Hard to Sell House With Trashy Neighbor In Colorado

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As a homeowner, you may have done everything right to set up your house for sale, but a bad neighbor may sabotage your efforts. 

It can be a nuisance neighbor who interferes with your sale process through loud music, late-night parties, being rude to potential buyers, etc. 

Or one who trespasses into your property. Either way, they can make it difficult to sell the house as most potential buyers do not want a bad neighbor.

We will discuss the various types of bad neighbors and what to do about them. Also, check out a legitimate cash buyer that will give a great deal for your home.

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Types of Problematic Neighbors

Different types of neighbors can be problematic to your house sale. Below is a look at the most common ones:

  • The Hoarder. These are messy neighbors whose house, front yard, and backyard are filled with junk. It could be a junk car, dumped furniture, kitchen appliances, or other items. The junk creates an unsightly scene in the neighborhood that could deter potential buyers.
  • Noisy Neighbors. Noisy neighbors are tricky to deal with as the definition of noise is subjective. Besides, the neighbors may be out rightly aware that they cause noise disturbance in the area and do not care.
  • Dangerous Neighbors. These neighbors not only cause disturbances but also make the neighborhood unsafe. They could be verbally abusive and threatening. Or, they could keep their distance but engage in illegal activities such as drug dealing, carjacking, robbery, etc., that create a rough neighborhood.
  • The Neighbor With Problematic Dogs. They may leave their dogs to roam in the neighborhood, or their dogs are untrained and tend to bark all day long.
  • The Neighbor Who Forces You to Sell to Them. It might be that the neighbor had a genuine interest in buying your house, but you couldn’t agree to their terms, so you opted to pass on their offer. Unfortunately, they haven’t let it go and continued nagging you to sell the house to them. Or they are actively sabotaging your sale process. For instance, they could be finding every chance possible to interact with your potential buyers to bad mouth you or the property making it impossible to host an open house. Such nightmare neighbors drive away prospective buyers.
  • The Neighbor Who Trashes the Neighborhood. Keeping their home unkempt is their business, but if they intentionally trash the neighborhood, it interferes with everyone else’s cleanliness and wellbeing. It could be that their dog liters on the walkways, but they do not clean after them. Or, they always miss the garbage bin and throw their trash outside.
  • The Foreclosed Neighboring House. If there is an unkempt foreclosed house next to yours, it can affect the curb appeal of your house and, ultimately, the perceived property value. Typically, the bank is responsible for basic maintenance of the house as it awaits to sell it. Therefore, you want to contact the bank or property manager ahead of starting your process to ensure that they do basic maintenance for the house, such as trimming the overgrown lawn.
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How to Deal With Difficult Neighbors When selling a House

When selling a house, the ideal approach to dealing with bad neighbors would be to talk to them and get the bad behavior to stop before you put your house up for sale. 

However, their behavior is not within your control, and there is so much you can do without getting into an altercation.

Below is a look at some ways you can attempt to deal with the dispute. The best approach depends on the specific issues and whether the bad neighbor responds to your requests.

Talk to Them

Having a non-confrontational conversation can help to deescalate the issue. Sometimes, the neighbors are unaware that they are interfering with your way of living, and a simple conversation can make them aware and get the issue out of the way. If the neighbors are friendly and reasonable, they may apologize and correct the behavior.

On the other hand, if you have a difficult neighbor, the conversation may escalate their attitude, and they could become rude and aggressive. In which case, walk a way to avoid further conflict. Assess the other options for dealing with them.

Ask Your Real Estate Agent to Talk to Them

If your bad neighbor is not responsive to your requests or you are adamant about talking to them, you can ask your realtor to talk to them.

Since they are not directly involved in the neighbor disputes, they may be more level-headed in addressing your bad neighbor. 

They may also be motivated to deal with them as doing so would help them to close the sale and earn a commission.

Involve Your Home Owners Association (HOA) or Condominium Owners’ Association (COA)

If you live in a community with a COA or HOA, report the issues with your neighbor to the association. They will try to mediate between the two of you. 

However, if the neighbor is not responsive, they can take legal action on your behalf if your neighbor’s behavior violates the contractual agreements and code of conduct.

Take Legal Action

There are various ways to take legal action against bad neighbors. An ideal situation would be to deal with them out of court as it is less costly and time-consuming. 

You would need to hire a lawyer for the litigation process, and for most people, the costs and time it takes would not be worthwhile.

If suing them for loss of sale, it can be difficult to prove that they sabotaged the sale process to recover financial damages. 

You would also have to prove their actions were not just inconveniencing but wrongful. Ultimately, litigation is a long shot.

Instead, hire an attorney to draft a letter to your bad neighbor. The lawyer can take an amicable approach in the letter where they seek an amicable resolution of the dispute. Or they can be confrontational and threaten litigation. 

The best approach will depend on the responsiveness of the neighbor. An amicable approach would be most ideal

Involve the Authorities

If the neighbors trespass on your property, threaten you, or engage in dangerous activities in the neighborhood, you can report them to the police. 

Also, most municipalities have noise statutes whereby you can report your neighbor to the police for noise disturbance. In the case of roaming pets, contact animal control.

Sell the House As Is

If all else fails, sell the house as is. However, depending on the laws in your state, you may be required to disclose rightly about problematic neighbors. 

For example, in some states, sellers have to fill a detailed disclosure forms not just about the structural and physical condition of the house but also the state of the neighborhood. In Colorado, you must disclose only facts known to you when selling a home.

Sell to Cash Buyers

Since most homeowners may be adamant about buying a house in a problematic neighborhood, your best option of selling the house would be to cash buyers such as real estate investors and flippers. 

They will most likely negotiate a lower price than your listing price to cover the inconvenience of dealing with the bad neighbors. 

However, since you can sell to a cash buyer directly, you save up on real estate agent commission that would have been deducted from the house’s sale price.

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Trashy neighbors are not only a nuisance but can also make it difficult to sell your house. They may interfere with the sale process directly or indirectly. Either way, you want to deal with them as early in the sale process as possible.

The first action step would be to talk to them directly or through a mediator such as your real estate agent or HOA. If they are not responsive, involve the authorities or take legal action against them.

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