How to Sell My House by Myself In Colorado

home for sale by owner

Selling your house yourself is referred to as for sale by owner (FSBO). It can be a good option for saving up on one of the largest selling costs—real estate agent commission. Or get a cash offer today.

Selling on your own can be a way to sell for free. Learn more about selling for free hereHowever, selling a house is a lengthy and complex process, and you need to know what to do at every stage. Below are the steps for selling a house by yourself.

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Steps for Selling a House by Owner

Determine the Value of the House

Determining the value of your house is key to setting its sale price. You can establish your home value in various ways, including hiring an appraiser, using online home value estimators, or hiring a real estate agent to conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA).

Most of the estimator tools are free and easy to use. Simply provide details about your house, and it compares them against similar houses listed in your area to establish the value of the house.

A licensed appraiser thoroughly inspects the house to determine its value according to its size, amenities, and condition. The main downside to this option is that it is costly. Hiring an appraiser costs $300-$800.

However, if the appraiser is experienced and has a good understanding of the housing market in your area, the estimated value is accurate. Therefore, you can rely on it to set a competitive market price.

For a competitive market analysis (CMA), a real estate agent assesses the value of your house based on its features, the recent sale price of similar properties, and housing market trends.

The analysis is also accurate and reliable for determining your sale price. Real estate agents usually charge $100-$200 or may offer you a package that includes a listing agreement.

Set a Selling Price

You can set the selling price at the established market value of the house, slightly above or below. Nevertheless, the price is not cast in stone, and you can adjust it according to the prevailing real estate market. Also, allow room for negotiation with potential buyers.

Set an easily recognizable price. For instance, instead of setting the price at $154,897, set it at $154,500. Also, set the price within the most searched ranges. For example, if customers search for houses within $150,000-$200,000, do not set it at above or below the range.

Prepare the House for Sale

Get the house ready for sale. Clean, declutter, and depersonalize the house. Make any necessary repairs. You may also undertake upgrades that can increase its value and help it to sell faster. For example, completing or remodeling the basement can have a 70% return on investment.

Also, tidy up the exterior or apply a fresh coat of paint on the exterior walls to improve the curb appeal. Finally, stage the house to make a good impression on interested buyers.

List and Market

You will need high-quality photos to use on your listing and marketing materials. Consider hiring a professional photographer for $150-$300 to take the photos. Put “House for Sale” and “Open House” signage in front of your house.

Then, identify listing services to use. Write a detailed and engaging description for your listing. Be sure to include vital information in your listing description, including:

  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Square footage
  • Key features such as hardwood floor or marble kitchen
  • Essential public amenities nearby, e.g., schools, parks, malls, etc.
  • Contact information for potential buyers to reach you

It may be difficult to get your house listed on certain multiple listing services as they are exclusively accessible to real estate agents. In this case, list on as many of the listing services you have access to as possible.

You may also consider hiring a listing agent at a flat fee to get your house listed on the regulated listing services. It will cost you hundreds of dollars but will increase your pool of prospective buyers significantly.

A report by the National Association of Realtors shows that 95% of home buyers find homes through the internet, 19% through real estate agents, 6% through referrals, and 7% through the buyer’s agent. You want to maximize your efforts on each avenue by marketing extensively.

Print posters and flyers and circulate them in your neighborhood to spread the word about the house sale. You could also post ads on Facebook and Craigslist. Or, put up a print ad in your local newspaper or magazine.

Host Viewings

It is best to schedule your open house on the weekends rather than keeping the house open for showing throughout. That way, you can juggle your other responsibilities without being tied down by the showings.

Advertise the open house at least two weeks before and set up signage outside the house. Ensure that the house is clean, tidy, and staged on the day of the showing. Provide a guest book at the entrance and some refreshments inside the house.

If security concerns you, have people sign up before the day’s showing. Ask them to provide their names and to bring a form of identification that you will use to confirm their identity when they come for the viewing. This also narrows down the pool of viewers to serious buyers only.

Negotiate Offers

Not all offers you get are eligible. Therefore, analyze them to identify qualified buyers. Confirm if the interested buyers can afford the home by asking for proof of money or a mortgage preapproval letter.

Ask how much they are offering for the down payment. If they are being financed, enquire who their lender is, how much money they are qualified to borrow, and their mortgage rate.

Most times, potential buyers offer a lower price than your asking price. They may ask that you meet their closing costs or reduce costs they would incur for repairs. Determine how much it would cost to do the repairs and give that as a discount.

Otherwise, show the customer the value that the house presents. You can lower your price slightly and urge the customer to meet you somewhere above their offer. Once you have agreed on the terms of the sale, move forward with the closing.


Closing the sale of a house is a legal process. In some states, a closing attorney must oversee the completion of the sale. However, even if it is not required in your state, you must involve a real estate lawyer or a closing attorney to ensure everything is done right.

 The closing process involves multiple steps, including:

  • Signing the final purchase agreement
  • Buyer deposits earnest money
  • Filing a preliminary title report
  • Paying any amount owed to lenders or parties with a lien on the property
  • Paying closing costs and prorated property tax
  • Transfer of the house to the buyer
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FSBOs are less common than real estate professional-assisted sales. Most people who opt for FSBO have a buyer already. However, selling your house by yourself through the traditional real estate transaction is still possible. You will need to know the exact steps to follow at every stage.

Setting the right price is one of the most vital steps. To establish the right price, have the house appraised or consult a real estate agent for a CMA report. Then prepare the house for sale, list it, and market it.

Assess the offers you get to determine the most suitable potential buyer. Negotiate your sale price, and proceed to close once you reach an agreement. Involve a real estate attorney at closing.

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