Are You Allowed to Sell a House With a Cracked Sewer Line?

broken sewer pipe

When you’re planning to sell your house, one of the most vital areas included in the home inspection is the main sewer line, septic system, and other areas to determine if there is any damage. 

At first glance, you may not notice a cracked pipe, plumbing issues, or septic tank problems unless there is a sewer odor or previous water damage.

While some buyers may accept a home with previous sewage issues and give a cash offer, especially if they plan to make significant renovations, you’ll improve your chances if a cracked sewer line and related structural issues are repaired.

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Inspecting Your Home's Sewer Line Before You Sell

There are plenty of old sewer lines in Denver, and these miles of sewer pipe erode over time, severely impacting tree roots, housing structures, and properties in the area. Many homeowners may not consider the immediate impact of one or more of these sewer lines on their home’s plumbing system, even before selling their homes.

When you hire a professional to conduct an inspection, it’s crucial to ensure they provide a thorough review, which includes all the plumbing, pipes, and connections to sewer lines. There are vital details to keep in mind when considering how to detect and repair sewer line issues and avoid surprises:

  • If a regular home inspection doesn’t include a sewer scope or an extensive sewer line inspection, an additional inspection may be required to find defects, damage, or cracks that may lead to a pipe bursting.
  • Request a sewer camera installation to monitor changes in the sewer line, which can be recorded and viewed by the property owner.
  • Determine the property line and how much of the sewer line will impact your property and house before you sell.
  • When you detect a broken sewer line, sewer backup, and other plumbing issues, you can have these repairs done before selling or provide details of these conditions to the seller based on the inspection report.
sever line valve

Should You Repair a Cracked Sewer Line Before Selling Your Home?

When proactive about hiring a plumbing expert and addressing all the plumbing issues, you’ll avoid potential concerns and delays in selling your home. Since many home inspection companies do not have an active plumbing license, they won’t be able to provide an extensive sewer line inspection or find cracked or broken pipes and other damaged plumbing.

For this reason, it’s crucial to choose a professional, as they can provide an expert opinion and suggestions on how to remedy any repairs, whether a minor fix or a sewer line replacement.

Homeowners are responsible for the sewer line that runs from the house to the city connection, which is common throughout Denver. In most cases, you can get a general home inspection done for around $200, which is a good investment and will indicate which areas of the house need further attention.

A plumbing expert can perform a more in-depth sewer inspection and determine the materials throughout your home, whether there are cast iron pipes, copper and iron pipes, and the types of risks and benefits. When your inspection includes the septic tank, the entire sewer line, and the plumbing system, you’ll have a full assessment and the overall condition.

Case Study: House We Bought With A Cracked Sewer Line

How can I be so sure that you can sell a house with a cracked sewer line?

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Selecting a Professional for a Home Inspection

potential buyer is also essential. Sometimes, a potential buyer may request an inspection to ensure there are no sewer or septic line problems, which can impact tree roots on the property or cause sewage backup or similar issues.

When you choose an expert to inspect your home, consider the following:

  • Ensure the inspection includes all home areas, including structural, plumbing, and other parts of the house that can be impacted by water damage or a burst pipe.
  • Prepare in advance and hire a plumber to repair small leaks and drips, which can help reduce concerns about your home.
  • Take note of any sewer odor, persistent leaks, and the condition of the pipes in your home. If there are any sewage problems, weak or damaged pipes can impact the effects of raw sewage and other problems. As needed, monitoring and repairing these areas may reduce the need for a complete replacement or extensive repairs, which can be expensive.
  • Suppose your home is prone to regular sewage backups, or you haven’t scheduled regular inspections of your home’s plumbing. In that case, it’s essential to work with a professional to ensure all necessary repairs are done.

If you find the repairs to your home’s sewage system too expensive or extensive, you can work with your agent to sell your home to a buyer that will buy your house as-is.

two sewer pipe damage


Sewer lines require regular inspection to determine any cracks or broken parts, which should be promptly repaired. Essentially, if the homeowner is aware of a cracked sewer line or plumbing issues, they must be replaced or repaired by a licensed plumber or professional.

When you take the proactive approach in repairing the vital parts of your home, including the septic system, you’ll reduce future costs and repairs, which is attractive to a homebuyer or a company with a cash offer.

A clean sewer line with no known issues and a well-maintained plumbing system will improve your chances of selling your home quickly and successfully.


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