Can You Sell A House With Rodents Like Rats, Or Squirrels?

big rat in house

Living in a house with rodents is disgusting and a potential hazard. The presence of these little mammals in the home offsets not only the homeowners but potential buyers alike. But did you know that you are not the only one dealing with these pests? It is estimated that around 21 million US homes have problems with rodents.

So, can you sell a house with rodents anytime you want to? Or are there legal and health standards you need to follow in real estate?

Let’s find out in this comprehensive article on selling a house with rodents.

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What Are Rodents?

Most people equate rodents with mice and rats. However, rodents are a group of mammals with a single pair of incisors that continuously grow on the upper and lower jaws. Almost 40% of mammals are rodents, making them the largest mammalian order in the world.

Rodents are not limited to mice alone. The term also includes other species, like rats, hamsters, porcupines, and squirrels. Guinea pigs, beavers, and prairie dogs also belong to this group.

mouse in house

Can You Sell a House with Rodents?

After knowing what animals compose the rodents category, can you sell a house with rodents?

Yes, you may still do so. No legal or health protocols prevent you from selling the house, but buyers can be picky and may not purchase your property once they know about rodent infestation.

And you definitely cannot keep it a secret from potential buyers. On top of seeing them or signs of them when they view your home or during the home inspection, most states require sellers to disclose any pest infestation. Though selling a house with rodents is legal, keeping it a secret from the buyer will lead you to a lawsuit.

Can I sell my house with Mice?

You can sell your house with mice. But mice do pose some unique issues. For one, they bred like rabbits! In fact mice can reproduce much faster than most furry critters. A single breeding pair can result in over 5000 new mice in less than a year!

Because of this and other concerns specific to selling a house with mice I highly suggest your read this in-depth guide on how to sell your home with mice. 

Can I sell my house with squirrels?

You can sell a house with squirrels. Squirrels fall clearly into the category of rodents. Because of this, the expert advice in this guide will be excellent to help you sell. Unlike mice, squirrels typically pose less of a problem. They can be captured and relocated quickly and easily. 

You can sell a house with rats. 

As a real estate investor involved with over 1000 real estate deals in Colorado, I have yet to come across a house someone is selling with a rat infestation. However, that’s not to say it doesn’t happen in Colorado. Mice are a much bigger issue for sellers in Colorado. 

The same can be said for other pests like termites. Termites cause damage to a house, unlike rodents. Because of this if you must follow specific information to sell a house with termites.

What about bed bugs?

Can I sell my house with bed bugs? If your house has bed bugs and you want to sell you must disclose it. Bed bugs are not a rodent, however. Typically they are treated by the same companies that eliminate termites. Because of this, I would invite you to read this article about selling with termites, including a section on bed bugs.

Putting a house with rodent infestation for sale can be tricky for all sellers. Apart from disclosing the infestation, you must do something to reduce (or stop) the infestation.

Know the Signs of Rodent Infestation

You’re likely to know if you’re staying under the same roof as the rodents. You’ve become each other’s housemates, whether you want to or not, and their company is simply hard to ignore.

Noises and rotten smells become too apparent and hard to ignore. You may also see signs of chewing and tampering with food packages stored in the pantry. Mouse and rat droppings can be found anywhere in the house as well. When all of these obvious signs appear, it means that your house is infested.

Prevent them from Entering

Depending on the type of rodent in your house, you may reduce their presence by preventing them from entering in the first place. Seal small holes and cracks, plumbing pipes, and the roof, which are just some of the ways these horrid pests enter. So, check your place for these entry points and cover them permanently.

Call an Exterminator

If you find it hard to get rid of a rodent problem, call a professional. Investing in a professional service may cost you, but its result is always worth it. An exterminator is a professional who carefully handles pest infestation problems. 

A good exterminator removes the rodents from your property and seals possible entry areas. The extent of a rat infestation determines the number of times the exterminator visits your place to do the work. Some houses’ extremely bad infestations may require months to clear of rats and rodents.

It might take a while to remove a pest problem from your home, but you will benefit from it. You may even wait for the exterminator to finish their job so that you can put a good price tag on the property. Rodents lessen the market value, so waiting for them to be gone before listing allows you to list the house at its proper value.

Disclose Facts to a Realtor

Always reveal the facts properly. If hiring a realtor, they can provide you with the right steps to take to solve the problem. You still need to divulge the information even if you already put the house for sale before finding out about the infestation.

How to Prepare for a House Visit

  • Clients will normally request to visit the property before buying. Of course, you want to make a good impression on them. But, you must be aware of the possibility that they’ll see one or two (hopefully not more) scurrying around.

We can’t promise you’ll be able to keep rodents out of sight, but these tips will help show a clean and presentable house to your clients. Here are some steps you can take to prepare your house for a visit:

Ventilate the rooms

Rodents smell and their stench can stay in your house, even when you have exterminated them. To help remove the smell, ventilate the area by opening the windows and doors for a minimum of 30 minutes. But, be careful. Any openings may lead to a rodent sneaking in while you’re not watching.

Clean up urine and droppings

No potential buyer will purchase a house laden with disgusting rodent urine and droppings. Who would want to live in an unsanitary place, right? Thus, you must keep things clean and tidy all the time. To clean the room, follow these steps:

  • Never sweep or vacuum up droppings.
  • Wear gloves before starting cleaning.
  • Spray the area with a reliable disinfectant. You may also use a mixture of bleach (1 part) and water (10 parts) for this. Let the area soak for 5 minutes.
  • Pick up the droppings or wipe the urine using a paper towel. Directly throw the dirty towel in the garbage.
  • Proceed to disinfect things and other areas that may have been contaminated by rodents.
  • Steam clean or use shampoo on carpets and upholstered furniture.
  • Clothing and beddings should be washed using laundry detergent and HOT water.
  • Remove and discard gloves accordingly once done cleaning.
  • Wash and sanitize hands.

Remove Dead Rodents and Nests

To remove dead rodents and their nests, follow the steps below:

  • Wear gloves.
  • Spray the body or nest and its surrounding area with a reliable disinfectant. You may also use a mixture of bleach (1 part) and water (10 parts) for this. Let them soak for 5 minutes.
  • Remove body and nest using a paper towel. Put it inside a plastic bag and close tightly. Use a second plastic bag and put the first plastic bag inside. Secure and close well.
  • Dispose of the plastic bags in a covered trash can. Make sure to empty the trash can regularly to avoid foul odor.
  • Remove and discard gloves accordingly once done cleaning.
  • Wash and sanitize hands.

Rodents in Air Ducts

Can you sell a house with rodents in air ducts? Yes, you can.

It is tricky to clear rodents in air ducts. If you believe that rodents have infiltrated your air ducts, call professional help. It is best not to do it by yourself because of the possible dangers. Duct cleaning companies often know how to solve this problem. Hence, you can simply check out a reliable service to do the work for you.

How to Sell a House with Rodents Faster

People sell their houses for various reasons, and some must sell fast. Unfortunately, having rodents at home won’t make the sale fast or easy. You can experience several drawbacks, such as a long listing in the market, reduced market value, and even putting your reputation on the line!

Do you think you can still sell a house with rodents fast? How do I sell my house fast with rodents?

Here’s the possible answer. Look for cash buyers willing to purchase the home! Cash buyers purchase homes in cash as fast as they can if their requirements are met. Even if your house has rodents, you can sell it to a cash buyer.