Colorado Cash Buyers: Best Home Buying Companies [Updated!]

COLORADO CASH BUYERS: Forget the rest you deserve the BEST!!! Who is the best home buying company in Colorado?

Let’s find out!

Are you thinking about selling your Colorado house for cash? Then this article is definitely for you. This research looks at 10 cash house buying companies in Colorado. If you need a cash home buyer to purchase your property, YOU MUST READ THIS!


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Top Colorado Cash Home Buyers Reviewed

Selling your house can be intimidating and create uncertainty. This can be amplified when looking for a cash offer from a Colorado cash home buyer.

THAT’S WHY WE HAD AN INDEPENDENT REVIEW COMPANY DO THE WORK FOR US! We figured they could check out all the Colorado home buyers and report back. 



You will be able to deal with a home buying company confidently after this. READ THIS, and cash house buying companies won’t intimidate you. 

Read this, and you will confidently ask a home-buying company for a cash offer. We will also reveal:

cash-buyerThe Colorado cash buyer who closes the fastest

we-buy-houses-for-cashThe home buyers that buy houses in any condition (no matter how ugly it is!)

cash-offerHow much it costs to sell each of the cash home buyers


Whether you are selling a house in: 

sell my house for cashDenver

expert real estate buyerLakewood

we pay cash for housesEdgewater

honest real estate investorANY neighborhood on the Front Range


We have a cash home buyer for you!

Sit back and quickly determine the best Colorado cash buyer for you, right now!

How the COLORADO CASH BUYERS Were Reviewed


(As part of the Colorado cash buyers, we needed to take ourselves out of the equation because we wanted an honest, transparent, and independent review of all home buying companies in Colorado, including us!)


Therefore an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT POINT is all reviews of the Cash buying companies in Colorado are 100% 3rd Party Independent Reviews.


BELOW: Some of the benefits and features the best home buying companies should have. 


Independent was a key element to discover the best Colorado home buyer. As a Colorado house buyer it would hardly seem right for us to do it. 

What do you think?

We hired an independent company to research and review 10 companies that purchase houses for cash in Denver. They put these Colorado cash buyers under the microscope. They also compared them with one another to work out who is the best.



Unfortunately, some are, and some aren’t, and we found out who. We reveal a bunch of stuff about Colorado home buyers today. The best home buying company will have many trust signals. It should be clear they are legit and reputable. 


OR are they trying to pull one over you with bait and switch? 

Does a great cash offer become a burdensome contract as the home buyer nickel and dimes you through the negotiation? 

These are some reasons why transparency an honesty are so important.



Because we wanted to know the best home buying companies in Denver and CO THE INDEPENDENT EXPERTS compared the Colorado cash buyers. They gave us the reports on all 10 Colorado cash buying companies. 

We have published all of the reports UNCENSORED and UNEDITED for you and they are all right here for you to see, today. We reveal best processes, lowest closing costs and let you work out the best Colorado cash buyer by presenting the facts!



THE INDEPENDENT EXPERTS also unveiled some revelations within the cash buyers industry. The real estate market has changed rapidly. Colorado house buyers do things differently now and because of this these insights are invaluable. You can’t afford to miss them. 

There are some serious nuggets contained here – per Sam Peters (see below)

Ready to get started?

we pay cash for houses companies

“I learned a ton about companies that buy houses for cash. I am really glad I found this.  Definitely, some nuggets that stuck with me.

“Colorado cash buying companies are legit option if you know what you need. I didn’t want to fix anything. Plus needed flexible closing date for a 1031 exchange”

“ don’t use a mortgage or realtors so can close when you need! Super conveneint!”

Sam Peters – Denver, CO.sell-my-house-for-cash-in-Denver

Colorado Cash Buyers Reviews

Without further adieu, here are 10 home buying companies in Colorado that will buy your house for cash. These Colorado cash home buyers are real companies. Some are better than others. 

It’s up to you to decide who is the best home buyers in Colorado. 

Let’s check them out!

