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Sell My House Fast Denver:
10 Expert Tips For Max Profit!

Are you in a hurry to get your Denver house sold?

Do you want to sell fast but still want to get the most cash out of it as possible?

That’s the trick, right?

Sell my Denver house fast AND walk away with the most amount of cash in your pocket!

Everything You Want to Know to Sell A House Fast In Denver CO.

This is a complete guide to help your sell your house fast in Denver, CO. 

However even better than that!

Not only will you learn how to sell quickly but we’ll tell you how to get top dollar!

Selling a house fast doesn’t mean you have to give it away. If you need to sell your house quickly you still have options.

In this guide we will include:

  • Things to fix when you need to sell fast
  • Repairs you must avoid 
  • Real-life case studies
  • Expert tips to sell fast for more (there are 10 ABSOUTE GEMS scattered through this article!)
  • Cash home buyer versus FSBO 
  • Cash home buyer versus real estate agent
  • How it works
  • Top 3 ranked cash home buyers in Denver

So if you are sincere and need expert answers on “How to sell my house fast in Denver, CO?” look no further.

Let’s not waste any more of your valuable time and jump right in!

We Buy Houses in Denver Lightning Fast!

We heard you Denver homeowners! You can now sell your house lightning fast!





Selling fast is now a reality!

Are you ready?

YES! I’m ready to…

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Expert advice and inside secrets on how to get more cash when you sell your house in Denver

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Sell My House Fast Denver

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If you’re not ready for a cash offer quite yet then I invite you to continue the complete guide on how to sell a house fast in Denver, Colorado. 

Table of Contents

We want to buy your house in Denver

Pardon the interuption…

Our mission is to make it quick and easy for you to sell your house in Denver.  Because of this we specialize 100% and focus entirely on the Denver housing market. 

When you work with us you can trust we will give you a fair offer Denver. Our reputation is built on previous relationships with Denver homeowners that sold their homes to us.

We have bought many houses in Denver so rest assured we will take care of you and your needs.



Sell A House Fast Denver [What Not to Fix]

Just to make sure I am on the same page as you.

You want to sell your Denver house quickly AND you want to get the most cash?


I hope I am, because why wouldn’t you want to maximize your profit?

As an expert in the real estate business (i have been buying and selling houses in Denver since 2004) I have heard all sorts of renovation stories about people preparing their houses to sell.

BUT at the end of the day, they all boiled down to one thing. The people selling their homes wanted fast cash. 

AND this is where a very important piece of advice must be told. 



Fix Less to Sell Faster and Higher Profit

The fastest way to sell a house is to get it in front of a buyer as soon as possible. Therefore you have to ignore all temptations to undergo any kind of remodeling project.



Remodels take along time [You need to sell fast]

Even a small bathroom remodel can take weeks. If things go wrong it could take months.

“I have seen the smallest bathroom projects blow up into 3-month projects,” said Janelle C of Denver Design and Realtors INC. “I once had a client who thought they would be listed in late May after they upgraded their master bath. The property didn’t get listed until September due to supply delays and contractor availability. It was a real shock to them.”

AND this story is not uncommon. Trust me! I have been around real estate in Denver for almost 2 decades. 

Renovations and remodels, no matter how small, just take a long time. 

Research suggests that it will take a home homeowner 1 week for every $1000 – $5000 they spend repairing and fixing up their house. That means a $10,000 renovation could take 10 weeks. 

Just imagine if a small kitchen remodels (which can easily cost $30,000) went sideways! It could be half a year or more!


“But the Denver housing market is super hot right now. Surely my house will sell fast!”

AND it will but not if you are renovating it! 

It will only sell quickly if its in front of buyers. A house under construction is not ready to sell. UNLESS you sell it as-is (more on this later)


You have a property in Denver and you need to sell it fast.  True or false. You should undergo a time consuming and expensive remodel before you sell it?

Oh boy – you better have answered false!



How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen like the one below?


AND guess how long it takes to remodel a small kitchen like this?

Above is a real case study of a small kitchen remodel. You can find out how long it took, how much it cost, and if it’s worth it for you, in this article about whether you should remodel a kitchen to sell your house. 

Fixing Stuff Costs Alot [More Repairs Equals Less Profit]

Not only do I need to sell my house fast but I want to maximize my profits. I keep repeating this to center you my friend.

Sell fast and get more cash. Not one or the other. You want both.

AND in my humble opinion (as a veteran real estate expert investor) you can do both.

BUT to do this you must again resist the inner urge to fix and flop!

