10 Expert Tips To Prevent Squatters: Advice That Works!

how to prevent squatters in your Colorado house

Learn how to prevent squatters from living in your house with these 10 expert tips that actually work. This page includes advice from real estate experts that have had to deal with squatters. 

Many landlords and homeowners have used these proven strategies to prevent squatters. Now you can too!

How To Prevent Squatters from Ever Taking Up Residence in Your House


For a homeowner, real estate investor, or landlord, there is always a chance a person can enter a vacant property and claim squatters’ rights. Squatters’ rights fall under a law called adverse possession. However, a squatter doesn’t ever have to become an issue.

Preventing squatters is much better than trying t get rid of them, especially with such strong squatters rights in Colorado. Once you know how to prevent squatters, you can sleep easy knowing your vacant property isn’t going to get trashed. And that’s exciting!

Whether you have own house or multifamily properties, squatters must always be considered. Take a moment to learn how you can easily stop squatters from occupying you house now with the 10 tips, guaranteed, to prevent squatters in their tracks.

Table of Contents

Squatter Prevention Tip #1: Visit Regularly


squatter prevention tipVisit the property and have it inspected regularly: 

By visiting regularly, you can keep an eye on your property and are more likely to spot squatters who have moved in. This allows you to act quickly and remove them before they have the chance to qualify for ownership.

Squatter Prevention Tip #2: Curb Appeal


best-squatter-prevention-tipsMaintain Curb Appeal:

Ensure that you keep your property in a good state of repair. Mow the lawn, clear mail, and remove any trash. This makes it look like someone is present in the home while maintaining your status as the property owner.

Squatter Prevention Tip #3: Timers On Lights

prevent squatters lights with timers

Colorado-squatter-rights-prevention.Install lights with timers to turn on at night:

This helps deter squatters by making it appear as though people are present on your property.

Let Neighbor Park On Your Driveway


squatter-rights-colorado-complete-guideOffer Neighbor Use of Driveway:

Offering them the use of your driveway space can provide them with extra parking space while deterring people from snooping around your property. Anything you can do to make it look like your property is occupied will work in your favor.

Monitored Security Alarm


sell-my-house-with-squattersMonitored Alarm (make it obvious with yard signs):

Not only do these help prevent people from entering your home, but you can add cameras and smart systems that contact your phone when triggered by a trespasser.

Lock All Windows And Doors

squatter prevention tips 2

sell-your-house-for-cash-with-squattersSecure Locks on Doors and Windows:

Squatters are less likely to move into a fully secured home than a home with open or easy access points. Steel fittings prevent almost all squatters while preventing other illegal entries such as robberies.

Make Friends with Neighbors


we-buy-houses-for-cash-with-squattersBefriend the Neighbors:

Neighbors are an excellent resource for keeping an eye on your property when you’re away. They are likely to spot squatters early on and be able to alert you so that you can take fast action.

Monitor Utility Bills


we-buy-squatter-houses-for-cash.Monitor Utility Bills: 

An increase could be an indication that someone is living in your house. Also, consider capping your utilities to make it difficult for squatters to connect to necessities like an electricity supply.

Exterior Security Lights

home owner installing lights to stop Colorado squatters rights

we-are-a-company-that-buys-houses-with-squattersExterior Security Lights:

Like an alarm system, these act as a deterrent to people attempting to trespass on your property.

Shut Off Water If House Is Vacant

prevent squatters

squatter-rights-colorado-explainedTurn off and secure access to the main water shutoff: 

You can hide the access point as long as you remember where it is. This is a significant deterrent as squatters won’t want to live in a house with no water.

However, you cannot turn off utilities if you already have a squatter living in your house. 


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