10 Home Buyers Compared to Reveal the Best Company


FAQ's About Colorado Companies That Pay Cash For Houses

There are legit cash buyers that will purchase your home for cash. Find out if a cash buyer is legit by doing some investigating. To work out if a cash buyer is a reputable company check out the following:

  • Check out their website.
    • Look for an actual phone number;
    • Make sure an actual business address is recorded.
  • Facebook, Google My Business, and Twitter.
    • Find reviews.
    • Sources of business information.
    • Shows authority in the community.
  • Call and ask questions like:
    • How long have you been in business?
    • Get details on how they buy houses.
    • Ask for a home visit.

There are other things you can do to determine whether a cash buyer is legit. Start with the ideas above and create a short list of home buyers you can trust. Then start digging deeper.

Cash buyers do fall through sometimes. Cash buyers can still back out of the deal. The home buyer may pull out of the deal because:

  • The housing market changed.
  • They don’t have the cash to buy your house.
  • Possibly they are a wholesaler, not a cash buyer.

Obviously, it is not ideal if the cash buyer decides to walk away from their original cash offer.


Earnest Money: Make sure the buyer puts down earnest money. Earnest money is an insurance policy that the deal goes through. The purchase agreement will lay out terms when you keep the earnest money. You can make these terms whatever you want them to be. 

Earnest money terms have to be agreed on by the buyer and seller. If the buyer is shady, they may not be willing to put down any cash. Or they may not be willing to agree to any reasonable terms. 

Cash buyers and deals fall through because not all home-buying companies are legitimate. However, you can take steps to ensure the house is sold. Earnest money is one way to make sure the deal closes. 



Whether or not you sell your house for cash depends on the situation. Cash buyers can be very useful in some situations, such as:

  1. You need to sell fast to avoid foreclosure.
  2. The house is in probate, and you need cash to pay estate bills.
  3. The house needs many repairs, so you want to sell it as-is.

If you need to sell your house for one of these reasons selling for cash might be the best option. In fact, a cash sale might be the only option. However, selling a house for cash is not for everyone because there are disadvantages also.

Selling to a cash buyer is convenient and fast, but you have to pay for the convenience. Because of this, when you sell your house for cash, you may not get the same amount of profit. If you made all the repairs yourself you could then list it on the MLS for top dollar. 

If you want to sell your house for cash you must ask yourself why. Weigh up the PROS and CONS to determine the best option for you.

If you would like to talk to a legitimate cash home buyer I would invite you to contact me. I am a cash home buyer and I would be happy to go over:

  1. How the process works.
  2. What your house is worth in cash.
  3. I could even give you a FREE, no-obligation cash offer to buy your house.


We paid for a 3rd party independent company to determine the best Colorado cash buyer. You can see the results of what they discovered right here.

The independent company produced 10 individual reports that you can read online. From these reports, you will determine the best of the best of Colorado’s Cash Buyers.


Get Your Cash Offer from Denver's Best Home Buying Company Today

Simply fill out the form right below. Do this, and our premier real estate experts will calculate your cash offer. The cash offer will be to purchase your property:

Colorado-cash-buyer-company-near-meAs-Is (NO repairs)

best-Colorado-cash-buyer-companyNo real estate agent (NO Commissions)

we-buy-houses-Colorado100% verifiable cash (NO Mortgages)

sell-my-house-fast-ColoradoOn your schedule (sell fast, SELL FOR CASH)


PLUS: We will cover all the typical closing costs! Do not hesitate. If you need to sell your home fast in Denver, or Colorado, your journey must begin with a cash offer from the best home buying company. The best time to get a cash offer from us was yesterday. The second best time is right now!

Cash offer, right here, right now

More Useful Resources For You.

As your one-stop solution, has produced many in-depth resources, and you can learn about them from our real estate blog, including many in-depth guides on how to sell your house successfully n matter what the situation is. 

Legitimate Home Buying Company


You need to sell your home fast for cash. Is your home in Colorado? If yes then you need a Colorado cash buyer. But not just any Colorado cash buyer! You need the best of all the Colorado cash buyers. 

