Retirement in America: Best and Worst Cities for Senior Living

Retirement in America Best and Worst Cities for Senior Living

As people age, they often start to think about where they would like to settle down and retire. While some seniors choose to stay close to their families, others opt for a change of scenery and look for cities that offer the best quality of life for retirees. 

When it comes to senior living, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration such as affordability, healthcare options, access to public transportation, recreational activities, and more. To help you make an informed decision on where you would like to spend your golden years, we’ve compiled a list of the best and worst cities for senior living in the US.  

Best: Portland, Oregon

The city of Portland tops the list as one of the best cities for senior living. With its mild climate, low crime rates, and access to healthcare facilities, it’s no surprise that many retirees choose to settle down here. In addition to all this, Portland also has plenty of recreational activities such as hiking trails and gardens. 

Along with all the essential amenities located in Portland, the city is filled with beautiful, quiet neighborhoods where you can enjoy a peaceful retirement. Plus, the city is known for having some of the best public transportation options in the country, making it easy to get around town.

If you are looking to either buy or sell a house in Portland you must consider the season. There is always a best time to buy and sell and a worse. 

Worst: Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas may be known as a fun destination for many travelers but it’s not necessarily the ideal place to settle down and retire. The cost of living is above the national average, and other factors such as increased noise and traffic may take their toll on seniors. Additionally, the city’s desert climate can be quite harsh and make it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities.

Las Vegas may have plenty of recreational opportunities such as casinos, shows, and restaurants but it also is roughly 10% more expensive to purchase real estate and 13% more expensive to use public transportation when compared to the national average. 

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Best: Fort Worth, Texas

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For seniors looking for a great place to settle down and retire, Fort Worth, Texas offers an ideal combination of affordability, access to healthcare facilities, recreational activities, and more. Located in the heart of North Central Texas near Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), this city is home to some of the best retirement communities in the country. 


As far as finding a community to call home, Fort Worth is known for its wide variety of 55+ communities which provide seniors with amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, walking trails, and more. Plus, the city’s low cost of living means retirees have access to affordable housing and can make their retirement fund last longer. 


Worst: Miami, Florida

Miami may be a great place for younger adults looking to soak up some sun and enjoy a night out on the town, but it isn’t necessarily the best spot for retirees. Although Miami may offer plenty of amenities such as access to healthcare facilities, recreational activities, and a warm climate, the city has some drawbacks seniors should keep in mind. 


The vibrant city may be an exciting place to visit, however, as far as daily life goes there are some cons to be aware of. First, Miami does have a high cost of living, and the intense heat during summer months can make it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities. Additionally, in some areas of the city, there are high crime rates which may be a concern for some seniors. 


Best: Denver, Colorado

Denver has long been known as one of the best cities in America to call home, regardless of age. The beautiful city is surrounded by mountains, offering breathtaking views. Plus, Denver has plenty of amenities for seniors such as a thriving restaurant scene, access to healthcare facilities, and low crime rates. 


The city also offers a wide variety of recreational activities for seniors including hiking trails in the summer months and skiing or snowshoeing during winter. In addition, there are numerous retirement communities located throughout the city that provide seniors with access to essential services such as transportation options and fitness centers. Overall, Denver is an ideal location for retirees who want to enjoy all that nature has to offer while still having access to the modern amenities they need. 


Worst: New York City, New York

As much fun as it may be to visit New York City, this bustling metropolis isn’t exactly the ideal place to retire. The city is expensive, with a high cost of living and real estate prices that are significantly higher than the national average. Additionally, New York City has some of the worst traffic in the country making it difficult for seniors to get around town. 


Furthermore, due to its size and population density, New York City can be quite noisy so those looking for a peaceful retirement may want to look elsewhere. Finally, although there are plenty of healthcare facilities located throughout the city, accessing them can be difficult due to heavy traffic. All in all, New York City may be an exciting place to visit but it’s not necessarily the best spot for retirees searching for a permanent home. 

Best: Boise, Idaho


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Boise, Idaho is a great spot for retirees looking to settle down in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The city offers plenty of recreational activities including golf courses, hiking trails, and entertainment venues. Plus, Boise has numerous retirement communities offering seniors access to amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and more. 


The city’s cost of living is also lower than the national average making it easier to stretch out retirement funds. Additionally, Boise is known for its scenic beauty with the Rocky Mountains nearby and easy access to other attractions such as Yellowstone National Park or Craters of the Moon National Monument. As one can see, Boise makes a great choice for those looking for an affordable and peaceful place to retire.


Finding the right place to retire can be a tricky process. You need to consider factors such as cost of living, access to amenities and recreational activities, healthcare facilities, crime rates, and more. 


Miami and New York may offer plenty of exciting attractions but it isn’t necessarily the best spot for retirees due to their high costs and intense heat during summer months. On the other hand, cities like Denver or Fort Worth have lower cost of living options with an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities that make them ideal locations for those looking for a peaceful retirement destination. 


Ultimately, when deciding on where you should settle down in your golden years there are many things you’ll need to take into consideration so do your research before making any decisions!

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