Can I Sell My House to My Business?

Can I Sell My House to My Business

You might want to sell your house to your business for several reasons. Maybe you want to buy and move into a bigger personal residence, but instead of selling the current one to someone else, you would rather sell it to your LLC and put it up as a rental property.

Or, you may have bought the house for rental purposes under your business name. So, you want to transfer it to an LLC for a tax advantage. Or, perhaps you want to protect the property against personal liability.

In all these scenarios, you can sell your house to your business. It is best to sell your house to an LLC rather than other non-limited types of business.

Selling to an LLC offers tax and liability advantages that non-limited types of businesses don’t. The exact process of sale depends on whether the house has a mortgage.

This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of selling your house to your business and how to go about it. It will focus on the context of selling your house to an LLC.


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Advantages of Selling Your House to Your LLC


The following are the top advantages of selling your house to an LLC:

Tax Advantages

Following the amendments made in the income tax relief regulations, it became apparent that owning rental property as an LLC is more beneficial than owning it as an individual. Instead of paying an income tax, the LLC pays a corporate tax on profits, which in most cases is much lower than the income tax.

Furthermore, your LLC may be eligible for tax exemptions, benefits, or deductions only available to LLCs, e.g., Inheritance Tax.

Liability Benefits

Putting your house in an LLC separates it from you. Therefore, creditors cannot claim the house to pay any personal debts you owe them. However, the house must have a business purpose for the limited liability to apply. You should rent the house to a third party for it to be considered a business asset eligible for liability protection.

Improves Your LLC’s Financial Profile

If your house has equity, once you sell it to your LLC, it can be used as a deposit for a director’s loan. This means that you can be able to use it to get a “buy to let mortgage” for the company. Furthermore, it increases your LLC’s real estate portfolio.

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Disadvantages of Selling Your House to Your LLC

can i sell my home to my business

The following are the top disadvantages of selling your house to an LLC:

You Are No longer Eligible for Capital Gain Exclusion

Capital gain exclusion only applies to individual taxpayers with a limit of up to $250,000 for individuals and $500,000 for couples on the sale of a property that has gained equity.

The caveat for the exclusion is that the house must have been your primary residence for the last 5 years and was not being used for rental income.

Therefore, you will be expected to pay capital exclusion gain tax when selling your house to your LLC. Also, the house will no longer be eligible for mortgage interest and property tax deductions. You will also incur additional tax transfer charges.

Liability Protection Does Not Apply if Not Used for Commercial Purposes

LLC liability benefits only apply if you use the house for commercial purposes. Therefore, if you sell the house to your LLC but still live in it, limited liability will not apply. If you are sued in a personal debt recovery case, the court may disregard that the LLC owns the property, and you will lose your liability protection.

Some people opt to rent the house themselves and pay rental income to the LLC. The downside of this option is that there are major tax implications as the rental income is subject to being taxable income for you and the business.

How to Sell Your House to Your LLC

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Often, people refer to the process of selling their house to an LLC as a transfer. Yet, it is not, and the transfer process is quite different.

When selling your house to your LLC, you must follow the home sale and purchase process, like you would if selling to a different person, including the associated costs and fees. The only difference is that the process takes shorter, especially for a cash buy, because you are technically both the buyer and the seller.

Below are the steps to follow when selling your house to your LLC.

Determine the Best Method of Selling: Cash vs. Mortgage

The best method of selling will depend on whether the house is on a mortgage and if you have to move money for a mortgage.

Selling Your Mortgaged House to Your LLC

If the house is on a mortgage, contact the lender before initiating the sale process. You must have kept up with your mortgage payments to increase the chances of the lender approving the sale of the house to your LLC.

Most mortgage contracts have a due-on-sale clause, which stipulates that the mortgage is not transferable on sale. Therefore, you are required to pay upfront the owed amount on the mortgage before you can sell the house. Although the clause is primarily for when you are selling the house to a third party, it may also apply when selling your house to your LLC.

While it is not explicitly stated in your contract that you need to consult with the lender before selling the house, even if to your LLC, not consulting can cause the lender to feel disregarded in a matter they have an interest in, resulting in reinforcement of the due-on-sale clause.

Also, if the market interest rates are much higher than your mortgage rate and home value, the seller may opt to call your loan to enable them to re-lend it at a higher interest rate.

As such, when selling your house to your LLC, the lender has the discretion to decide whether to enforce the due-on-sale or not. If they do, you will be required to pay the pending mortgage amount before selling the house to yourself, or you risk foreclosure.

However, the lender may agree to transfer the mortgage to your LLC depending on its financial profile and relationship with them.

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Selling Your House That Is Not on Mortgage to Your LLC

The best option for your LLC to buy your house is through a cash buy. It is straightforward and takes a short time. Note that you cannot sell it at a discount even though it is your house and it is going to be a cash offer.

You have to sell it at fair market value. The sale and purchase must be completed on the same day. Therefore, the LLC must have the funds available for the cash offer in the account at the point of initiating the sale. If it does not have all the money, consider getting a bridge loan.

Make sure to pay all the applicable fees and taxes, including stamp duty land tax, capital gains tax, legal/conveyance fees, and early redemption charges.

Transfer the Property Title to Your LLC

Two main types of deeds can be used to transfer the title of your house from your LLC in this kind of real estate transaction – quitclaim or warranty deed. You should have a warranty deed that you obtained after purchasing the house.

Usually, warranty deeds are used to transfer property between unrelated parties. On the other hand, a quitclaim is suitable if you are transferring property between related parties.

Therefore, you can use a quitclaim or warranty deed to transfer your house to your LLC. Fill out a quitclaim or warranty deed form to initiate the deed transfer. You can obtain it online or have a real estate attorney draft one for you from your county recorder’s office. Since deed requirements vary from state to state, confirm the requirements specific to your jurisdiction.

In the deed application form for this real estate transaction, the LLC is the grantee, and you are the grantor. Make sure to provide your name as it is in the current deed and your LLC’s correct and full legal name. You may also be required to specify the purchase price for the property.

As the grantor, you must also sign the deed before witnesses. In some states, the grantee is also required to sign the deed so someone else will do so on behalf of the LLC. Once the title deed transfer is complete, you should submit it to the real estate registrar in your city for recording.


Legally, you are allowed to sell your property to your business as long as you follow the due process. Nevertheless, it can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on whether you buy it with a cash offer, the house has a mortgage, and if the house will be rented out.

If you transfer the house and rent it out to other people, you are eligible for liability protection and tax benefits as opposed to if you live in the house as your primary residence and pay property tax to the company.

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