BECAUSE most non-pro fixer-uppers make more mistakes than profit. 

So expert advice number 2 to sell a house fast in Denver (and profit more) is to fix as little as possible. I have seen many homeowners pour 10’s OF thousands into a property thinking they were going to recoup the cash and more!


If you are a regular homeowner you will not recoup your money on any major renovation. WILL NOT RECOUP YOUR CASH. 

Another way to put it, you will spend more than the value of your house goes up. That’s a fact. This table proves you will get back only 65-80% of every dollar you spend.

For example, if you spend $20,000 on a kitchen remodel your house will increase in value by $13,600. Knowing these facts do you really think you should remodel your kitchen to sell your house?

Seems like a bad idea if you ask me. 

There are plenty of other costly mistakes you can avoid  when getting a house ready to sell you just need to 

What next?

Keep scrolling for your opportunity to request a cash offer right here


Jump to my expert advice on things you can repair, while still selling your house fast. In fact, these repairs will help you sell your home in Denver incredibly fast.


You will actually make more money than you spend!

Sell My House Fast [Get Your Cash Offer Now]

Before I continue my self-proclaimed expert advice on how to sell your house fast in the Mile High City I should take my mom’s advice and ask you what you want.

Maybe all you want is a cash offer. 

When you looked online for “How to sell my house fast Denver” maybe all you needed was to find a legit home buyer right here in Denver, CO?

If that’s the case then look no further! Fill out this online form to get an offer from us, Denver’s best-trusted cash home buyer, to purchase your house.

We buy houses. We buy houses in Denver. We pay cash for houses. We buy houses as-is. You can sell your house online in any condition and on your schedule. 

You can sell your house today if you need to! AND we make selling easy!

Sell your house fast online to a specialist

If you want a legit cash offer to sell your house from Denver’s specialist home buyer all you have to do is fill out our form. Some of the many benefits when you sell your house to us include:


Flexible Closing
No Repairs
100% FREE
Sell your home fast
Sell AS-IS
No Cost to You

But wait there’s more!

FAIR CASH OFFER EVERY TIME: We’ll give you our best offer right upfront. No low-ball offers but real cash offers based on current market value. We’ll run comps on Denver houses with you right on the phone if you like!

NO COMMISSIONS: This means you save ten’s of thousands of dollars when you sell your house to us.

AND the benefits of selling your house go on to the point of being almost endless! Believe you me!



Repair These Things To Sell Faster

i have spent a lot of time telling you that making repairs is a waste of time. You will spend a bunch of cash and potentially even small repairs can delay you selling your house by months!


However, there are some things you can fix that will help you sell your house fast Denver. These apply to houses in Denver and probably all across the country.


5 Upgrades to Sell Your House Faster

To sell your house faster (and for more cash) you need to fix items that have a positive return on investment

PLUS they need to be things you can complete in a hurry. 

It begs to reason that to sell a house fast Denver you must avoid delays at all costs! 

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to sell your house online to a real estate invest, or specialty home buyer I would say don’t even do these repairs.


Home improvement experts, like me, can get these things fixed for half as much as you can. Therefore we will not see this ass value adds! We won’t pay you more for them. 

So if you think selling for cash to a professional home buyer is your best choice (research showing more and more people selling this way) skip this section and jump straight to “GO”. 

Fill out a form to sell your house online and collect your cash – just like in monopoly, RiGHT?!? 🙂


When you sell your house to a traditional buyer they will want the appliances to be working. In fact, so will the bank they are borrowing money from!

Avoid delays and make sure they appliances all work as they should. Doing this will mean the closing will not be delayed. 

I have to say… this highlights another huge benefit of selling your house fast for cash. You don’t have all these rules and regulations. There aren’t a bunch of hoops to jump through!

Paint the entire house

Painting a house is like putting a whole new outfit on a person. Of course, if you get it wrong it can be a disaster.

BUT when you paint the inside of your house and get it right, it can transform your house. It can pull a house from the past into the present very quickly.

“I had my house appraised before and after I painted it. I spent $2000 having the interior completely redone. When it was re-appraised the value had increased by $13,000! This was a fantastic return on my investment! PLUS it only took 2 days!”

Painting the inside of your house is a fast upgrade. Paint your house a modern color will attract more buyers. If you attract more buyers you will sell your house faster. AND if there are more buyers floating around you will ultimately get more cash. 

Maybe you’ll even fire up a bidding war!