You deserve to work with the best. But how do you know? Are they legit? Is it a scam?

That’s a big reason we brought in THE INDEPENDENT EXPERTS. We want you to know you can trust this information. It’s not just a sales pitch to get you to sell us your house!

Here’s a fun fact that they revealed: 

Did you know over 70% of companies stating the are Colorado Cash Buyers don’t even buy houses? 

That’s right! 

73% of Colorado cash buyers don’t buy real estate!

More on this later, including how to identify ACTUAL REAL cash home buyers.

DISCLAIMER: is one of the Colorado cash buyers. That’s why we hired an independent reviewer. We purchase houses for cash. We buy Denver homes as-is, close to your schedule, and pay you in cash. Get more info on here. Or get a no-obligation cash offer today by clicking the blue button below. 

Now back to the topic at hand: COLORADO CASH BUYERS

Are companies that buy homes for cash legit, and who’s the best? As stated, we give you complete access to the independent reviews of the 10 companies that buy property for cash in Denver, CO. 

PLUS, today we will unmask questions you must ask any home buyer you sell to. For example: 

  • Do they charge you any closing costs?
  • Are there any other hidden commissions or fees?
  • Do they base cash offers on current real estate conditions?

Asking these questions could SAVE YOU $10,000 or more.

This is a lot to digest. But you and your house deserve it! I’m excited. I hope you are too!

Shall we begin? 


Table of Contents


In-Depth Look at Colorado Cash Buyers

Companies that buy real estate for cash can solve many real estate problems. Especially if you need to sell your house fast. Many sellers don’t want to deal with:

  • Real estate agents
  • Traditional homebuyers with annoying demands
  • Contractors doing renovations but never showing up!
  • Banks and all their red tape!!!

Instead, when selling a house, more people want a fast and convenient solution. Enter the companies that buy houses for cash, AKA COLORADO CASH BUYERS.


  • No realtor commissions
  • No repairs to make – Sell AS-IS
  • Sell your house fast
  • The best home buyers will make selling quick and easy for you. 


No Commissions: Companies that buy houses for cash will buy your home directly from you. This means there are no realtors involved.  When you sell for cash to, you don’t have to pay a commission. We are the best Colorado cash buyers. Selling to us unlocks benefits like:

  • No hidden fees
  • No commissions
  • Not even costs for trash removal! 

Selling to us means no out of pocket costs at all!


Some companies charge fees and commissions that add up to the thousands!


Our independent reviewer found that many companies charge commissions and fees . 2 companies that will buy your house and charge large fees include Opendoor and Offerpad.  You will see these talked about in the reviews below. BTW they weren’t the only ones.

NB: DOES NOT CHARGE FEES when you sell to us. You will pay no money out of pocket for anything. As Colorado cash buyers go we are the cheapest to sell your house to. Be

 Other companies have no intention of ever closing the deal. We will take a look at how to identify wholesalers shortly. 



No repairs, Sell as-is:  People selling for cash are looking for a fast and convenient sale. There are many situations that require an efficient home sale including:

  • Seller needs to sell fast to stop foreclosure.
  • Seller inherited a house.
  • Family is selling an in-law’s home.

Selling for cash is a fast and convenient way to sell that is perfect for these situations. 




Sell My House Fast: A company that purchases property in cash should be able to close when you need. Not when they want. 

For example – If you are behind on payments and chose to sell what do you need?

You need to close quickly, right?

What if you inherited a property and just want to get rid of it? 

Again, selling fast is paramount!

Our independent reviewer scoured the internet in search of just how quickly companies that pay cash for houses in Denver can buy your house. If you need the fastest way to sell your house for cash in Denver, CO and you want the best Colorado cash-buying company we have your best option right here to get a cash offer today!

Denver Cash Buyers: Selling Made Quick And Easy!

