How to find Zoning of Property online

How to Find Zoning of Property Online
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Who would have thought it was so hard to find out what your property is zoned, right?

I just spent the past few hours on a bunch of government websites like:

  • Property assessor websites,
  • County clerk’s and recorders’ websites
  • Local and state government websites

I had some people telling me to look here and other people telling me to look there. Oh boy!


Why Do I Need to Find Zoning of Property Online?


I am a real estate investor in Colorado. I buy houses and then I renovate them. Sometimes when I renovate them I add a garage or maybe an ADU. 

Or maybe I want to add a bathroom, right? 

Of course, not all renovations are a good idea. But that’s a topic for another day. The last thing you want to do is have an outstanding code violations.


So are you thinking about doing an addition too?

That’s probably why you need to find your property zone right?

Are you thinking of building an ADU for additional income or the mother in law?

Perhaps you want to build a den or another bedroom.

Whatever the reason we must know how to find zoning of property. Because then we can work out what we can and can’t build right?

SO that’s why I want to know how to find out zoning of property. AND of course to save time I want to know how to find zoning of property online. 

So what’s next?

K-I-S-S: Keep it simple, Right?

I am going to keep this simple. Each time I have to find the zoning of property I am going to record what I do. 

Once I have found the best (and easiest) place to do an online search for property zones I will record it here.

I will include a few pictures and ultimately a link to where you can do an online search too!

I am starting with Denver, CO (the Mile High City) because as a cash home buyer I am always looking at property there. IN FACT, a super darling lady just called me about a house in Denver that I must take a look at right now. 

Of course, I will run comps to determine the ARV. However, there is a lot of value in the land and what the property is zoned for. SO I want to check that out too!

Shall we do this?

But first… a couple quick frequently asked questions

Property Zoning FAQ's

The easiest way to find local zoning laws is an online search. Open up a browser and search for something like:

  • local zoning laws (insert city here)
  • (city name) zoning laws
  • property zoning laws

That all said, finding your local rules and regulations could be the easy part. Navigating through them and finding the information you need is another whole story.

So let me ask you this.

What are you trying to do?

Are you trying to build a fence? 

If this is the case then your best idea is to search for:

  • What type of fence can I build in (insert city name here) OR
  • Zoning rules for fences in my city
  • Fence zoning rules (insert city)

You get the idea. 

Do you want to know the best part about searching more specifically? 
There is a good chance (using our examples of fences) that a local fencing company has done all the hard work for you. They will have found the zoning rules. AND better yet, they would have gone through them and taken out the important parts for you to read!



The beauty if you look for a specific item

Zoning in real estate refers to the rules that are put on a particular property. These rules tell you what you can and can’t build there.

Typically properties that are next to each other have the same rules and regulations. They are often grouped into zones or areas. 

For example all the factories are in one area typically, right?

This is because the land in that are was zoned for factories. 

Make sense?

There are many types of zoning. They types of zoning include (but is not limited too):

  • Residential zoning
  • Commercial zoning
  • Industrial zoning 
  • Agricultural zoning
  • Rural Zoning
  • Combination Zoning
  • Historic Zoning
  • Aesthetic Zoning
  • Mixed use 

Now each of these zoning types can be broken down further. For example residential zones can be divided into:

  • R1
  • R2
  • R3

and many many more!

Each zone will have rules and regulations that tell property owners what they can and can’t build on the property. The zones can dictate the types of businesses that can be run there too. 

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How to Find Zoning of Property Evans, CO

Lets dive right in starting with how to find the zoning of property in the city of Evans, CO – up north by Greeley

How to Find Out What Your Property is Zoned For in Evans, CO


This is exactly what I do when finding out and checking property zoning in Evans. 

There’s a few pics. Evans is actually one of the easier places to find online records of zoning. 

Step by Step Guide for the City of Evans

The first step I took was to get on one of the big search engines. I looked for stuff like:

  • how to find zoning of property
  • how to find zoning of property in Evans
  • how to find zoning of property in Evans City
  • how to find out the zoning of property in Evans
  •  property zoning search
  • property zoning search Evans

BLAH BLAH BLAH. I’m not sure why I typed all that out. At the end of the day, you just need to follow this link to do a property zoning search in Evans online. 

Property Zoning Search Online Search

The trick to finding a property zone in Evans is finding the interactive map.

Once there it is a breeze!

To find your property zoning in Evans, CO follow this link

You should arrive at a screen that looks like the picture below. 


Once you are on the online searchable zoning map for Evans all you need to do is type in your address. AND NOT ALL OF IT.


Because if your property is located in Evans it will start to prepopulate. Awesome right? SEE IMAGE BELOW


After you have selected your address hit the “SEARCH” button and your property zone will magically appear. 

This is how you find out property zones online in Evans, CO.

I can’t wait to look up another property so that I can add the best place to find your property zone online to the list!

Best Online Property Zoning Search Resource

Below are hyperlinks that will take you away from our website and to the local government website where you can check the zoning of your property.

Before you go I would encourage you to click on the link and read the instructions. I take you to step by step on how to look up your property and how to find property zoning online in each neighborhood. 

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