, depending on your situation. The company offers flexible closing dates and is willing to provide proof of funds and an earnest money transfer if required.

We Buy Houses in Denver

As a as a Colorado house buyer, the folks at We Buy Houses understand that you need cash urgently. Unlike most home-buying companies in Colorado, We Buy Houses in Denver lets you pick the closing date. You dictate how fast or slow you want your house sale to go.

Once you get the cash offer, you can close within as little as seven days or extend it to 90 days if you need time to find a new place to move to. You decide the closing date based on your specific situation.

Commissions and Fees


First Integrity Home Buyers

The company pays cash for houses. There are no realtor commissions or fees involved in the transaction.

We Buy Houses in Denver

One of the great things about We Buy Houses in Denver is their transparency. As one of the best cash house buying companies in Colorado, what you see is what you get, so you don’t have to worry about paying hefty commissions or incurring hidden charges when selling your home.

The company foots all the costs involved in closing and selling. The cash offer you get is the full amount you’ll receive, which will reflect in your bank balance.

Eligible Listings

First Integrity Home Buyers

The company buys all types of properties in their existing condition regardless of how well-maintained or run-down they might be. That said, the offer on your home will depend on its condition. A dilapidated house will generally fetch a lower price than one in excellent condition.

We Buy Houses in Denver

The company buys all kinds of houses regardless of the unique circumstances surrounding their sale. No listing is off-limits. As one of the good Cash buying Companies in Colorado they’ll purchase your property as-is, whether it is a:

  • Hoarder’s home
  • House that requires major renovations and repairs
  • House facing foreclosure
  • House involved in a divorce settlement
  • House with structural issues
  • Probate or estate property
  • Property that cannot be financed
  • Property with environmental concerns such as meth, mold, asbestos, etc.
  • Short sale property

What Past Sellers Have to Say

First Integrity Home Buyers Reviews

Below are some reviews from past sellers. Unfortunately, though, the company website only featured one video testimonial. The rest were all written.

  • The team closed sooner than expected despite a few hiccups.
  • The First Integrity team made the emotional house-selling process more bearable.
  • If you’re selling a house that has fallen into disrepair, you can’t go wrong with them.

We Buy Houses Reviews

While some best home buyers in Colorado feature written testimonials on their websites, We Buy Houses also includes several video reviews from real sellers. That’s something you don’t often come by when vetting a buying company to purchase your house.

Here’s what past customers had to say about their experience:

  • The company sold the house quickly and offered a fair deal compared to the other firms in the market.
  • They sold the property as-is without spending money on repairs and upgrades.
  • The We Buy Houses team offered a lot of support at every step of the sale process.

Benefits and Drawbacks

First Integrity Home Buyers


       A hassle-free selling process

       The company pays cash for homes

       It is a locally-based company

       No “for sale” signs or lock-box

       No fees or commissions


       The average closing duration is 30 days

We Buy Houses in Denver


       Buys houses as-is

       No costly repairs or upgrades required

       No realtor commissions or hidden charges

       Same-day cash offers at no cost

       Fair price guarantee


       We Buy Houses is a Colorado-based company and only operates in one other market – Indianapolis, IN

The Verdict

While We Buy Houses in Denver and First Integrity Home Buyers are both giants in the home-buying market, the former has a slight edge as the best home buying company over the competition.

The company has a solid reputation for giving homeowners a fair deal on their houses and closing in the shortest time possible, depending on the urgency of your situation.

The fact that it is also a family-owned business is the cherry on the cake. Their support is unmatched on every level, making you feel like you’re one of them.

Get in touch with us for a no-obligation cash offer on your house. 

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