When we pay cash for houses our team implements our efficient process to close as fast as you need. If you need to close in a week we can make it happen. This cant be said for all Colorado cash buyers. Want to sell in 3 months? We can do that to! can provide the flexibility you need. 

How the Research was Conducted


Our goal is to give you an impartial look into the companies that pay cash for houses in Denver, CO.  Therefore, we hired the research out to an independent reviewer. They conducted detailed online research over a period of 14 weeks. 

After 14 weeks they produced detailed reports and reviews. As the research was conducted by one firm we are able to draw direct comparisons of each company in Denver that buys homes for cash. 

10 cash home buyers were initially identified based on their visibility to sellers. The researchers looked online using terms like:

  • Companies that buy houses for cash in Denver.
  • Best cash home buyers near me.
  • Cash home buyers near me.


At various points throughout this article, you will find the reports for each of these businesses that pay cash for houses.  

Colorado Home Buyers: Who's The Best Near Me?

Who is the best cash home buyer near me? 

There are many Colorado cash buyers. – or at least many companies that say they are Colorado cash buyers, but are they really? If you are wanting a fast cash sale don’t you want to work with the best? 

We have put together a direct comparison of the 10 most visible companies that buy habitats without loans or financing in Denver, CO. They all say they are the best but we are putting them to the test. We used a 3rd party company to analyze and review each company you will find here. 

Because of this, the information you read is impartial, transparent and the facts! 

Best Home Buying Company: Who Should Sell To Them?

Should you sell your house to a company that buys houses for cash? This is a great question and one we will take a severe look at now.

Companies in Colorado that are cash buyers typically tout themselves as being able to:

  • Buy your house fast.
  • Pay cash for your house and thus eliminate bank fees and red tape.
  • Close on your schedule AND
  • Do all the heavy lifting for you – literally and figuratively. 

Because of this, if you have a house you need to get rid of in a hurry talking to a professional cash home buyer is a great choice. Not only can you sell your house incredibly quickly, but you eliminate a number of costs like:

  • Realtor commissions
  • Bank fees
  • Closing costs 
  • Repair items

BECAUSE YOU ELIMINATE ALL THESE COSTS, the cash you walk away with is still considerable. Getting paid fast, walking away with cash in your pocket, and not dealing with all the headaches sure sounds good to me, and if you have heard enough and simply want a great cash offer, without any obligation simply click here to get started.  

Reputable Denver home buying companies are ligit options when selling

Selling a house is never easy and this difficulty can be significantly amplified if you are in a time crunch to get it sold. It is prudent to be cautious when selling a house. Of course, it is a lot of money involved. And the concept of a company that buys houses without a mortgage (i.e. a cash buyer) is quite foreign to many people.

Because it is foreign it can be scary. It can beg the question are cash home buyers legit?

Let me tell you a story about Denver real estate, and why working with an experienced cash home buyer is a great option, sometimes the best option!

Avoided terrible financial problems: Colorado cash buyer got me out of a jam.

I recently met a guy who ultimately sold his house to us. He was facing a financial situation that meant he was in a hurry to sell. He desperately needed a legit Colorado cash buying company.

He had a few months and decided to use a local realtor. Unfortunately, the agent overestimated her abilities to get the property sold. 6 weeks in his house was still on the market. His anxiety was starting to increase. He was under the gun to sell his house fast. If he didn’t he could lose a lot of cash!

Luckily his real estate agent understood the predicament and gave him the option to find a cash home buyer himself. Not all agents are this kind. But his agent said she would release him from the contract, free of any penalty if he was successful in his search.

He reached out to a number of house flipping companies in Denver. They included us. 

After negotiating with and another company he decided to sign with the other company. I was excited for him of course. Disappointed we weren’t the buyer but still stoked he had a solution to sell his home. 

I did go on to give him some friendly advice that included:

  • Make sure you get proof they have funds to buy your house (AKAK Proof of Funds)
  • Be sure they put down a legitimate amount of earnest money
  • Make sure the earnest money goes hard early in the process
  • Get all fees and expenses the home buyer will charge upfront and in writing!
  • Expect the unexpected as many so-called “Legitimate Home Buyers” aren’t even the ones buying the house – instead, they are wholesalers (not a bad thing but just be aware).
  • And don’t be surprised if they walk away from the deal.