For the record, my favorite paint color for any home improvement project is Alabaster White by Sherwin Williams. It is a basic warm white color that takes on the mood of any room. Another benefit is because it is a soft white it will make a room feel bigger. Space sells houses faster too!

Soft close hinges

As a professional fix and flipper, this is one of my best-kept secrets. It’s a real “value add” as the pros say.

It costs less than $100 to upgrade your entire kitchen to soft-close hinges. AND buyers love it. They eat it up! 

Soft close is synonymous with high-end!

So for just a few dollars, you can truly increase the value of your house. PLUS you can do it yourself in just a couple of hours. 

Talk about a huge win!

Clean, clean and clean some more


Clean houses sell faster. Clean houses sell for more money.

Do you need to sell your house fast? 

Do you want more cash?

If you answered yes then guess what you need to do? YOU NEED TO CLEAN!

The entire house must be spotless and you must keep it this way each time a potential buyer comes through the house. Of course, that becomes a real hassle. Especially because buyers are on their timeline, not yours! 7 pm Friday night showings are very common. 

So let me take a moment to point out that when you sell your house online for cash to us you don’t have to clean at all which saves you a bunch of time and effort! 


Did you clean the windows?

It’s amazing how often people forget to clean the windows. But don;t fall into that trap. 

Their are many advantages to having spotless windows when you sell your house. The 3 most obvious are:

  1. Clean windows let in more light making the room feel bigger
  2. Clean windows let people see out of the room which again gives a sensation of space (as a basic experiment stand in a room with all of the curtains closed. Now open them all. Which room feels bigger? EXACTLY MY POINT!)
  3. Clean windows give the impression the house is cared for to the very smallest of details.

Because of these facts, clean windows will sell a house fast and for more money. 



Fastest Option to Sell My House

I want to briefly review the 3 main ways that houses are bought and sold. 

AND I want to highlight the length of time it takes to sell a house for each one. 

The 3 main ways to sell a house are:

  1. Sell with a real estate agent
  2. Sell your home on your own (FSBO)
  3. OR sell your house to a real estate investor AKA Cash Home Buyer AKA We Buy Houses Company.

Sell My House FSBO vs Cash Buyer

Of course, we are all about “sell my house fast Denver” but I wanted to include the table below to highlight a few differences between selling to a real estate investor and selling your house FSBO.

I want to point out these numbers are not made up by me but come from research I found online. 

Selling to a cash buyer is way faster!

Sell to PRO Home Buyer
Sell My House FSBO
Repairs required?
Time to repair
1 week for every $2500 you spend
Days on market
47 days on average
Days to close
As fast as you need
Currently 30-45 days
Days to sell
Less than 7
77-92 days on average
Fastest way to sell?

Don’t just take my word for it. There is plenty of research online to back me up. 

Not only is selling for cash fast but it you will profit more too!


Cash Sale is Faster AND More Profit

The two most obvious reasons that selling your house for cash will net you more profit are:

  1. You don’t have to fix anything or make any repairs
  2. When you sell to a cash buyer you eliminate realtors and therefore you don’t have to pay commissions.


Even a small kitchen makeover can cost $30,000. Who has that kind of cash? PLUS your value will only go up 67% of that. Finally it can take months to complete. You must stay away from any remodel if you need to sell fast! 


Currently in Denver the average commission a seller pays a realtor is $36,000! This is made up of 3% of the total sales price going to the seller’s agent and 3% going to the buyer’s agent!


SOLD PRICE: $600,000 (the average price of a house in Denver is now over $700,000  when it’s fixed up real nice

COMMISSION: 6% of sold price:

$600,000 x 6% = $36,000.



Agent Versus Investor

You can probably guess seling your hosue is faster if you sell to an invesot r compared to selling with an agent.

To keep it quick:

  1. Selling your house with an agent involves extensive preparation that takes weeks and months.
  2. Just getting your house listed on the MLS can take up to a week (so many forms and disclaimers to fill out!)
  3. Once listed you have to show it to a bunch of people whenever they want.
  4. You have to spend time and money keeping the place clean – just like when you sell it yourself.
  5. More time and money negotiating with a buyer. The offer goes through their agent to your agent to you. If you want to counter their offer then goes back through your agent, to their agent to the buyer. Each time there is a counter it can cost you several days.
  6. Inspection – another huge time and money suck!
  7. Financing issues and bank delays. After all, that time did you know that a buyer can still walk away from the deal! Can you imagine!

Faster to Sell a House for Cash

Yes, I know I am a cash home buyer. I buy houses for a living. BUT that’s why I have the inside scoop.

