Can You Sell a House Without Air Conditioning?

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You can sell a house without air conditioning. However, you will have to make this known to any potential buyer.

Most Americans spend most of their time indoors. With the rapid climate change, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sell a house with an outdated ventilation system or one without functioning air conditioning.

The summers are sweltering, and the winters extremely cold, meaning any house buyer will be adamant about buying a house with no air conditioning.


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CASE STUDY: We Buy Houses With Broken Air Conditioners


Because of the following reasons:

  1. I am a professional home buyer.
  2. I have bought over 1000 houses for cash – AND most importantly…
  3. I have bought many houses with either BROKEN AC UNITS or without air conditioning at all.

My name is Shaun Martin. I have been a real estate investor for over 20 years. I have bought property fast for cash in many states including Colorado.

Recently I purchased a house in Denver, fast for cash, that was a complete wreck! It had an AC unit in the backyard but it was covered in vines, hadn’t been cleaned in I don’t know how long- PLUS it did not work at all. 

The AC unit didn’t turn on when the thermostat was turned to cool. Plus, I had DJ, the owner of an local HVAC company, and long time friend test it. 

Guess what he found?

The Air Conditioning unit was completely shot. There was no coolant in the coils and the fan motor was burnt out. Despite the fact that the house had no air conditioning I still bought it.

Because of all this I know for a fact that you can sell a house without air conditioning because I have bought many houses with either broken AC or without AC at all!


Can Replacing the Air Conditioning Improve Your House Value?

Can Replacing the Air Conditioning Improve Your House Value

The answer to this question can be both yes and no. Other factors will determine whether the air conditioning system will affect the pricing of the house.

Is Air Conditioning a Necessity In Your Area?

If your house is in an area that does not necessarily need air conditioning, the potential buyer will not ask for it. This means that whether the air conditioning is there or not does not influence the price of the house.

Is Your Area Conducive to Air Conditioning?

Some areas are not suitable for air conditioning. Adding air conditioning to houses located in these areas will not affect the price of the house.

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Selling Your Home Without Air Conditioning

Selling Your Home Without Air Conditioning

The importance of air conditioning can not be underestimated if you plan to sell the house. Here are a few things to consider before listing your home.

Repair the Air Conditioner

Fixing your AC is the best option if you have the finances to do the repairs. Having receipts confirming that your HVAC system has been recently serviced by an HVAC professional will build trust among potential buyers.

They will trust that other parts of the house are also in good condition. You will most likely get the maximum return on the house sale. The cost of repairs will most likely be recovered by the perceived increase in value of your house, thanks to a perfectly working air conditioner.

Sell the House As-Is

You can also decide to sell the house as is. Most sellers prefer this option since it does not require that you make repairs before selling the house.

It is also advantageous to a seller who does not have money to carry out the necessary renovations before selling the house. Selling a house as is has different legal implications that vary depending on your state.

As a seller, you will most likely witness a drop in the house’s value. Several buyers interested in such houses mainly buy them to bring them down to create a different structure.

Another group normally interested in such houses are investors with the cash flow to carry out the necessary repairs and maybe resell the house at a higher cost. All this means that houses sold as is are normally less valuable than the land they are sitting on. This means you do not necessarily take a loss when you decide to sell the house as-is.

However, selling it as is becomes a definite red flag depending on where your house is located. Potential buyers tend to avoid it. The price of the house drastically goes down.

Buyers in such areas are fully updated and want to buy a house they can immediately occupy. A house sold as is requires work to be done, which means the buyer can not move in immediately. Such buyers tend to stay away from these houses.

Before listing your house, you must conduct thorough research on that area’s real estate market. You can enlist the help of a real estate professional with experience in that area.

You can also choose to sell to companies that deal with houses sold as is. If you take time and consider all your options, your chances of getting the best deal increase.


Getting a Home Warranty

Another option is giving a home warranty to the buyer. Most sellers are not aware of this third option. If you are not sure about the longevity of the air conditioner, you can offer the potential buyer a home warranty.

These warranties act like insurance (but not similar to home insurance). Their main aim is to protect against expenses that come with owning a house. Unlike insurance that guards against unforeseen calamities, home insurance only protects against the failure of the house systems.

A standard home warranty will cover not only the HVAC system but also other appliances in the house such as plumbing, electrical system, water heaters, and on some occasions, the roof or the pool.

It is a common practice for sellers of vintage homes to offer at least a one-year home warranty to entice potential buyers and give them peace of mind when buying the house.

Having an AC that is not functioning will not reduce the chances of selling your house but will considerably reduce the selling price. It is better to fix the AC before listing the house to get the best deal.

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Factors to Consider When Convincing a Buyer to Purchase a House Without Air Conditioning

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It is an important factor a buyer will consider when determining how necessary an air conditioner is important to the house.

Buyers in the Northeast may not prioritize having an AC, but those in the South or West Coast will not agree to buy a house without an AC for a good price.

The neighborhood is also very important. Your house will be less appealing if it is located amid houses with functioning air conditioning. Getting a good value for such a house will be an uphill task.

How Much Will It Cost to Install a New Air Conditioner

Potential buyers will consider how much they will pay to get an air conditioner that is working installed if they decide to buy the house as-is.

If the house you plan to sell already has an outdated AC that is easy or cost-effective to repair or replace, it will be easier to convince a buyer to buy the house as-is.

There are alternatives you can use to ensure you reduce the urgency of an AC. They include installing less expensive fans or windows that can make the house cooler.

What Buyers Prioritize

When selling your house, you need to research what the buyers in that area prioritize. Some buyers may consider the lack of AC a deal-breaker, while some may be more accommodating.

Your house can have other amenities that are considered a priority by some buyers. These amenities include an attractive backyard, spacious rooms, and brand-new floors.

Balance Your Investment and Your Expected Payoff

Before replacing or repairing the AC in the house, you should consider the costs you will incur and compare them to the expected return from the sale of the house.

There is no need to spend a lot installing a new unit only for you not to recover that amount from the sale. It is better to list the house as-is and inform potential cash buyer about the situation. After that, you can negotiate a fair price for both parties.

Consider Alternatives to Air Conditioning

There are always options for using an AC. They can be used to regulate the house temperature.

  • Window shades: You can install shades that can be pulled down during the daytime to help keep the hot air out. The shades help in preventing the cool air from getting outside.
  • Install ceiling fans: It is one of the best options for ensuring that cool air circulates in the house. They ensure that the air in the house is not stagnant, making it hot and humid. Fans are very useful during hot weather.
  • A reflective window film: They reflect heat from the sun making sure that the hot air remains outside and the house remains cool.
  • Insulate the house: A well-insulated house helps keep warm air outside and cool air inside. Depending on your agreement, the process can be done either by the seller or the buyer.

Selling a house with no functioning AC is allowed. You need to talk it through with the intended buyer. After doing this, you can come up with the best pricing that both parties will accept.

You can also use alternatives to air conditioning to achieve the same purpose. Selling a house without air conditioning is not easy; in most cases, the house’s value will considerably drop. It is advisable to make repairs if you have the finances, balancing costs and the expected selling price.

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