Unfortunately, I got a call from him 3 weeks later. The home buyer he had signed a contract with had walked away. They used some flimsy excuse about off-street parking. 

Of course, I was disappointed for him and could her just how stressed he was. He was stressed because the deadline to get his house sold was looming large. In fact, he needs to sell his house fast, like get it sold in 6 days fast!

Could any Colorado cash buyers come to his rescue?

Colorado cash buyers that came to the rescue

As a Colorado cash buyer, we came to the rescue! Long story short, we negotiated a fair price. We signed a contract. Most importantly 5 days later, we bought his house for cash. 

He was thrilled. We were happy to have been of service. It was a win-win situation all around. Unfortunately, he went through a whole lot of unnecessary stress. 

So what’s my point?

NUMBER 1: is a legitimate company that buys houses for cash in Denver. 


Cash For Houses: What Does That Even Mean?

Cash for houses in the general sense means that either:

  1. A home-owner wants to sell their house for cash OR
  2. Refers to a company that buys homes for cash.

If an owner wants to sell their house for cash they are most likely expecting:

  1. To sell their house AS-IS
  2. Not make any repairs
  3. Not have to deal with realtors or typical pesky buyers
  4. Sell their house incredibly fast.

If a company advertises as We buy house for cash they would be expected to:

  1. Have proof of funds to buy a house for cash.
  2. Have an ace team of real estate experts to ensure the deal gets done.
  3. Buy homes as-is, even if they are old and ugly. 
  4. Have a proven track record of purchasing houses incredibly fast. pays cash for houses. We meet all the buying criteria above. As Denver home buyers, we can buy any property incredibly fast; we always pay cash, you don’t have to make any repairs, and we have a proven track record that is represented by many homeowners in Denver who sold you can join them simply by following this link to fill out an online form to get a fast and fair, no-obligation cash offer on your property today!

Cash Home Buyers in Denver, CO: Are They Legit?

What makes a professional home buyer legit? Do they simply have to say that they have bought a house before?  I don’t think so otherwise every homeowner in Denver could call themselves a pro home buyer. 

I think a distinguishing feature, a standard if you will, that must be met to be a legitimate cash home buyer in the Mile High City, Denver, is proof of funds. 

Proof of funds is the ability to show the seller that cash is in the bank ready to buy your house. I strongly urge any home-owner in Denver needing to sell fast to ask for proof of funds. 

If the buyer can’t prove they can buy it then indeed they are not a legit cash buyer, right?

As a cash home buyer in Denver, we literally have boots on the ground. Our team has legitimate experience paying cash for houses in Denver. And we can show you cash in the bank ready to buy your house. 

When we give you a cash offer, you can rest easy that we have money ready to buy your house. We are more than happy to prove it too. If you are prepared to get a no-obligation offer and started to sell your home right now simply fill out this simple form

How to identify companies that don't intend to buy your house for cash

As I mention at the start of this article, over 70% of businesses that state the are Colorado cash buyers don’t actually buy houses. So why do they say they are cash buyers? Who are they really?

The companies I am talking about are real estate wholesalers. real estate wholesalers provide a great service. However, many of them do not tell you that they will not be buying the property. 

To work out if you are working with a wholesaler versus a company that will purchase your house for cash you just need to ask one question:


If the answer is yes you could follow up with another question.  Will you fix and flip my house or do you plan to buy and hold the property? This second question is higher level. 

If the are a legitimate company that pays cash for houses they will have a good answer. If not they may be unsure of the plan for the home.

Of course, going back the original question, if they are a wholesaler, they should answer, No we do not buy houses for cash. Instead, we get the home under contract and then show it to a number of cash buyers. 