AND you can get online and check out all my numbers and fact-check me. 

Selling with an agent typically takes 3 months. This is real-time. Not “how long does it take to get an offer” time. 

The 3 months is from the time you call the real estate agent until the time you are paid cash into your account. 3 months. AND that’s considered selling your house fast!


If you contact we can give you a cash offer today, have our specialist team do all the paperwork, and buy your house at the end of the week. 

We buy houses fast. That’s what we do! We are Denver’s expert home buying company. 

Sell my house fast Denver? Is that what you need? Forget about it!

Call us and your house will be sold incredibly fast. Faster than you can shout from the rooftops “I need to sell my house fast Denver!” 

Try it. Fill out a form online to get your cash offer today. What is the worst that can happen?

You sell your house in 8 days?

That’s still pretty quick don’t you reckon?

How to Sell A House Fast to Us

It is really simple. The process starts online by taking our phone number and calling us or by filling out a form. 

We’ll chat about the house, give you an offer, come check it out, and then buy it for cash. 

This can all happen in less than a week if you are in that much of a hurry!

Our process starts online and finishes with you being paid cash directly. NO 3rd parties, NO Fuss! Selling made simple!


Top 3 Best Companies You Can Sell Your House to in Denver, CO

Companies that buy houses for a living come in many shapes and sizes. AND just like any industry, there are good and bad ones. 

I have spent a little bit of time comparing home buyers in Mile High City. I looked at reviews, I looked at their processes, and I looked at their track record, i.e. have they ever bought a house before???

The following 3 companies are the only companies that I could find proof that they had actually bought a home. They are legit real deal cash home buyers!

Most of the other online companies don’t actually buy houses. Instead, they find out your lowest price, get you to sign a contract then sell that contract to some other real estate investor. 

So here are 3 companies, that will buy your house in Denver, for cash, and actually close the deal themselves. 

Watson Buys

Watson Buys is a Denver-based real estate investing company with 2 offices in Denver. They buy houses all across Colorado. 

Some of the benefits you get if you sell your house to Watson Buys include:

  • NO hidden fees – in fact no fees at all!
  • NO Realtors – You save thousands because they buy direct
  • NO Commissions
  • You choose the closing day

In the past year, I could find a number of records of properties they actually purchased. 

I talked with their team on the phone. They were friendly and professional. They took plenty of time explaining how their process works. By the end of the conversation, I was confident they could buy my house.

Watson Buys will buy any house, in any condition anywhere in Denver or Colorado. They have a proven track record. 

For these reasons I would recommend talking to them if you need to sell a house and you want to work with a legitimate cash buyer. 

Front Range House Offers

Front Range House Offers specializes in buying houses on the front range of Colorado.  They have a strong online presence.

It is a family-owned and operated enterprise. A grassroots business that serves the local community of Denver in several ways. 

  1. They will buy any house in any condition and pay cash. This ensures homes don’t get abandoned and left to deteriorate. By providing this service they maintain the integrity of neighborhoods and help to keep house prices up. 
  2. The owners are well ingrained in the local neighborhood community groups and after-hours activities.
Some of the benefits offered by them are:
  • No repairs – They purchase homes in as-is condition
  • Specialize in buying homes on the front range
  • Pay cash for houses making the sale faster and less complicated

Front Range House Offers is a regional cash home buyer. They have great reviews. PLUS I could find proof that they actually buy houses. Unlike many of the companies out there that instead wholesale the deal. 

As a local Denver real estate business I found them to be efficient and professional. If my mom needed a fast cash sale I would definitely tell her to give them a call. 

With Front Range House Offers you can sell your house online simply by filling out one of their forms. 


We Buy Houses in


Did you think I would leave us out? Of course, we are one of the best!

OUR NICHE: We Buy Houses in Denver. 

We focus 100% on the Denver real estate market. We will buy any type of real estate including:

  1. Condos
  2. Townhomes
  3. Duplexes
  4. Singe Family Homes
  5. House in a state of disrepair
  6. Inherited property
  7. Probate

AND the list goes on!!! As the number 1 solution for you to sell a house for fast cash, we buy houses in every situation in the Mile High City.

“We Buy Houses Denver!” AND we’re ready to purchase your Denver home today. 


You’ve read the expert advice and the jury is in.

The fastest way to sell Denver property is right here!

Selling to us is fast, easy and 100% Free.

Your solution to sell your house starts online by filling out our form. What are you waiting for?

Let’s work together and get your house SOLD!