Real estate wholesalers and wholesaling real estate is not a bad thing. I am not against it at all. I think it fills a very real need. Real estate wholesalers can provide a great service. If you are a real estate wholesaler please know that I am on your side. Just be sure to disclose your intentions. Buy the house for cash or wholesale it. Agreed?


Companies Paying Cash For Houses: What Will They Buy?

Houses come in all shapes and sizes. People selling a property also maybe experience one of many different challenges. So what properties do companies that purchase property without a mortgage (that is, a cash home buyer) buy?

Do they buy a house for cash from you if it is inherited? Can you sell an in-law’s home to a cash-for-houses company?

Let’s dig a little deeper. 

Colorado Cash Buyer: Just not if it's ugly...

Not all cash home buyers are created equal. Let me say this. Some cash buyers in Colorado will buy your house.. But only if it’s NOT UGLY. 

If you have any house in Denver and you need to sell it quickly then we will buy it. It doesn’t matter where in Denver it is, or what the situation is, or even what condition it is, if you need a one-stop solution to sell your house fast and for cash, we will buy it from you and you can get the selling process started right here, because we are a a Colorado cash buyer ready to buy all houses, no matter what and we always pay in cash!

Companies that buy houses for cash, in my humble opinion, should buy all houses for cash. But you will find that within the niche real estate industry is something different. What you will find is home buyers can be quite picky.

Companies that buy houses for cash may only buy a certain type of home or in a certain neighborhood. For example, the companies that were reviewed here all had very different buying criteria. 

One company would only buy houses that were less than 15 years old. Another only bought property in the Golden, CO area. So you can see that not all these companies would be able to buy your home. 

Colorado Cash Buyer: We Buy ANY Home in Denver, CO!

Do you want to sell a house you inherited? We buy inherited houses. Selling inherited property to us is no problem at all. We have extensive experience with the Colorado probate process. 

Selling Inherited House: We buy inherited homes as-is. We are niche home buyers, and as Colorado cash buyers have a crack team of inherited home and probate specialists. You don’t have to clean it out. You don’t have to visit if you are out of state. We can work directly with your estate attorney if you have one. We aim to make the transition from the property owner to cash as easy as possible. 

Selling In-Laws House: Selling the house of your mother-in-law, or father-in-law is a common situation. We have helped families sell the house of an in-law many times. 

Expert Colorado Cash Buyers That Buy In Laws Houses

Depending on the situation, you may need a power of attorney. Of course, if your mother-in-law is available and able to sign, a power of attorney is not needed. The same can be said if you sell your father-in-law’s property. 

Selling Quick to Stop Foreclosure: Oh boy, this is a very scary situation indeed. Foreclosure is often not your fault. Did you know that medical expenses are the main reason people get into financial strife? And when there is no money to pay the mortgage, what can you do? 


If you need to stop foreclosure, you must act quickly and sell your house quickly. I recently told a story of a person that needed to sell fast and was let down by a realtor and another company that buys real estate without a mortgage, i.e. for cash. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, work with a proven and trusted Denver home buyer like We are right here in Denver. We can respond quickly and close on your house in days!

To get started, simply go here to fill out a form for a no-obligation offer from Denver’s Number One cash buying company

Frequently Ask Questions About Home Buyers and Selling for Cash

Selling your house for cash can be a good idea and sometimes it can be a bad idea.

Selling your house for cash is a good idea when:

  • You need to sell your house fast.
    • Stop foreclosure
    • Avoid future taxes
    • Behind on payments
    • Vacant and want to avoid squatters
  • You don’t want to make any repairs.
  • Maybe you are out of state.
  • You’re selling an inherited property or an in-laws home
  • You don’t want to pay commissions or hidden fees
  • Selling without having to do showings sounds like a good idea
  • Contractors and you don’t get along
  • Home inspections are something you want to avoid

There are many other times selling for cash is the best choice. Let’s look at when selling your house for cash is a bad idea.

Selling your house for cash is a bad idea when:

  • You want to get top dollar
  • You are happy to perform repairs and renovations
  • You have a great realtor at your disposal
  • Time is not a factor – you don’t need to sell quickly.

Selling your home for cash is a legitimate option. It is not always the best choice. If you want to sell your house for cash it is important to look at all of your options, get online, review buyers in your area, find some in-depth research, weigh up all factors, and then make an informed decision.

Your house is worth a lot of money so you don’t want to make any costly mistakes. 

To sell your old house fast you must find a buyer that is willing to buy an old house. The most likely buyer will be a professional home buyer. 

Professional house buyers like to buy old houses, fix them up, and then either:

  • Resell them AKA Fix and Flip.
  • Rent them out AKA Buy and Hold.
  • Refinance them AKA BRRRR (Buy, Repair, Rent Refinance, Repeat).

The pro that can buy your old house the fastest will be a cash home buyer. A cash home buyer will have money in the bank ready to purchase an old house. 

To find a cash home buyer near you simply get online and search for things like:

  • cash home buyer near me
  • we buy houses for cash near me
  • companies that buy houses for cash near me

These search terms will bring up a number of options for you to review. If you are in Denver and want to peruse some in-depth independent reviews of Denver-based companies that will buy your home for cash be sure to check this out

If you want to get the most money for your house you will need to perform a complete renovation and then list it on the MLS. The things you will need to address to get the most money for your house include:

  • Perform a complete rehab so all renovations are less than 2 years old.
  • Enlist the help of a professional photographer so your listing photos are captivating.
  • Find a stellar real estate agent that has extensive knowledge of your local real estate market.
  • Ensure your home is spotless at all times in case a buyer wants to schedule a showing.
  • Spruce up the front yard and make sure the curb appeal is top notch – You only get one chance at a first impression.

Of course, there are other things you can do to get the most money for your house like:

  • Stage your home immaculately.
  • Create a flow through your house.
  • Declutter and get rid of anything that takes up space.
  • Clean the windows.
  • Remove personal items.
  • Write a letter from your house to a potential buyer (be sure not to infringe on any fair housing laws).

When you reach for the top dollar you must take into account the amount of money you spend to get there. 

Is it really worth selling your hose for $500,000 if it costs $100,000 to renovate it? 

TO SUMMARIZE: To get the most money when you sell your house you must make it perfect and then list it on the MLS. 

To find a cash buyer in any housing market simply go to your favorite search engine and search for things like:

  • best cash home buyer near me
  • we buy houses for cash near me
  • best companies that buy houses for cash near me
  • best companies that pay cash for houses near me

Searching for these 4 things will give you a myriad off cash home buyers and then it is up to you to work out which is the best AND of course if you would like to read some stellar reviews on companies that buy houses for cash be sure to check out this in-depth analysis and review of cash home buyers in Denver, Colorado. 

Yes, We Buy Houses In Denver a legitimate company that buys houses for cash in Denver. 

We buy houses for cash anywhere in Denver. We buy houses in any situation such as:

  • Facing foreclosure.
  • In probate.
  • We buy inherited houses.
  • If you need to sell an in-laws house we can buy it.
  • When you need to sell your house fast we can close incredibly quickly. 

We buy houses no matter what condition they are in also. We buy houses that are:

  • Old
  • Ugly
  • Need a new roof
  • Need any repairs
  • Have squatters in them. is your solution to sell any piece of real estate or real property in Denver, CO fast and for cash. 



Of all the companies that buy houses for cash in Denver, we vehemently argue that we are the best. When it comes to Colorado Cash Buyers our company,, excels in all areas. The areas of the home buying niche we excel in includes:

  • Transparency
  • Honestly
  • Empathy
  • Cash offers
  • Benefits
  •  Speed of sale
  • Least amount of stress
  • Best reviews
  • Colorado Cash Home Buying Specialists

We had to say it was us… didn’t we? Of course, this is 100% based on independent research. This is what they concluded also!

Of course, there is some good competition in Colorado but when selling your house, do you want the second best home buyer or the best cash home buying company Colorado has to offer?

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